Would You Hit?: Jamie Gunns

Since I just drank the best energy drink ever...I am on a blogging blitz. Because of this newfound energy AND the fact that I love my readers...I am giving you Jamie Gunns.

What a pornstar name.

I also love flisted.com...where I get all of these wonderful estrogen filled human-beings.


New Mixtape: DJ Mike Nice - Brooklyn Bullshit

I was raving about this the other day. With unreleased tracks from Biggie, Jay, and others...this tape is looking to be the nicest, most nostalgic, tapes period. I am hyped as hell. I posted it the other day...so I will just quote that post and drop the download at the end.

Check out the tracklist Tape
01. Notorious B.I.G - Intro
02. Shakespeare - KingsCounty (Brooklyn Bullshit Anthem)
03. biggie spittin at 12
04. biggie - music video box freestyle
05. biggie - soul power197 rhymes
06. Fulton St. battle at 17
07. big daddy kane & jayz - bday party freestyle 9-10-91
08. biggie - guranteed raw
09. big daddy kane/kool g rap - raw (demo)
10. jay-z/sauce money - rippin it up
11. big daddy kane - aint no half steppin (demo)
12. biggie - blind alley freestyle (demo)
13. biggie-i love you (teenage recording)
14. biggie - dont love no hoe
15. jay-z/sauce money - nothing but love (demo)
16. biggie - biggie got the hype shit (demo)
17. big daddy kane - raw attitude (unreleased)
18. jay-z - high powered (at age 17)
19. jay-z/sauce money - broken english & drug selling (demo)
20. notorious big - party and bullshit (extended version)
21. biggie - 16 bars at the lyrical lounge in 1993
22. jay-z - whats in a name (demo)
23. big daddy kane - sing my song (unreleased)
24. jay-z - pass the roc
25. big daddy kane - set it off (unreleased remix)
26. big daddy kane - for your own concern (demo)
27. biggie - childhood rhymes
28. jay-z - greatest mc (demo)
29. biggie/sadat x - come on (1st take demo version)
30. biggie - niggaz bleed
31. notorious big - big millionaire (unreleased verse)



New Video: Slim Thug Feat Jim Ronsin - "I Run"

The only reason I am posting this is because my boy Johnny W. loves Slim Thug.

Shoot..you think I'd post some nignorant stuff like that?
This is from Nah Right. Shouts to Eskay!


New Video: Young Jeezy FEAT Nas - "My President Is Black"

This motherfucker actually has a blue Lamborghini...I mean who would have thought? And is it just me...or did that part of the song never even fit? I never understood that...at all. What does this have to do with anything? Shoot.



Shoot. We black people never wanted to go to any other inauguration but...now...we want to attend this one. What is this crap? It is almost frustrating! But that is how we do things...we have to "do it big"


Would You Hit?:Alicia Machado

I do not know who she is...nor do I care. But, on FListed(where I get all my girls from and is one of my favorite blogs) they said that her pictures were airbrushed.

Seeing as it is..11 oclock right now and I have work in 30 minutes...I am not even going to sweat it.


New Mixtape: Komplex Remix's

Komplex? Reminds me of Mortal Kombat...which reminds me. At the time you, my loyal reader, are reading this...I am at work. Anyway, moving on, Treacherous Records producer finished up his first tape. 2DopeBoyz posted it...and I am a huge fan of remixes so it was only right that I posted it. Jay Z, Eminem, Crooked I, The Game...all on the tape. Tracklisting and download inside.

1.Jay-Z “PSA”
2.Lil Wayne “A Millie”
3.Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”
4.Chamillionaire ft. Ludacris “Creepin”
5.Jay-Z “ Allure”
6.The Game “ Big Dreams”
7.Crooked I “Hip-Hop Weekly 4 Part 2”
8.The Game ft. Keyshia Cole “ Games Pain”
9.50 Cent “Get Up”
10.Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne “Let It Rock”
11.Eminem ft. Cashis “Jimmy Crack Corn”
12. Crooked I ft. One-2 “ 2 Of The Best”
13.Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal”
14.Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne “ You”
15.Crooked I ft. Akon “ Dream Big”
16.Crooked I “ Wake Up Show Freestyle”
17.T-Pain ft. Young Joc “ Buy You A Drink”
18.Jay-Z “Moment Of Clarity”
19.Crooked I “Hip-Hop Weekly Part 1”


New Video: Grandmaster Flash EPK

I peeped this on Nah Right and I am a little excited for it.

