Fashion: Pictures From the New Louis Vuitton Store In Manhattan

Currently I am rocking out to the DJ Benzi remix of Kanye West. It is actually pretty dope. I will get around to posting it in a second. For now, check these pictures out of the revamp of the Louis Vuitton Store in Manhattan. That is dope my friend. The funny thing is...that skateboard in the picture probably is worth more than my car.

I'd love to grind on it though. What? You did not know? Jacques' skating skills are illlll.

A video is in there with Marc Jacobs ranting about something. Props to my boy Mike.


New Music: Skyzoo - "On Fire"

Skyzoo...You know his album is coming out soon? Yea. I am buying it. I bought Donny's album...I am about to buy this one. Then I am going to buy Jadakiss' album. Yes, I am going to buy a Gutter-Gutter-Stab-A-Nigga-In-The-Eye music. What can you do? Regardless..the Skyzoo song is dope...full review and download inside!

Song is dope. I cannot even come in here and say different. The beat is laid back and I could see rocking to this in a lounge of some type. Skyzoo's voice does not not fit with the beat TOO well...however it works regardless.
*Ironically I am watching Real World and and they are at Public Assembly...which is where I met Skyzoo*.
The song is worth the download..check it out.


The Giants WILL WIN This weekend

I had to dedicate an entire post to this.


They will BLOW OUT the Eagles.  McNabb is washed up and a waste of money.



New Music: Blu - "Vanity"

The more and more Blu that I find on 2DopeBoyz...the more and more Blu I like. Normally I am not something that can change my opinion that drastically...however...slowly...as I continue to listen...I like him more and more. I might burn his CD.

Full review and download link inside!

Someone asked me...why should I come to your site? When they can get newer music faster on other blogs...I told them...you come for my opinion. That is all that matters.

Anyway...I am about to fully endorse Blu as one of the artists that I continually rave about. He would go up there with Skyzoo, Donny Goines, Emilio Rojas, and Kanye. This song is just a chill song with a cooler beat. I do not think that Blu can make gutter-gutter kill-a-nigga-stab-a-nigga-in-the-eye type track. His voice is smooth as it flows over a beat that is even smoother. This idea is entertained by my brain and reciprocated to produce a cooled effect.

That is how I felt listening to this song. Tell me what you think.


Stumbled On: Clip from Kanye West's New Show

KANYE WEST PILOT from Tom Stern on Vimeo.
I had to post this.

That is all I will say. It is from the new pilot for his show. Props to Waxx.



New Mixtape: Fresh Dunks 8

IllRoots is one of my favorite Hip Hop Blogs. I just have not gotten around to updating my blogroll. For reasons that I do not even understand...I check them about 2x a day. More than any other blog...ha. Regardless...this is a tape that I just peeped on their site so I took the liberty of posting it. I do not know if I can review it due to the fact it is all mainstream stuff...featuring Jay Z, Shittle Wayne, Joel, Budden, etc.

Check it out..tracklist and download link inside.

1. Chedda - Intro
2. Eminem - Crack A Bottle (Ft. Dr. Dre & Eminem)
3. Lil’ Wayne - Crack A Bottle [WaxxMixx]
4. Lil’ Wayne - Red Rum
5. Jay-Z - Go Hard
6. El Prez - Hammerman
7. 50 Cent - In God We Trust
8. Tyga - Breaktime (Ft. Lil’ Wayne)
9. Nero - Coordinates
10. Cambatta - Lyrical Sparring (Ft. Pay Swayze)
11. Idle Worship - Try It On
12. Chedda - Interlude
13. Chamillionaire - Best Rapper
14. Asher Roth - I Love College [Remix] (Ft. Jim Jones)
15. Wil May - IDz For The Kids
16. QuESt - Chillin’ Freestyle
17. Wale & Brother Ali - Second Time Around
18. Joell Ortiz - Move On (Ft. Joe Budden)
19. Brisco - Step Back (Ft. Joe Budden)
20. Harlem’s Cash - Tell Ya Mama (Ft. Red)
21. Chedda - Interlude 2
22. Swizz Beatz - Up In The Club (Ft. Lil’ Wayne)
23. Naledge - Look At Them Hips
24. Termanology - Bars For The Stars (Ft. Skyzoo & Reks)
25. Grandmaster Flash - Bounce Back (Ft. Busta Rhymes)
26. 50 Cent - Get It In [WaxxMixx] (Ft. The Notorious B.I.G.)
27. Chedda - Outro



New Mixtape: A Pinks - Will Rap For Food

A Pinks is one of the coolest dudes I have met. Dude is also kind of nice on the mic too... I just cosigned him...so you know that is a big deal. If I cosign them THEN THEY GET PUT ON. Jacques Morel is THAT SERIOUS. 
Mickey Factz...production by M Phazes...the tape looks dope
Enough banter. Full tracklist and download inside.

