Listening to Sharpies - Joe Budden's Padded Room

JacquesMorel.com Presents : Listening to Sharpies Featuring Joe Budden's Padded Room from Jacques Morel on Vimeo.

So we finally thought of a fucking name. It was an intense process that took weeks 5 Hours of Drea shooting down my ideas and her getting it write (no pun intended...ha fucking ha) on the last try. We decided to make it "Listening To Sharpies" which will eventually become a brand.

You will see this shit in porn videos eventually *hi fives Jenavieve Jolie*.

In order to review this tape, we decided to relate it to a terrible dating cycle. As in, I loved it at first look, however, I saw how it deteriorated as time went on. Depressing. I have a review for it, it is just in my other computer so that will be up later. Leave a comment asses.


Ozzie said...

Nice work kids, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

That was dope!!!!!! Funny as hell! Great Idea!

Raye 6

Anonymous said...

wtf. save the fuckin world, do something with your lives. egomanics. jesus

Big Mike said...

Boy do I know bout Drea shootin' stuff down. lol

But you know what, even Steve Urkel got Laura before the finale!