New Music: D.Julien - "Post - Experiment"

Whats up homie! Been a lil' minute. Since "The Experiment" dropped, everything has went into like the next gear. I've been working very hard and my NEXT project is almost done. I don't want to talk too much on the next project yet though. Let's leave some element of surprise lol. Quality beats quantity any day. I'll accomplish both though. So expect a lot of quality and consistant music for the near future. Thanks for all the support - you know it's appreciated. Let them know that if they haven't downloaded The Experiment - there is a new link(above). This track - "Post-Experiment" is just addressing some of my thoughts since The Experiment dropped. It's produced by my homie K.I.D. Looking forward to your personal opinion and seeing it on the site. Hit me.

Hella dopeness.

I am going to start using that word now.

Download his mixtape HERE