On a side ADD inspired note..has anyone seen Gran Torino? It is a great day whenever Clint Eastwood is beating up minorities.

Tracklist for Grandmasters tape inside...

2. SHINE ALL DAY feat. Q-Tip, Kel Spencer & Jumz
3. WE SPEAK HIP HOP feat. KRS One, Afasi, Kase-O, Maccho & Abass
4. HERE COMES MY DJ feat. DJ Kool & DJ Demo
5. BOUNCE BACK feat. Busta Rhymes
6. SWAGGER feat. Red Café, Snoop Dogg & Lyn Carter
7. WHAT IF feat. KRS-One
10. CAN I TAKE YOU HIGHER feat. Mr Cheeks, Grandmaster Caz & Tito
11. GROWN & SEXY feat. Lordikim Allah
12. WHEN I GET THERE feat. Big Daddy Kane & Hedonis Da Amazon
14. I GOT SUMTHIN TO SAY feat. Lord Ikim Allah, J-Flo & Almighty Thor
15. UNPREDICTABLE feat. Syndee & Big Daddy Kane
16. THOSE CHIX feat. Byata, Princess Superstar & Hedonis Da Amazon
17. BRONX BOMBERS feat. Lordikim Allah, Almighty Thor & Mann Child
19. OH MAN (Intro)
20. OH MAN feat. Syndee & Natacha Atlas


New Video: Saigon Responding To Joe Budden (With Responses From Twitter)

@SteveLL shot me this over on Twitter. The Blogesphere is buzzing today with good videos hmmm? I was holding a twitscussion (discussion) yesterday about who would win this battle. Here are a few responses...

AndrewKam @JacquesMorels Budden vs. Saigon - a battle of great rappers who take too long to release their great music. I say Budden BODIES this beef.
Scott211 @JacquesMorels although I think many people underestimate saigons lyrical talent, Joe will eat him.. It's a pointless beef anyway imo
dCsoulplusmind @JacquesMorels yessir, saigon probably shouldn't have done what he did.
fashioncitizen @JacquesMorels From what I remember, Saigon is old hat and Joey is and has always been hungry, I don't see any contest there.
JasonVorheez @JacquesMorels he might..saigon is dead nice...but Joey is witty as hell...i would rather them get some paper together tho

Interesting. Personally I believe that this could be an epic battle. I believe that Saigon is/was nice enough to actually come with some serious heat. Now...when I act conscious, I realize that this beef is completely futile and needs to end.

But who cares anyway?


New Video: Has The Industry Forgotten About Big Pun?

Liza Rios, Big Puns late wife, was interviewed by(insert random urban group here) about how the industry has forgotten about Big Pun. She states in the video that no one remembers his birthday (which is next week), no tributes are ever done...etc. The one thing that comes to my mind is how Fat Joe completely left them for dead. She did not mention Fat Joe at all.

Remember when she was selling Big Pun's chain on eBay? That is hilarious to me that Fat Joe really has not supported them at all. You could tell she was dancing around that question the entire interview. Nothing we can do about that I guess...

On a side note she looks terrible. Now THAT...is funny.
Source - Urban Rap Blog

Divine Self corrected me...Joell did a tribute to him.  My bad...



Would You Hit?: Carrie Underwood

I am not to much of a fan of Ms Underwood here. These pictures did not change my mind either...you win some you lose some!


Review: Benzi & Plain Pat - "Sky High"

My dog just urinated on my couch upstairs. Ugh.

