In My Opinion: Episode 2- Keelay IMO

If you weren't aware before, IMO (In My Opinion) shows are in full effect. The first show came from Chaundon(DOWNLOAD HERE) which featured music from B.I.G, Redman & Method Man. This second show comes to your courtesy of Keelay, from the production duo Keelay and Zaire. Keelay's show features music from James Brown, Jay-Z, Big L and MANY others . Fantastic mix right here! Remember, these tracks are down loadable and will go on your iPod\Zune just like any other track. Let REAL hip hop\music come into your life once again, except this time, we are doing all the hard work for you!!

Jacques and I would like to present the new segment called, "In My Opinion". It is a podcast which has an Emcee, Blogger, Journalist etc in Hip Hop discussing what IS REAL Hip Hop to them. It will contain songs from Past, Present, and Future. Each show will be completely different because of the varying backgrounds. We are trying to strengthen the community seeking REAL HIP HOP and not the nonsense we hear on the radio.


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Skyywalker said...

I definitely wouldnt mind doing an episode of this with my group. BOOK IT!!!