New Music: Proph The Problem "Go Hard"

New Music from Proph the Problem
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This is more up Jacques' alley but since i write for the site now he's passing his work onto me but he let me post it =)

The beginning is actually pretty dramatic, like a song off a movie soundtrack. Not to mention the hook is catchy.

I can't stress how important it is for me to like the voice of the rapper I am listening to and you know what? I'm liking Proph's voice

If i had a car I'd bump this.
But I guess the headphones will have to suffice... *sigh*


New Music: J.Holiday "Make that sound"

Ladies and Gentlemen, J.Holiday
"Make that sound" ... I think you know what sound he's talking about
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Wooo... it is hot in my room right now ... this is MY kind of song!
I mean, I am going to make a nice little home for it in my iPod... best believe

J.Holiday's sophmore album Round 2 drops next month and if "Make that sound" is any indication of what to expect, the album is looking very promising.

Now I'm not trying to hype up J.Holiday like he is God's gift to women, but when you make a song like this, you go up on the scale. Especially saying things like:

"I got plans to make you scream 'till you get close to losing your voice"

...Im raspy just thinking about it


New Music: Keri Hilson "Control Me"

New Music from Miss Kerry Babayyyy. "Control me"

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*Jacques Update*

I'd Fuck Keri Hilson

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I'm sure everyone has heard of Keri Hilson by now but she first came out on Lloyd Banks "Help". She was signed many years ago but she is just now getting the attention she deserves.

Timbaland even went on BET's Ignorance fest 106&Park and said he was convinced Keri was on Beyonce's level... whoa
Thats a big wig to fill.

Whether or not she will live up to that remains to be seen but her song writing skills are undeniable, she's beautiful, stylish AND can sing didn't know that combination was possible did you Rhianna?

"Control Me" is definately a Timbaland beat, which I'm getting really tired of. But as a woman I can respect and relate to what this song is talking about.

"Pick me up and put me on the wall, please"

Oh word Keri?

Fellas you might want to take a listen to this song, learn something. The woman knows what she's talking about.



Who's That Girl?????

No Fellas, this is not a "Would You Hit?"... Although I'm quite certain that question may arise...ha

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Want to know what I'm doing here?

My Name is Andrea *waves*. I am now the co-writer of this blog. Me and Jacques share the same brainwaves so why not the same blogspace yanno? (Please no Bonnie and Clyde references, shits played)

A little about me?

Well I'm a music junkie. Hip hop and r&b run my life, its getting pretty intense.

Just like Jacques I am relatively opinionated, I might say some outlandish things on here but that's what your here for, no?

Rhetorical questions aside, please drop comments about what you'd like to see posted and whether or not your feelin my posts. Feedback is a must.

On twitter? Follow me @AndreaMonique



Would You Hit?:Katy Perry

Jeez it is getting late.

I was on Flisted.com and I saw these pictures of Katy Perry in an egg costume. Since I only look at the pictures and I have lost the skill of reading..like most people, I have no idea why/how/or what she is doing. However...I do know that I wouldn't scramble her eggs.

I'd fry em

I just would not touch it.


Stumbled On: I expect to get a lot of flak for this but I agree with Bill O'Reilly

I understand what Eskay said..saying that Bill O'Reilly did not want Barack in the presidency. That is very true. He did not. He would repeatedly lash out against the President in interviews, commentary, and statements.

However...I will agree with him here. I think that, when taken in correct context, essentially what Jeezy and Jay said...was theoretically wrong and backwards. 146 years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all the slaves in states allied against the Union, this type of speak still goes on. But, I think instead of embracing the fact that Barack has made all this change, this type of negativity spews out and causes this...this...uproar.

Essentially, I feel that Jay and Jeezy have stooped down to the level that people could have said when Bush was elected. "I am glad he is white".

What happened to him being the better choice? This is monumental; do not let me pull from that. However, I feel that in order, as a race, to move from the problems we dealt with years ago...we must leave acts like this. We must become more informed in our decisions. We must move forward. We must change. This...this...nonsense essentially...must change.