01-Think Pinks Intro
03-JumpStreet Hero
04- I Go In
05-Put On
06-In My Own World (prod. by Astronote)
07-Who Got The Juice?
08-Colors ft. Sha Stimuli, Malik-16
09-Mocha Soul ft. Nobody Famous, Rymz Well (prod. by Nobody Famous)
10-Meatloaf ft. Film Skool Rejekts (prod. Cyrus The Great)
11-The Illest ft. Canibus (prod. by Grand Larceny)
12-X-Complex (prod. by K-Salaam)
13-Politics As Usual
14-Buy You Some ft. Emilio Rojas (prod by. M-Phazes)
15-On Fire ft. Skyzoo (prod by. Cookin' Soul)
16-Held Me Down (prod. by Frequency)
17-Hold My Ground (prod. by Boulawan)
18-What's Happenin' ft. Skinny C, Rymz Well, Nobody Famous
(prod. by Nobody Famous)
19-Incredible ft. Mickey Factz, Skyzoo, Torae
20-Think Pinks Outro
21-JumpStreet Family
22-Hit The Lights(I'm On!) (prod. by Baritone)



Stumbled On: Spiderman and Barack Obama?!?!

You read that title right Twitter buddies. This is what I found from FlyStyleLife...

The issue, No. 583, on sale Jan. 14, finds Peter Parker’s costumed self making sure all goes well on Inauguration Day. Not to give away the ending, but celebratory fist-bumps are exchanged, Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said today

The sad thing is...I probably am picking up that issue on my weekly comic run. I read TOO many comics.


New Music: Kid Cudi - "Sky High"

I do not like Kid Cudi too much...as a rapper. As a pseudo R&B singer...he is alright. But as a rapper...and freestyling...or just rapping in general...it makes no sense.

Full review and download inside!

I want to say this first. The beat is ridiculous. The samples they have talking over the beat in the beginning set the tone for the entire song. With this Dj Premier-esk beginning...Cudi would have to rap hard to really keep up the tempo...

He does not.

The song is worth the download for the beat...but the rapping can pass.

This is on the new We Got The Remix Tape from Dj Benzi...should be dropping today if I am correct?


New Mixtape: DJ Heat & Blu - (So)ul Amazing pt.2 (Mixtape)

Blu...is alright. He is nothing special to me...yet I do not fail to listen to him when I find stuff like this on 2DopeBoyz. Besides arguing with ignorant idiots on the comments of that website I find mostly West Coast stuff there. Interesting. Regardless...This is a new Blu mixtape featuring Evidence, Cudi, Will.I.Am, Keely and Zaire production etc.

Tape looks dope from the tracklist. I mean shoot...is it worth the download? I do not know. I am reviewing the damn thing soon today so we shall know soon enough.
Download and Tracklist at the hop!



Stumbled On: Asher Roth on Carson Daly

I did not watch the video. Does that make me bad? I just saw it on Nah Right and it is obvious about how he got started...and how they are going to pick and prod him about being a white rapper. O! Also about how he saved a plane from certain destruction. The funny thing about that is...this might be it for Asher. Asher might rise to mainstream popularity now...because of this. It was the catalyst needed that might be able to rise him to the top.
Why?

He would be being played in all college parties...not because he has nice dance beats and what not...but because of what he raps about. Beer Pong...and some other college nonsense? 

They would love him.

Love him...

And Carson Daly is not funny at all.


Stumbled On: Wale, Tabi Bonney & UCB Live

Wale, Tabi Bonney, UCB LIVE from Expressive Frontier Lifestyle TV on Vimeo.

The other day I was talking about me changing my opinion towards Wale. I am still not as much of a fan as I could be...but I do not dislike him anymore. I still do not get his flow...This video is just a well put together video of a performance. Featuring random cuts and what not...I liked watching it. It is a tad long though..

