In My Opinion: Chaundon

Andrea Monique and I decided to release these 45 Minute Podcast shows featuring artists in the game giving their real definitions of Hip Hop. It leaves for something truly great. Up at bat first is Chaundon who gave a great one hour show discussing and taking us on his journey of real Hip Hop. Shouts to him!

Andrea Monique and I would like to present the new segment called, "In My Opinion". It is a podcast which has an Emcee, Blogger, Journalist etc in Hip Hop discussing what IS REAL Hip Hop to them. It will contain songs from Past, Present, and Future. Each show will be completely different because of the varying backgrounds. We are trying to strengthen the community seeking REAL HIP HOP and not the nonsense we hear on the radio. First up is Chaundon from Brooklyn. Chaundons show contains songs from B.I.G, Redman & Method Man, The Artifacts, amongst others. Next up is Keelay from the production duo Keelay and Zaire.

Upcoming shows will be coming from Meka from 2DopeBoyz, LowKey from YouHeardThatNew.com, Harlems Cash, 6th Sense, Donnis amongst others.


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Senor Kaos said...

Fresh. Is Chaundon from Brooklyn? I thought money was from the Bronx