Would You Hit?: I want to Have Sex With Amber Rose

So Amber Rose has no hair. But there better be other areas where she has little or no hair. Because I would bang Amber Rose out. Change that girls life. Make her change her damn profession too.

I'd replace Drea with her.


Thats a lie.



Señor Kaos said...

So... I'm out the loop, who is this Amber Rose chick.

I heard she's suppose to be dating Ye, But who is SHE?

does she sing, act, accountant, booking agent? Cause shorty seems to be getting MAD press lately. Not a bad time to drop the Amber Rose album if that's here plan.

I Digress.... So the leg game is RIGHT! She's very attractive. BUT... I can't see myself with a lady who's Cesar is better than mine. How we look hanging out at the Barber Shop Together. LOL

Plus a brotha needs something to grab onto (even though most shorties with weave DO NOT want you to pull their Hair!)

How you gone replace Drea with her? LOL Ya'll Are Wild.

Anonymous said...

Cats hate b/c she has no hair. Who cares? She's cold.

Keep Drea though.


Jacques Morel said...

she is a model lol.

that is why she is so famous.

she is also bisexual

Drea said...
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