Does anyone else like Vimeo more than YouTube? I just feel the actual presence is...better. 

Cannot explain it. 

Had a crazy night last night....like jeez. After the bar... Have you ever mooned people out of a moving car going 80 mph?



Stumbled On: Owen Benjamin - "Annoying Couple"

Owen Benjamin Presents: Music Video: Annoying Couple

My group used to have one of these...then I broke them up.

Yea...I broke a couple up. That is fairly disrespectful of me...But I did not care. I did not like to see one of my friends not drinking...having fun...making stupid decisions. Life is more fun when you do not have a girl biting at your coattails.

Plus..who is going to take care of the fat chicks for me?

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Would You Hit?: Jennifer Aniston

I was reading up on her and Brad Pitts situation in the Daily News today. (Normally I do not settle for "sub par" newspapers...I only read the New York Times and USA Today). It reminded me how gorgeous she was...but how bad the show friends was. That show was all kinds of trash. Blech. Hit the hop for more and sexier pictures!


New Music: DJ Concept Presents Skyzoo, Chaundon, Torae - Three Kings

Concept and I have a dope relationship. He sends me mixes that evoke realness in the eardrums and I post them. Without fail. I actually had a "night" owl series running with his mixes a few weeks back. Had a pretty nice following.

This Jacques Morel.com exclusive was just emailed to me and I am rocking to it currently. Honestly...I have not heard much like it...to be serious at least. One reason why you should listen to it is because these rappers are nicer than most artists you listen too.

Because I said so. Download link inside.



New Video: Colin Monroe Feat Joel Ortiz - "Piano Lessons"

I dislike Colin Munroe.

But I like this video. I like how it is put together and I like the use of home videos. I like the cuts...the breaks...and how the song just flows with the video.

But I still dislike Colin Munroe.

Found this on Shakes domain.

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New Music: Grandmaster Flash Feat Busta Rhymes - "Bounce Back"

Last night I was driving home with @CraigMaque and Steve B. There was an old school Busta mix going on the air on Hot97. It reminded me of the time when Busta Rhymes made some clever thought provoking music instead of the rubbish that we call "Arab Money". This music, which clearly has died in the recent years of crap that we have been subjected too. Ugh. Well the song and a full review is located inside.

Busta Rhymes' flow is so unique. It is something that is not even realized. Just experienced. Back in the old days, Busta was killing it with fragmented flows that were not even accepted to its fullest at the time. This song, beatwise, does not disappoint. With this beat laced by the great Grandmaster Flash...Busta would have to come correct?

He did. I enjoyed this song. Matter of fact, this is the first Busta song that I have enjoyed in YEARS. His voice is so unique it is almost different. Regardless...the song is worth the download. Check it out.


Stumbled On: John Hope - "Good Morning"

Good Morning actually. Ironic how the song is actually named that right? Regardless of that, this is new John Hope that I peeped over on Nah Right. I have a few gripes with this video....So I am bringing back "A FEW THINGS!"

  • I dislike when underground artists make videos...to beats that have been done already before.  You need a little originality you know?
  • There was no real intense cinemotography going on throughout the video.  I mean it was recorded well...nothing clever.
  • Mr Hope, is a cool guy, but his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head.
  • With this hilarious distraction, I was not paying attention at all to the verse.
  • After a replay, I realized it was alright.


New Music: Kev Da Hustla - "The Corner"

I have been keeping it on the low for the past few months, but I want to come out with it. I have a mixtape coming out being executively produced by I.D.E.A Productions. They produced the Joe Buddens' "Sidetracked" amongst other songs. The dudes have a dope sound and an even doper drive. The tape will be featuring a lot of people...I have to keep it under "raps" now.. However, it will be called All Puns Intended.

This first track that I am leaking is from Kev Tha Hustla from Philly. Dude has a smooth flow and the beat is tough. Download inside!



New Music @ New Mick Boogie Show: 6th Sense, A Pinks, Emilio Rojas, Skyzoo - "Press Play"

It is about 2:30 right now and I go to hit up 6th Sense and I peeped this. I found it at the right moment did I not? Apparently, Mick Boogie and Terry Urban are now on Shade45 Saturdays from 8-10pm. That might be one of the best things to happen in a few days. The promo song for the show featuring A Pinks, 6th Sense, Emilio Rojas, and Skyzoo is inside along with a full review and the excerpt from the "press release".