Getting into this tape was a funny one for me. I was headed to the city to attend the Charles Hamilton Fader event (Shouts to CH!), and I listened to this tape the whole way there. I think that it is a great tape itself...it just might not tingle the hardcore rap-fans fancy. With beats that produce memories of extacy induced raves from Tracks 11 - 18, it is sure a treat.

The album caters to many tastes throughout. It follows a clear path of excitement from area to area. The tape starts off slow and labored and quickly picks up into a fast paced techno remix of Kanye West. This is surely something to excite the average listener who may or may not be a fan of techno. Now, this may turn some people reading this review off...but it is worth it.

What Benzi & Pat did with "Flashing Lights" and "Addiction" astonishes me. It almost does not seem like their style...or the style of a Hip Hop DJ. However, going back to the New Deal Tape, it is believable as to what style of "remix" this would be. The tape is a treat for ears of hardcore Kanye fans and normal rap fans a like. Be sure to play it while driving exceptionally fast on the highway tomorrow.


I dislike that Kid Cudi song though.
Download it here


New Music:CurT@!n$- Live From The Black Apple

Mickey Factz and GFC have been everywhere the past few days. O well. Curtains hits us with some heat.

And I like the song. Just read the rest.

CurT@!n$ dropped his mixtape the other day. I have not gotten around to listening to it, but I hope it is pretty dope. This song does not move me...but the chorus is a nice chorus. I can expect to rock out to this when I head to Mickey Factz show over @ SOB'S. However, knowing me...I will be on the list and I will not even watch the show. I will be too busy doing interviews. Great.



New Music: Jay Z - "Pass The Rock (Track from Jay Z's Demo)"

I peeped this over at 2DopeBoyz and I was estatic about it. This new tape will be featuring unreleased songs from Kool G Rap(!!!), Jay Z, Notorious, Big Daddy Kane and others. Am I excited? Yes. Full download and review inside!

Jay Z' tongue resembled a blade at this time. His flow, lyrics, and even the way he spit the damn verses were something memorable. Before the "Brooklyn We Go Hard" he had songs like this. I like the beat...gritty enough but the piano makes it upbeat. Jay Z's flow goes from fast to slow...and he just sounds so hungry on this. Although it is of terrible quality...the song is surely a treat and a blast of fresh air from the Jay Z we have been being treated with lately.

Check out the tracklist Tape
01. Notorious B.I.G - Intro
02. Shakespeare - KingsCounty (Brooklyn Bullshit Anthem)
03. biggie spittin at 12
04. biggie - music video box freestyle
05. biggie - soul power197 rhymes
06. Fulton St. battle at 17
07. big daddy kane & jayz - bday party freestyle 9-10-91
08. biggie - guranteed raw
09. big daddy kane/kool g rap - raw (demo)
10. jay-z/sauce money - rippin it up
11. big daddy kane - aint no half steppin (demo)
12. biggie - blind alley freestyle (demo)
13. biggie-i love you (teenage recording)
14. biggie - dont love no hoe
15. jay-z/sauce money - nothing but love (demo)
16. biggie - biggie got the hype shit (demo)
17. big daddy kane - raw attitude (unreleased)
18. jay-z - high powered (at age 17)
19. jay-z/sauce money - broken english & drug selling (demo)
20. notorious big - party and bullshit (extended version)
21. biggie - 16 bars at the lyrical lounge in 1993
22. jay-z - whats in a name (demo)
23. big daddy kane - sing my song (unreleased)
24. jay-z - pass the roc
25. big daddy kane - set it off (unreleased remix)
26. big daddy kane - for your own concern (demo)
27. biggie - childhood rhymes
28. jay-z - greatest mc (demo)
29. biggie/sadat x - come on (1st take demo version)
30. biggie - niggaz bleed
31. notorious big - big millionaire (unreleased verse)



New Music: Joe Budden - "Letter To Saigon"

I follow Joe Budden heavily, but I still do not remember what he was talking about when he said, “He took my good punchline and got it misconstrued…”. I have to find that. Regardless...it is another rap beef...but this is between two powerhouses with their own respective diehard fans.

Look for the message boards to absolutely light up. Full Review and Download Inside!

