New Video: Rebel Starr Performance @ DonHills

So the people in the video told me, that if I do not know who Rebel Starr is, than I need to wisen up.

Well now I know who Rebel Starr is and I do not care.

I wisened the fuck up.

Download the song you witnessed in the video HERE.

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Anonymous said...

wise man....wise man.

Rebel said...

Have you ever Witness with your own eyes the spectacle that is a Rebel Starr Show? The answer is blatant by your disregard. you are far from Wise merely a fool disguised behind the undeserved sence of accomplishment your blog brings you. Rebel Starr Loves you regardless and Hopes you can actually make it out to one of their Many shows

Jacques Morel said...

I want to witness it.

When is ur next performance

Likwuid said...

April 19, At Crash Mansion.