Getting into the song, the verses are all on par. With the beat being on the weak side, it was up to the strong cast to pick up the slack. This idea can only be explicated by complex rhymes mixed with metaphors to make you scratch your head. A flow that you can bag a girl, while she is with her girlfriend...and watch them both fellate each other.

That did not necessarily happen...but the song was alright regardless. Skyzoo had the dopest verse of the cast, however, 6th Sense, Apinks, And Emilio had some tough verses too.

Here is the press release.


NEW YORK, NY – January 7, 2009 – Sirius XM Radio today announced the addition of a new hip-hop based show on one of their most popular channels… Eminem’s Shade 45 featuring tastemaker deejays Mick Boogie and Terry Urban.

The new show, entitled “The Press Play Show,” will air every Saturday night from 8pm – 10pm EST and focus on the new and trendsetting genres of hip-hop that have become popular over the last few years.

“Hip-hop has changed and evolved over the last few years…with several new sounds and ideologies becoming popular in both the underground and mainstream,” says Mick Boogie. “From the underground “hipster” scene to the new mashup and electro-based sounds… the hip-hop generation is going through a creative renaissance and we are excited to bring a show to Shade 45 catering to that tastemaking crowd. “

“Together with our blog, ThePressPlayShow.com, this show will bridge all aspects of hiphop and its affiliated subcultures, including streetwear, sneakers, and more,” says Terry Urban.

The Press Play Show debuts Saturday, January 17th on Shade 45… and the newly relaunched blog/website is viewable at ThePressPlayShow.com.


New Mixtape: Inverse - "So True EP"

It has a been a boring ass day in the blogging world. Nothing drastic happened...and nothing crazy happened. I mean...Asher Roth saved a plane from exploding but besides that it was boring. The EP I am posting is not something that I have listened to. I am not in the mood for this lying stuff tonight. To tired for it. Just lied to a female actually...hmmm.

Download and Tracklist at the crawl!




New Music: BK-One - Quick Fix Mix

When I saw this I was going to post it at around 3pm. I decided that I could not do that because well...it has been a very slow day on the blogesphere. So I need to post it now to satisfy the people that are checking this site religiously (and it has risen over the past few days...thanks for all of the support!). Now, I will put my word on it and say that the mix is dope. Shake already cosigned it...so obviously it is. Full listen and download inside.

Welcome inside. I did not review it because I did not listen to the entire thing yet. I am currently burning it to a CD so I can rock out to it on the way to my car meet. Check it out!


Stumbled On: Dj Premier and Pete Rock Rocking out on stage

DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock - Manifesto 2008 from DJ Wristpect on Vimeo.
I just peeped this on Nah Right. Thought it was dope. I just wanted to point out...how many of those people down there...

are bopping off of beat? That is astonishing to me. I mean...every now and then you can fall off beat...i.e when looking at a female...or when saying which rapper is the greatest...but there is no excuse when Pete Rock and Premier are up on stage.

Actually...you do know Cl Smooth loves me?

Ya.. Think about that.


New Music: Torae - "Hats Off"

I only listen to dope music and dope artists on the regular. Few artists fall in that category due to the plethora of crap out there. Torae has been knocking on that door recently. With this track that I found in my email(I love when my readers email me music), he might have took a spot. Song is dope.

Check inside for a full review and download!

Let us get started by saying that the beat is dope. I want to know produced this. Eric G? Ok.

Regardless of that, Torae loves to curse. That is the only gripe I had with this entire song. The song itself was filled with fabulous multi's, simile's and a flow that was unique in its own way. The song itself did not even need a chorus to give me a break. I could not get enough of the rhymes that were playing with my ears.

With the bop that I had, it did not matter what Torae said at a point. As long as he kept dictating these rhymes it kept me content. When the song ended...I needed more. 2009...I am a tad afraid.

"Chasity belt flow..none could fuck with it"
"Viable, unjustifiable, reliable, ya boy is undeniable"
"Frontin with fake dudes and fragrantly fake moves"


Would You Hit?:Giselle Bundchen

To be honest...I am not too much of a fan of her. However, I found out that Tom PansyBrady is marrying her...so I decided she could get a post. I mean why not? She is a little too skinny for me. And that must mean she is tall. But...tall as HELL. Like giant tall. Dude...I cannot rock with that. I am tiny. I am only 5'6.