Jeez. I have not heard a Joe Budden diss track in a long time. I like his diss tracks...actual lyricism hid behind complex disses and bone-jarring punches. Joe Budden treats this one here as if it is the same and comes correct with his disses and punches. The song itself is lyrically sound, but the beat is not what I expect...and normally Budden takes his time to explain what happened or just talks shit...it was not there.
*Update*@WillyDope just hit me up and told me it was this line...Soon as the wife's gone they jump on the python/but she dont know im out to hit and run like Saigon"

Thanks bro!


Download it. I mean...if you want to be in the loop...you might as well.


New Music: Cory Gunz - "Crack A Bottle"

According to someone close to me, Cory Gunz is "a pothead street kid with no management." Come on...that cannot be true. From a rapper that absolutely murdered Lil Wayne on his own track...you cannot expect him to be a pothead...can you?

Full review and download inside.

I have to open the door for the dog soon. So I will make this quick. This song is a dub over the new song from Eminem which dropped the other day. Because of that, I do not need to review a beat which I know all of you Hip Hop heads have listened too already. Now, this song itself is not something that showcases Cory's versatility and downright awkward flow.

I think it is just a plain track and resembles the Asian chick on Grey's Anatomy. She is cute...you would do it...but there is nothing that makes you want to. See what I mean? I feel the same way with this song. I am not being partial...to be frank, I love Cory Gunz. The song is...just nothing special. Regardless tell me what you think. I am going to get the dog. It's cold outside.


New Video: Fashawn - Boy Meets World EPK

I really have to shoot out to California and meet this kid. Fashawn is seriously talented in ways that most rappers are not. Since I am in a great mood, I will not nitpick at how he definitely slept with some of the women in that video . His rhymes are vicious yet conscious but feral yet calm. He has a large vocabulary and makes sure he injects that into all of his rhymes.

I just ran out of metaphors to describe this dude. I will figure some out later.

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Fashion: Bally Stilo Sneakers

I peeped these over at Marcus Troy's site and I thought it was dope so obviously I posted it. These sneakers are Bally Stilos and carry a nice 345$ price tag....now all I need is the girl to buy them for me.

Hmm...more pictures at the jump!


New Music (Not Really): B.I.G Mixtape

Biggie Smalls Demo Raw from Guilty Sole on Vimeo.
@Nfnt shot me this over on Twitter last night. I have been dancing around posting it...but after taking a short listen...it had to be posted. Feel free to click the link and rock through 20 solid minutes of B.I.G that you probably have not heard before. While doing this...peruse the site!



Review: Tyga - "The Free Album"

I have been slacking when it came to reviewing mixtapes. I am about to get back on my game. Besides that, I took a listen to Tyga's The Free Album which dropped the other day. I like Tyga but I was not too excited with this free album...which made me excited that it was only free. It started off annoying with "The Free Album" which was a cover of a Soulja Boy song which I am not to into remembering the name of right now. Tyga was weak throughout the first songs; calling on gimmicky things that have been used and perfected by other rappers to entice listeners into listening.

It seemed as if Tyga was reaching for a different audience but he just showed his age and how he is sub-par as a rapper. Throughout songs his flow was off. IT almost felt depressing to listen to a rapper destroy some beats which were so good to me before. Part of the mixtape is dedicated to interviews he has done on the air. Although these were good breaks in the action that was needed at the time, it still did not feel meshed with the rest of the "free" album.

Tyga tried to exercise versatility on this tape but fell. With subpar songs such as "Sipping Coconut Juice", "Bitches, and others, he put on a bad show on an even worse "album. I give it a 2/5. You can download it here.


Stumbled On:Cory Gunz - In My Hood Freestyle [2005-2006 Footage]

Since I am posting Cory Gunz this morning...I figure I'd break you something off nice. This is something that I found on WSH and I can see how his flow has completely changed since then. Compare it to another video he made (he likes making these freestyle videos apparently) recently.
It is almost...

"Day n Nite" difference. I like him now more than before though. He just sounds more...more...fun?



