Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Saul Williams "Coded Language"

See if you can keep up with this poem.
Took me a few times to absorb everything he said.
Saul Williams is an AMAZING poet. His flow and delivery is better then 85% of your favorite rappers. He has a presence that draws your attention and demands your respect. He went into so many different flows in this poem, from reading off the paper to addressing the crowd directly. "Coded languages" is a poem you cant put in a category, it just explores so many different facets of life, and the world we live in now from Hip-Hop to philosophy.

So let me help yall understand this poem. Saul Williams wrote a book 'the Dead Emcee Scrolls'. This poem, Coded language refers to the 'Graffiti Writers' and their art. And how he would decipher each "writing" and make something of it.The origin of music is the African drums, which create bass and that bass is like a heartbeat. So he named all those writers, artists and historical figures to show how they "uplift the consciousness of the whole fucking world", each a heart beat in their own respect. You can not only learn from them, but feel them.

Please listen to what he is saying, please learn something. Please veer from ignorance young people.

Our music is our philosphy


Mikey McFly™ said...

Saul Williams is one the best poets of our generation

she too hαd the drαmα thick said...

"let your children name themselves."

saul williams is one of the greatest thinkers of our generation, or so i feel.

much love,