I know. Blogging makes me seem a lot taller I know.


New Music: Blu - "Till We Die"

New Blu. Well not exactly new. It was emailed to me a few days ago and I just did not post it. So I guess it is time now right? Yea yea yea. Get down with this track...it is actually doper than you expected.

Full review and download at the jump!

First and foremost the beat is melodic with a touch of ambiance. The female voice that is being provocatively sung over an ill drumline is truly brought out by Blu's cool voice. These sounds are tantalizing to the ear at best; yet keeps you wanting more. The song has the ability to allow the listener to daze out and become one with the song. It does not make much sense, however, it can only be experienced by pressing play. The song is worth the download. Plus I am in a good mood.



New Music: Future ft Mickey Factz - "Future"

New Mickey Factz? I saw that Meka posted this so I decided to just give it a listen. I did give it that listen...and the review is located inside. Jeez. Just read it.

O yes, shoutouts to Exel. Putting me on. I owe you everything!

Is it wrong that I do not know what is going on it the song? With an extremely conflicted beat, a lacking chorus, and verses from both rappers that barely stood out, I think I do not even know the song itself. These flaws are intensified over the lackluster production. With a flute(not sure of the sound. My beat game is terrible), that seems almost out of place, it seems as if something is missing.

I cannot complete that puzzle because I do not rap because it is stupid. Therefore I cannot hop on and do the remix.

Then again..it might be because of how tired I am....hmmm



Stumbled On: Dj ASmooth January mix

I was cruising IllRoots and I saw this. The mix was cookie(fuck saying dope, crack, crackington, nice. It is all about sweets now) and I was surprised at how nice it could be. Not something I expected. I will tell you that. Honestly,..that is one of the only things to excite me tonight.

Well besides nanana.

That made NO sense.


Stumbled On: Mickey Factz and Cory Gunz on BET

The funny thing about this video is how no one still watches it. It seems like BET is trying to appeal to the conscious underground listner by giving these artists some love. Believe me, they deserve it it. However, the show is just pointless.

I have not even watched it yet but I can call it pointless because I am superior to you. Jeez.

Since I peeped this on 2DopeBoyz, remember when Cory Gunz killed Wayne on his own song?

yea. Fun times.

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Interview: Jen The Pen Interviews Big Sean

Jen The Pen interviews Big Sean from jen the pen on Vimeo.

I am posting this because JenThePen asked me if I was worth talking about. I told her to take a chance. Eventually I will be interviewed by her. Not like that. Interviewed seriously. I am not trying to bag I swear!. Also, I am about to do major work with Big Sean.

Big Sean will do some dope work with me.

Just wait.
Spotted this over @ ShakesPalace

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New music: Armyfatique

My boy Matt Diamond sent me this. It is actually pretty dope. Listening to it got me hype as hell.

Since I am completely tired as hell...here is what Matt sent me...

The Dutch production duo Armyfatique, consisting of Lostsun and DJ Krylon drop their long awaited debut producer album titled "The Initiation" today on iTunes through Coalmine Records! The Initiation features guest appearances from Trife Da God, C-Rayz Walz, Maylay Sparks, Mr. Met (of Brooklyn Academy), Q-Unique, Vordul Mega, A-Alikes, Bekay, King Magnetic and more. Click on the image below to download the album sampler. If you like what you here, you can cop the whole album on iTunes by clicking here

Armyfatique The Initiation

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Back When I Was Young: 50 Cent - "How To Rob"

For today's "Back When I was Young", it is 50 Cent. 50 Cent recently dropped a brand new song on Funk Flex last night which I reviewed earlier and it reminded me of his older days. This song had him snuffed in the face by Ghostface. Remember when Ghostface was beating the living piss out of everyone? Wait he never stopped....

Regardless, 50 Cent had a dope beat, dope flow, no lisp and even doper lyrics. Enjoy the sounds of 50 Cent before he went commercial.


Would You Hit?:Shohreh Aghdashloo

I cannot say her name. Unless you are from Iran, you probably cannot either. She is well aged. Unless you are well aged. You might not think shes attractive either. Unless you are Jacques Morel me!, your opinion does not matter.
As always...Would You Hit?