New Mixtape: DJ J -Ronin and DJ Snips Present - All Elements Vol 10

Is this what is hot in the streets? Yes it is. In the email, Ronin said that it was being bootlegged heavily across the land of African stands and pushy salesman local hoodspots. I thought that was damn interesting...but did not believe it until someone tried to sell me a version of the tape at the mall.

What nonsense is that?

I mean really.

Can a brother buy a legit copy of an artist's music? Why can't I purchase it on ITunes and donate my hard earned money to a rapper with way more money than me?

That is blasphemy. Blasphemy I tell you.

Tracklist...download...and less ranting at the jump.



Stumbled On: Fox Screwing Up..Yet Again

I guess this makes sense? Someone please explain it to me. However...there rational is correct. However, at 12PM, the President-Elect becomes President. That is the 20th Amendment. Therefore, this so-called "educated" white maaan has no idea what he is talking about.


Someone get me some grits! I am hawwwngry.


Stumbled On: Lykke Li - "Everyday I'm Hustlin"

Lykke Li @ NTBR Part 4 - "Hustlin'" from Drew Innis on Vimeo.
Lykke Li.

I can say...that this was probably the nicest rendition of the song...even better than Rick Ross's. Mostly because...I can actually believe her when she says she knows Pablo..and Noreaga.

But I heard the real one...he owed Lykke Li 100 favors.

I peeped this over at Waxx's


Stumbled On: Theophilus London, Mickey Factz, Curt@1n$ Freestlye

Currently it is 1 AM and I am about to head to bed. However...you are reading this at about 3PM. I am in class right now. But..I did watch this video and dope ciphers and freestyles were had. However, moving past that. I want to express how disappointed I am in the fact that I missed the show.

Instead I hung out with two girls. Neither enthused me at all <3!

Regardless...check out the freestyle...and this year is shaping up to be great for the Bloghesphere...its almost tingling.

My blog senses are tingling...hmmm.


Stumbled On: Phonte Disses Kanye, says "Kanye's a Coward"

Hmmm. Hit the jump for the full listen and what not.

A few things about this...

  • Phonte...hating?
  • Nope. He is not hating. He is telling the truth
  • I mean really...if you are going to sing...do not use autotune.
  • We all see you messing up live on TV and what not...having a women sing your high-notes
  • Stop using this as a shield...we want to hear you Kanye
  • But, it could be bad....which would cause us to
  • Not pay attention anymore. Something that Kanye...cannot afford
  • Literally.
  • So Autotune was used. So is Kanye afraid of messing up and settling into absolute debauchery?
  • Yes
Tell me what you think
Download here



New Music: Jay Electronica Feat Che Grand - "Hagler"

Jay Electronica always seems like he is one step above everyone else rapping around him. Sometimes it works...sometimes it does not. On this track? It does.

More Information at the hop!

Listening to the song I will say that I dislike the female voice on the beat. It is waning and something that has been ingrained in my brain. I found it hard to find the subject for the verses...but then again...when does Jay's music ever have a legitimate subject?



New Music: Emilio Rojas - "Let It Out"

Emilio Rojas' mainstream appeal is absolutely crazy. Sitting here listening to his song and having my sister, @_x3_mindy, ask me who he is...scared me.


She does not need to be talking to boys in her life. Regardless...lets get into this.

Listening to Emilio Rojas is like running after him as he just takes you with him. He is fast...he is slow...he is clever...he is funny.
"Get nailed like Jesus on the Cr- woa..."

The only problem is...just keeping up.



New Music: Saigon - "Pushing Buddens"

I did not feel like looking for a picture...so here is a Vietnamese chick from...Saigon.

I did the "A Few Things" for this review. Check it out...its worth it. Also, check for Killah BH's response
  • Saigon is still lacking the serious punch needed to knock Budden off of his horse.
  • However, this diss was something interesting enough that it made the battle almost fresh again.
  • "Your not single by choice" That was a dope line.
  • "What kind of grown ass man be saying  "awww"" Me and @AndreaMonique started dying at that line.
  • I feel like it is going to go back and forth...with Saigon's gay jokes.  Jeez...do not diss a mans son.  How old is that child anyway?
Here is Killah Bh Listening to the diss....