Would You Hit?: Olivia Munn

I have a problem with Olivia Munn. The main problem I have with her...is she just seems fake. Maybe I am just a frustrated blogger writing this, but she seems as if she did not play, entertain, or even touch a video game before the G4 gig. It just seems as if she is faking it when I watch the show.

I mean, X-Play is not even that good of a show. To be frank...the entire channel is just a bunch of nonsense with Japanese shows dropped in it.

It is annoying. She is hot though. Her and her crazy eyes. Stay away from girls with crazy eyes! More pictures under the stab!


New Video: CurT@!n$ - The Dope Supremacy

Curtains (I am not in the mood to type out the original name) is clearly a clever dude when it comes to his videos. His first video that I posted on here really changed my mind as to what is considered a good video. I mean, with the monotony in Mainstream and Underground now-a-days. I will discuss that underground monotony later. Regardless, Curtains dropped his mixtape yesterday and it goes in the list of stuff that I should have reviewed and have to review eventually.



New Music: RZA Ft. Ghostface Killah, Kool G Rap & Tash Mahogany -"Whar"

Apparently this is the new song on the soundtrack of Afro Samurai. The game itself looks absolutely insane and I think I might purchase that game. I do not buy many games...but that one will get a solid purchase. Full review, download, listen, and nonsense inside.

The song is trapped in a timewarp. Just like my boy @Zaquir said.

@JacquesMorels I was deeply disappointed by 8 diagrams - the WU seems to be stuck in a time warp - i need 2 C some growth
Funny thing is how true that statement is. The song just threw me back into '94. I mean that is a great feeling; nostalgia. However, it might be a time to move past that. To make something a little more modern. Nah. For all the Wu Heads...they better continue making music like this. Song is dope. Beat is gritty. RZA's flow is broken, does not mesh, but is dope regardless.


New Music:Charles Hamilton - "Most Likely To Succeed"

Ironically I was talking with Charles Hamilton a few days ago about how he had not come out with a song in a while. He then told me that he just came out with one. After visiting 2DopeBoyz...it is obvious that he did...just now. This was just leaked to the "Blogesphere" last night. That could mean that it would be buzzing tonight. Lets get into the song. Full download and review inside!

Everyone on 2DB was raving about this beat. I have to say that I am about to jump on that bandwagon. This beat is a treat for the ear. I remember him saying something that he produces most of his own songs.

If he produced this...then damn Charles. Why do you not outsource and make some extra money producing? It would be pretty dope. The rapping itself is alright. I am not going to say that it could have been better, but the lyrics fit with the subject well. Also, the chorus was executed well enough that it did not overshadow the beat or vice versa.

It was worth the download.


Fashion: Flying Coffin x GOODS x Manik Skateboards

This is not fashion, but it could fall in that category. Besides the point, I skate and I am actually in need of a new deck. These decks are dope. Check the back drop. These decks is the combination of Flying Coffin getting with GOOD and Manik Skateboards to make these wonderful masterpieces. However, there is only 50 being made of each deck.

This shows that it will be high priced and probably go to the collectors. Dope huh? Click "read more" for a T-Shirt also and all of the links. Shouts to Le Mode!




New Music: Mickey Factz - "Live From The Black Apple"

I am about to get on my blog game right now. I have to update the other blogs that I am posting on. Regardless, this is new from ya boy Mickey Mouse Factz out of the BX. Full review and download under the slash!

The beat on this is magnificent. Someone...seriously...tell me who produced this so I can get in contact with them. Next, Mickey flat out murders the beat. Matching the speedy beat with speedy rhymes. The flow is almost unbreakable here and does not fallout much throughout the song.

He is also throwing a show on the 21'st at SOBs. I might be in attendance. Flyer is right above.


Stumbled On: Esso Interview

I am a little dissapointed that Esso did not send me this fabulous interview with him on Loud Favorites. I had to find it from Shake. I will get over that later. Now, Esso is seen here talking about parting from management, how Itunes and Blogs changed Hip Hop, and just the usual interview banter.

