New Music: J.Holiday "Lights go out"

Thank God for J.Holiday.
R&B music is sucking really hard right now and my life isn't the same because of it.
But when I get my hands on music like this is reassures me there is hope. I like J.Holiday, made memories to his first CD; he holds a special place in my heart.
But I think he needs to let go of that "eh" shit, it's too annoying to keep doing on every song. damn The Dream for that !
Round 2 is due out March 10th
2. It's Yours
3. Fall
4. Don't Go
5. Wrong Lover (Feat. Rick Ross)
6. Run Into My Arms
7. Sing 2 U
8. Lights Go Out
9. Make That Sound
10. Forever Ain't Enough
11. Fly
12. Homeless
13. I Tried