^Shouts to 2DopeBoyz for that.


Would You Hit?:Harumi Nemoto

Since I am all about posting girls where I cannot even remember/recognize/understand her name, I am posting another girl I saw on the fabolous site, Flisted.com.  From a glance, it seems like this girl has the following likes...

  • Large shirts
  • Short shirts
  • Tight shirts
  • No shirts
  • People named Jacques Morel
  • Dislikes people not named Jacques Morel
  • People who run blogs.
Looks like I fit all of the above criteria.  Hit the Hop for the pics!



New Music: Big Sean - "Who Knows"

Just checked the email and I peeped this along with some new Jon Hope which will be posted soon. Big Sean should be featured on this site a lot more...you just have to pay attention to it. I mean...it is so much more fun than watching a bunch of white people eat lunch.

And that one African American man that means to world to me.

Fast Forward>> for the song and download

Apparently this tape is coming out with Mick Boogie and Terry Urban suprovising the project. This idea comes with money...because if I am correct, Mick is selling this service. Regardless, Mike Posner's voice is dope. I like the way he sings over the track and it offsets Big Sean's somewhat childish voice. I like listening to this song...the adlibs are something that I could pass on though.

Is that wrong?

And I do not go to clubs...and ask where are all the girls at. I go to bars and say...where is all the beer at?
It was just brought to my attention that Big Sean had to go to the hospital last night. Jeez.


Fashion: Some Sneakers From Marcus Troy

Every now and then I check out Marcus Troy's site and I pick a few things from the Fashion section. This is one of the blogs I check on a regular basis that does not have to with music. Check this out...plus...those Supra's look tough as hell. Hit the hop for pictures of those.

Jeez...blogging a little to much...


New Video: Wiz Khalifa "Say U Will" Freestyle

I might make this the blog of the "Say U Will" freestyle. That depressing ideal of a song that has been done over so much, it looks like Madonna's new half naked pictures.


Regardless...the freestyle showcased some of Wiz Khalifa's nicest attributes..

His flow. Mixed with brilliant video editing...it made for something that truly was a treat to watch. I did not watch the interview for reasons I do not even understand, but...it was dope regardless.

Thanks for the email Mike S!


Would You Hit?:Jessica Burciaga

I love FListed. I am about to add them to my blog roll. Thanks for putting me on @techbabe. Regardless,Jessica is gorgeous. She is not famous...and she probably posts nude photos somewhere. I am going to find them...hmmm.


New Mixtape: Astronote - Bigger & Better (The Notorious Remixes)

I pointed my browser over to 2DopeBoyz and I peeped this on the main page. Since I am still listening to that Brooklyn Bullshit tape, I was pretty enthused to see this hanging around on the first page. Reading the tracklisting..it is something that I will look forward to listening too.

Track listing and download the jump. Hosted by Talib Kweli and DJ Graffiti

Young G’s (ft. Talib Kweli)
N*ggas (ft. Buff1)
Don’t Stop (ft. Big L)
Everyday Struggle (ft. Bahamadia)
Interlude #1
Party & Bullsh*t (ft. Erykah Badu)
Whatchu Want
Dangerous MCs (ft. Guilty Simpson & Busta Rhymes)
Let’s Get It On (ft. Heavy D, 2Pac & Grand Puba)
Dead Wrong
Interlude #2
I’m F*cking You Tonight
Come On (ft. Sadat X)
Crush On You (ft. Junior Mafia)
Victory (ft. Puff Daddy & Busta Rhymes)
Don’t Stop Pt.2 (ft. Big L) [BONUS]


New Music: J To The S

J the S feat. B.o.B - Another Round [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Restless Films on Vimeo.
I am trying to get J to The S on the mixtape. I have to work on that. This post is not entitled due to the fact that I am posting a plethora of his songs and his video here. Normally, I do not do spotlights only for friends of the blogger, however, I will get it started now. This idea that I have is to continue with these and eventually break a next great artist to the blogging world. I will run the blogesphere. Regardless, lets continue. Hit the jump for Saigon, Donny Goines, and Emilio Rojas and others. His video is posted up too.