The opening freestyle was dope too.

I believe that it was worth the 9 minute watch. Your secret admire would love it.

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Interview: YaFavoriteWhiteBoy Sits down With APinks

I did not do this interview, however, I thought it would be dope to post it. Seeing as I am a fan of APinks and YFWB's blogs...I had too.

Queens representer A. Pinks is on the come up. With videos on MTV and BET, a spot in The Source's storied "Unsigned Hype" column and a new mixtape Will Rap 4 Food flooding the internets and the streets, you're going to hear a lot from dude in the next little while. YFWB had a chance to sit down and learn a little more why he's like an X-Man and why we should "Think Pinks."

Q: For those who are straight sleeping, who is A. Pinks?
A: A. Pinks is young, black, educated man that happens to rap. I'm pretty much a ordinary fellow with an extraordinary vocabulary. I don't start trouble, smoke(eh!) or fabricate. I do drink, joke and fornicate. I like chick flicks and salmon croquettes, and I don't like hockey or American Dad. At the end of the day I'm a down to earth dude that goes stupid on a drum kick.

Q: You hail from Queens. How does it feel to represent a borough with such an important place in hip-hop?

I actually have a joint on the mixtape "JumpStreet Hero," well, a shortened version of it, over the Nas "Hero" record in which I address the particular question at hand. The hook goes something like:
"Palm readers say the legend won't die, too much culture to just let it fry/ You see, I'm from the side of things, Infamous Mobb, the Nas', Cormega's, the Tragedy Khadafi's/ B&H my posse, I ain't from the bridge tho, little to the left homie/Gotta let these kids know...tell em' I'm from JumpStreet."
And basically the theme of the joint is that I am obligated to carry on tradition do to it's rich history in hip-hop. If you visited my residence you'd more clearly understand my proximity to greatness. There are some big shoes to full and I love the pressure it puts on me to perform.

Read more at the jump!

Q. You got an early start in the rap game at 15. Have you always had that drive?
A: Now I have been writing since 15, I didn't start actually recording until about 17/18. Up until that point, and even a little further in, it was merely a hobby. More of an outlet for me rather than a profession. I was more so determined to vent than I was to impress. Somewhere along the line, I realized that I'd much rather be doing what than I love than punching through walls while I get ready for work at 6:45am.

Q: You're an educated dude - Howard University. What did you study?
A: Well, I like to think so..lol. I actually started at Howard as an advertising major for a little while. I figured I could offer my creative services to some sort of agency and get my Jamie King on writing jingles for Snuggle or some shit. After a few failed journalism courses, I decided to switch to Radio/TV/Film, which I'm betting is a tad bit more up my alley.

Q: How did you hook up with Whoo Kid for your first mixtape, Its Not A Rumor: Google Me?
A: Ahh the infamous "'Sada Pop". We actually linked through a publicist we were both working closely with. I was looking for that first big injection into the public eye and she took the music over to the man himself. He was a fan of my work and we went from there.

Q: You say you plan to stomp down the monotony that is currently plaguing rap. What's missing in hip-hop?
A: Honesty. The majority of the rap community, is not being truthful with themselves and in-turn not being truthful with the the fans. Interestingly enough I was once an offender of the same hip-hop crime. I too had gotten intertwined with the status quo of what a rapper was "supposed to sound like" and forgot why I started writing in the first place. I want the audience to connect with me and take something away from my music.

Q: How will you change it for the better?
A: If you cut on the radio it seems like every artist is the same person. Who's not a pimp, a hustler and a gun buster all at the same time? I can only convey messages through being myself so that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I can't say for sure that I will cause a Category 7, but I will try to leave a unique imprint on the game. In my opinion, my approach is the essence of my artistry. Experience/perspective is key to differentiating myself from the haystack needles. If everyone viewed things the same way, the music in turn would be quite similar. Especially in these times when everyone seems to speak on the same thing, I will try to broaden the spectrum.