More pictures at the jump!


Interview: Mickey Factz - No Doubt!

If you listened to rap in 2008, then there is no doubt that you've heard of Mickey Factz. There no doubt that you have seen the countless videos, countless freestyles, listened to the songs, and even wore the sneakers. There is no doubt that you have realized this his potential and have possibly lived in it. You have seen him command an audience at a show, or command a mic in a booth. 2008 was a great year for Mickey. However, what does 2009 hold for the Disney Rapstar? He was pleased to sit down at the computer with me and give me a few words.

Good interview. Pay attention!
1. At this point last year, did you think that you would rise this far? Where did you expect to be?

I didn't know where I would be last year, but I'm very proud of myself for getting here. It took a lot of hard work and determination... I'm glad i made it happen

More of the interview at the jump!

2. The single best moment of the last year for your Rap Career?

Shooting for the XXL cover. That tops my Billboard Mag interview, My video on MTV, Me on BET etc... So many artists have yet to get a XXL cover and I got one with 9 other talented artists. I'm glad I'ma part of that class. I feel I gotta turn it up though. Watch...

3. We had a conversation recently saying that you had to slow down your appearances...why?

Gotta let the people miss me for awhile. I've flooded the streets with songs, freestyles, appearances, shows, everything... So I'ma move a lil bit more strategically this year. You'll see. Happy New Year!

4. What is next? As in, what can we expect from you this year?

New Album, More Tv Slots, Video Game Placements, Mobile Distribution... Everything... I'm the Digital Messiah

5. Who have you not worked with that you want to work with?

Jesus Christ... Thats about it...

6. You rock the Supra's hard. What is the next trend you hope to create?

You gotta wait to see. Trust me it's gonna shock a lotta people... lol

7. Lyricism. Dead or alive?

I'm breathing... I aint die yet... As long as I'm alive that aint gonna happen


New Music: J Cole - "I Got It"

I first met J Cole's music in a barbershop. Filled with the usual barbershop banter screaming at me, "the blawwger", to check him out. Normally when they put me on to rap music, it is gutter gutter, stab a nigga in the eye, have sex with his girl rap music. I cannot get into that...feel me? It is rare that they put me on to someone nice...or someone from North Carolina to even be honest. J Cole was dope. I raved about it before, and I will rave about his new song "I Got It" off of The Warm Up which has no release date. Trust me. Hit read more...the song is worth it.

J Cole is dope. The flow is smooth and the lyrics are more than on point. While glancing at the comments on 2DB.com, you see people raving about him there. With as many haters that is located on that site, you know that J Cole has something. It is almost a unique sound that is almost ununderstandable(yea I make words up) to the usual rap coming out of the south. This song does not fail to dissapoint with the lyrics and flow being on point. Easily able to wake you up this early ass morning.

The beat has this one annoying...sound in it throughout. I mean you can get over it...but it annoyed me!


New Music: 50 Cent - "I Get It In"

Everyone posted the new 50 Cent song so I guess I will post it also. I have to support the man who changed rap 9 short years ago. Damn I am old.

I do not even feel like reviewing it. Jeez. O well.

Full Review and Download inside!

Getting into the song, first thing you notice that it is a cliche 50 Cent Club song. The beat...the chorus...the rapping...the content. All cliche as hell. I feel like I am in 2003 again when I listen to this song.

50 Cent repeated "I Get It In" a good 70 times. I mean that make sense...however...why? We have to move past that.

Just download it and tell me what you think.
Props to Hip Hop Etc!



New Music: Asher Roth Feat Jim Jones - "Dirt College Remix"

New Asher Roth? Perfect. New Jim Jones? ugh. New Jim Jones pretending he went to college? Perfect.

However I still have to do my research and find out if King Goonie did go to college. I will take care of that later.

Full review and download at the jump!

I cannot rate this song for lyrics. Because frankly it does not have much. I cannot rate this song for flow...because frankly it is nonexistant. I cannot rank this song for Jim Jones...because I do not like him. I can rate it for content.

And the content was great.

Being in college right now, and experiencing some of these events...yea. It is a great song. Sort of like Colt45.

The beat is something that is as laid back and high as both of the people spitting on the song. I like it. I like it.



