Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Rafael Casal "Ken and Barbie 101"

Since I missed last week (I'm Sorry) I will post what I would have posted last week.
Rafael Casal was one of the first poets I remember seeing on Def Poetry. I thank him for this poem for the simple fact that as a woman, sometimes we don't know that there are men out there who want to see us without makeup, who will accept a woman with her flaws. We all fall victim to soceity's expectations. Most women feel like they have to be skinny with a face full of makeup and 5 inch heels to even get a second look from men. What I'm learning as I go along is men want a woman with some meat on her (for the most part) and prefer their lady to go light on the makeup. Once that gets through to women, maybe the upcoming generation of girls will have a fighting chance...

"Fuck Barbie and Ken they are the reason girls arms are slit they are the reason 12 year old girls think skinny is a compliment"


Lala Lopez said...

Drea's Def Poetry Monday's are dope<3

Lala Lopez said...

P.S. You've gotta watch Brave New Voices on Sundays on HBO, its the new generation of Slam Poetry


she too hαd the drαmα thick said...

i've peeped this before.
loved it.

hbo's brave new voices; peep it.

much love,

Drea said...

Thanks ladies =) I appreciate the love and its good to know we have a female audience on this site.

I cant wait for Brave New voices... I should SO be on there though lol

MisterGetback said...

Thank you for posting this!
- R. Casal