Q: It must have felt incredible when you found out you grabbed a spot in "Unsigned Hype". Take us back to that moment.
A: Yeah, it seems like it was forever ago. That was like my first huge accolade and still one of my proudest achievements. To be acknowledged in the same vein as greats such as Biggie and Em is like a fairly unknown actor winning an Oscar for his/her first movie. Self-praise is only satisfying on Wednesday's so a booster of that nature serves as a great motivator and it let me know that people we actually paying attention.

Q: You just dropped a fresh new mixtape "Will Rap 4 Food" on Friday. Why should heads check for it?
A: This project is about going in with reckless abandon. Full out onslaught of raw material. I just wanted to show people I can RAP, so you'll always have something to refer to when I've "fallen off" because I'm making music that's "commercial." LMAO, really the whole "Will Rap 4 Food" theme derives from hunger to succeed.

Q: With your appearances on BET, MTV and in the Source and Urb Magazines, you seem to be taking a more traditional promotional route than, say, an internet-based artist like Charles Hamilton. Was that a deliberate move? Why?
A: Yes, it is deliberate. There are 8 billion people in the world and it is virtually impossible to reach all of them - but you could try. Any medium that is willing to offer their platform is an avenue that I am willing to explore. Being an independent artist, you have to scratch and scrape for exposure so I bought some Wolverine claws on Ebay and showed up to some offices unexpectedly, Ha!

Q: People feel you're about to blow. Do you feel that way?
A: Is that what they're saying? That's good to hear, I tell myself that three times in the mirror every morning. You have to think positively especially in this business of uncertainty, so yeah I think I'm about to BLOW UP!(Martin voice). I feel I'm definitely making the right strides towards my goal.

Q: You're just getting started, but I wanted to flip it and ask you where you want to be at end of your career. What would be the legacy you'd want to leave on hip-hop?
A: I see the innovators re-taking the game and bringing it back to point of intrigue for everyone. There are and will be leaders to come and re-invent what already is and was. It's what hip-hop is all about. I could see myself pioneering the ship, but then again so can every other aspiring artist. I'd love to be mentioned with the greats at the end of the day and it would be fantastic if I could make a substantial living from this art.

Q: What's next for you?
A: Ladies and Germs can be on the lookout for the brand new mixtape Will Rap 4 Food which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on various websites [Ed: including here] and my page as well as Look What I Can Do the EP scheduled to come out early spring. Aside from that, you can always check the blogs out, mags, etc. for new music, videos, and interviews. We are in phase one of the "Think Pinks" process.

Q: Spit a verse that best represents what A. Pinks is all about.

A: Ah hem:
I was born on a Tuesday I think, in the rotten apple
I had a few goldfish that died and a cocker spaniel
I like long walks in the park and I can't swim
But it really ticks me off if you tell me I can't sing
The name Pinks comes from my government.....yeah and?
I'll plant these five fingers across your bare chin
I'm out of shape physical, hate people personally
I'm handicapped, and I went to Howard University
With that said, the cats fed, flat dead
Now maybe there's room in your fat head for me
So you can just respect how I backhand a beat
Instead of steady wondering if I clapped kids with heat
Stuffed bricks in jeeps. fucked 20 broads a week
And whatever else you need to list to my CD
It's got to mean something if it's passing through my teeth
I am the only way I know to be...ME!


Would You Hit?:Yukie Kawamura

If you can say her name...you receive 100pts. I might want to start a point system on the blog...but that could get a little tough as I become more popular. Regardless...lets continue moving along. I found this Asian chick on my favorite Japanese blog (I read quite a few)Neil Duckett.com. I do not know her name; nor do I really care to much about it. But she is gorgeous regardless. Tell me what you think.
More pictures at the hop!


New Music: Rhymefest - "Coolness"

I was never a fan of Rhymefest. I still am not, but the song itself is dope. Full review and download inside.

Currently I cannot put the name of this beat on to it. It has been racking my brain so anyone who reads this blog...can you tell me where they got the sample from? I know it is from 1988 though...Anyway...his flow seems a little bit labored throughout the song...as if he was reading off of paper. Rappers are supposed to memorize the rhymes so it comes out more natural.

