New Mixtape: Epiphany Feat Sincere - "Fake Niggaz"

It must suck to be Terrel Owens haha.

Shouts to Epiphany for being cool and waiting until the worst day of my life was over to send me this. Shouts! Anyway, he sent me something with a completely generic name but comes out alright.

Check what he said to me,

Back hitting you w/ and original track this time. It's called *"Fake
Nig**z" ft. Sincere*. Excuse the semi-generic title as the song goes hard
in the paint (as every self-promoting artist would say).


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Tracey Howard said...

Dont be mad about T.O. ..Maybe Marvin Harrison will come to our squad, my nig! But on another note, this nig go hard...keep it up bro...Send this song to T.O.!

Anonymous said...

I'm feelin it! I found on some other blogs a link to His REmix to Eminem's crack a bottle! Check it out it's fire