New Video: The Dream speaks on "Fancy"

SoundOff TV: The Dream from LowKey on Vimeo.
So i spotted this in Low Key's twitter.
LowKey is obsessed with the song "Fancy" off oh The Dream's new album (which is fantastic by the way) so you best believe he jumped at the chance to talk to the man himself about what his intentions are with "Fancy".

I happen to love that song as well. It's so beautiful and whimsical. I really think that that song alone set new standards for what r&b artists should be doing with their music in 2009 and beyond. You can tell it's a project rather then just a song, its over 6 minutes so you know some thought went into it.
Cop Dream's album when it drops on the 10th !! I'm over here saying it to yall like I will or something ha!