Now, his rhyme scheme is dope though. His lyrics mesh with the nice rhyme scheme to create some nice music. I like how the whole song comes together throughout it. Yea it is worth the download. I am not that much of a fan of him regardless.


Stumbled On: Cons in Studio With Q-Tip and Kanye

Blah blah blah blah. 

All this video does is remind me how broke I am, and how rich Kanye and Consequence is.

Everyone else in this damn video is just as broke as me.  Why? I have not really heard of them.  Allow me to make my intense generalizations with a little "asshole" sprinkled on top.  Kid Cudi is in the video too...matter of fact, all of G.O.O.D Music finds a place in this video.  Now I am pleasantly frustrated.

*oops forgot the source...JenThePen BITCHES!


New Mixtape: CurT@!n$ - "The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: WHSL Rebel Radio"

10 out of 15 songs on this mixtape have the word "dope" in it.


I do not even know. Regardless, the cover is looking a little cheap too...could have been done better. Am I excited for the tape? A little bit. I liked some of his stuff so maybe I can be turned on to him after listening to this. No homo.

Full tracklist and download inside.

01: Return of the Killer Goldiggers
02: The legend of Bagger Dope
03: The Dope Supremacy
04: The Rebel
05: Teenage Mutant Ninja Dope (Leo's Theme)
06: The Last Dope Scout
07: American Dopery X
08: The Cajan Coffee House
09: Night of The Living Dope (Johnny's Revenge)
10: Smokey and Dopehead Do America (feat. Smoke Dza)
11: You Thought E.T Was Something
12: Mick & Dope's Excellent Adventures (feat. Mickey Factz)
13: Dopesters Millions
14: Dope Goes To Hollywood (feat. Kurupt)
15: New Dope City



A Day In The Life: 1000 Post

This has been an intense roller coaster for me. Over the pass 5 months that I have been blogging, I have met a ton of people...changed my music...changed my writing style...and have just enjoyed life more and more. This blog has been my avenue to vent, has been my avenue to talk...and has been my avenue to express my opinion (which is more valuable than yours).

Life has been good to me and this blog. Although I did see a severe drop in hits, I am more happy now. Before, I was leaking stuff that I did not even like on messageboards to get hits. I was getting 1k hits a day, but I had no substance. There was no reason to come to my website. The only reason was to get the song. Now, I get about 200-300 hits a day from people that care about MY OPINION.

Now, if you choose to leak my stuff on messageboards..feel free. Feel free to link me...and request that I link back. I always return the favor.

In the past 1k posts, I met something called Twitter and fell in love. My blogging life took off from there and now I am writing across 4 other blogs. I am expanding daily.

What is next?

Well I will finally be getting business cards. Not only that, I have a mixtape coming out on February 16...which is seriously looking to be the best tape of the year. It is basically going to be one giant EXCLUSIVE. I also have a few things jumping off that I cannot even talk about. Some big music stuff. Should be exciting.
Shouts to everyone...Especially Andrea Monique, Marcella Love, Matt Diamond, Chris Rodriguez and others. All the rappers...especially SKYZOO...Charles Hamilton..Donny Goines...Emilio Rojas...

I just want to thank all of my readers over the past few months and ask for you guys to continue to talk about this website...and to comment more. I need people to comment a lot more! Please. Finally...

Thanks for everything guys!



New Music: Proph The Problem - 100 Bars

Funny story about this. I was going to post this earlier but the car needed to be washed and I completely forgot. In that process I had actually hit up Proph talking about how I was about to post his song. Oops. O well. Full download and review inside. Slow day for hits actually..That is too bad.

Proph shot this over to me. I was not expecting much of it because I receive a lot of crap. My ear is almost fined tuned for it. It sucks sometimes. That probably explains why I am listening to Tyga right now. Now after listening to it...I will say that this is not crap at all. Song is dope. 100 Bars and a cool beat to go along to. I actually burnt this so I can rock with it on my way to the Charles Hamilton event.


You did not know about that did you?