New Music: Mickey Factz - "Say You Will"

Mickey Factz. I was talking to dude this morning. Getting my beggrind on. Regardless, I just peeped this on Nah Right. With over 1k downloads in the 14 minutes it was up...Mickey Factz is clearly a driving force in Underground Hip Hop.

Full review and download inside. This song is WORTH the download. Belieeeve Me.

How can I say it? Mickey was nice to me before, but nothing that really allowed him to move into the few Emcees I keep on rotation. Theoretically it is tough to do due the group that resides there.

After listening to this song, Mickey is currently knocking on that door. Please get him a chair.

This song is something that absolutely defeated every other freestyle on Kanye West's rapper happy beat "Say You Will". Soul Searching is needed for this type of beat with a little bit of "nice" thrown in. After sitting through this song multiple times, it is clear that Mickey Factz did a lot of both.

With a solid 6 minute rhyme thrown in that easily showcased lyrical prowess in the largest way, Mickey Factz may have just ended that beats tenure. At first, Drakes version was the stature set for that beat, however, Mickey came and destroyed it. With the clever and played out voice modulation that was going on and the somewhat intense role play of a man with too many thoughts on his mind, he made the beat his. He made the song his.

Although long, it is worth the download.



Would You Hit?: Shelly Hazan

Hot. Israeli. Models

I did tell you guys that I was going to head to the Middle East. So I decided to take a trip to Israel in order to find some beauty there. Please lets keep the politics of the crisis going on there. Tomorrow, or soon, I will try and post a female from Palestine. I have to give them all love. Regardless of that, she is gorgeous and she is that countries representative.

Imagine listening to her speak. Jeez. More pictures at the fly!(jump, hop, teleport etc.)


Stumbled On: Donny Goines Interview with Miss Drama

I literally JUST received this in my email. So I had to be the first to post the damn thing. Now this means that I did not watch it yet. That also means I cannot talk about like I usually do.

That also means that I have nothing good or bad to say about it.

Yea. I will watch it now.


New Music: Adebisi - This Is

I posted Adebisi before during the blogging blitz. If I am correct at least. I thought the song was lacking, however, I did not dismiss it. This song is not bad either. Full review at the hop!

Coming into the song I was immediately annoyed by the beat. Not due to how much I disliked it, just that sound. I cannot put a finger in it. Like I said, my beat game is not on point. The chorus is something that I feel has been done before and failed to reside between my two noise receptors. However, the verses themselves were crafted nicely in a way that kept me enthralled when the hook let me fall. The song itself is something that might be skipped after the first vers because of my dislike for the hook. However, that is just me.



Stumbled On: D.Julien, John Brown, Sabeem Sadiiq Cypher

I paused my brief Metal music for this freestyle. To be honest though...it was a dope cypher. I do not know who D. Julien is, but I want to listen to more of him. He had the nicest verse in the entire cypher until I heard Sadeeq's verse. Now I have his mixtape currently in the CD changer in the car so I have been tuned to his songs for a while now.

John Brown looked flucked up and his verse was not as nice as the other two. It was still a decent listen.

Sabeem KILLED it though.


New Music: Kounty Boyz -"Kash Is King"

I am not a fan of hard downsouth music. I want to get that out before we get started. Now the KountyBoyz were featured on my first blogging blitz where I gave a lot of emcees a chance to really show off on my blog. I rated their song on the same scale I rate every song. A New York scale. However, this song was different. Now, lyrically I feel it still was lacking in ways. Nevertheless the song was still a decent song.
Full review and download inside! Trust me it is worth it. So click "read now".

I can really picture myself rocking out to this song in my car. It just resembles some of the music like that from down south. I like that it is professionally done and the yearning(stay with me here) of the song match the KountyBoyz hustle.

Kash is King.

Now it is stuck in my head.


New Music: Esso - "Dear 2009"

Esso told me that I was going to get recycled vomit for my mixtape. I was not to enthused. However, I did enjoy listening to this which was not emailed to me by Esso! but I found it on 2db. *Update* that was a lie. It was in my email but I just did not check it!* Moving past this, the song itself is a laid back song which made it possible to be starting the year with it.

Full review and download at the teleport!

I do not know if I said it before, dude is nice. Esso comes with lyrics here that resemble a person more advance in his rapping years.

"I need you like Nas needed '94"

Esso...I am going to come to your hood with you after an event this year. They better greet my ass too!