Since Saigon is currently enthralled in a beef that is one sided, I figured I'd post some Saigon that is positive and has nothing to do with this detrimental beef. This song is something that I think I have posted before...listening to it shows that I heard this song. S is a very interesting rapper. His buzz is not as realized as expected...but will grow as the time goes on.

Download it here

Emilio Rojas and Donny Goines are one of the two premier emcees coming out of New York today. The song itself is something that really allows me to flow with it. Something that I find easy to rock too...I enjoy this music 100%.
Download it here

Shouts to Nah Right for the two songs


New Video: Ill Doctrine - Why I’m Happy, Why I’m Not Satisfied

Disappointing right? The fact that we still have a lot of work to do...yet... we have ran so far... now we just need to fly to the level that we are supposed to be at. This is almost foreign to people that have resided on this grand Earth for over 50 years. With this idea that I, at 19, have witnessed so much change...it is almost alien at how far we have transpired in the way things are being done. This idea is something that is different...something that we need to embrace...and something that IllDoctrine hit on the head.

Ill Doctrine, being one of my favorite Hip Hop bloggers, spoke that we need equalities around the entire world; bar no skin color, race, creed, or sexual orientation. In Hip Hop, this should especially pacify people as to how they treat people and do things. This alienation that Hip Hop exemplifies and holds dear needs to change.

Hip Hop...itself has work to be done.

The video was dope too.
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New Video: Esso/DonnyGoines/SicOsyrus/SavKillz On Da Spot

Jeez that is a lot of people on a video. Since I did not watch it, I have nothing to say about it...however...if you look at it this way...look who is on the bill. That is a dope line up. And that is all that matters...hmm. After Cudi's comments yesterday...I think it is time I get my "write on".

That had nothing to do with the video either.



New Mixtape: Charles Hamilton - The Best Of The Hamiltonization Process

SMH @ My logo not being on there. But then again...I do not even have a Logo...that is funny. Regardless, the Hamiltization process is finished. It is over. This is the collection of the best songs (according to them...WHERE THE HELL IS STARCHASERS? Full tracklist and download inside!

1. November 10th
2. Theories Of Wine
3. Brooklyn Girls
4. Outside
5. Loser
6. Delivery Or DiGiorno’s
7. Do What You Love
8. Windows Media Player
9. Verbal Vicodin
10. Jeezy Hamilton
11. Waterworks
12. Happy Ending
13. What’s Going On
14. The Bermuda Triangle w/ Show TuFli & Yung Nate
15. It’s
16. Mt. Rushmore w/ Hcho & St. Vil
17. Mr. Perfect
18. Lacey Duvalle
19. Shinin’
20. Lemme Know
21. Most Likely To Succeed
22. November 10th 2008



New Music: Japanese Cartoon - "Firing Squad"

More Information at the hop!

I cannot stop laughing at this...Lupe Fiasco's faux British accent is almost TOO funny. However, I love the sound that this band has...it is sort of a retro Brit garage rock band. With the riffs that move cleverly with his voice and mesh into a nice piece of work...this song is something that is different enough to ensnare the Hip Hop head...but nice enough to
please the average listener. Now..can this make it in the Rock mainstream?


I think not. Regardless of the fact that it is a dope sound...this just is not the big rock right now. It needs more of a "mosh" element.


Stumbled On: B.O.B Performance in Colorado

I am digging B.O.B. Probably the premier artist from Underground Atlanta, B.O.B is changing minds everywhere. Dude comes with clever rhymes that are remeniscent of Andrea 3k a few years ago. This sound is something that might be foreign to the ear at first...but as you progress...it just becomes natural.

I went in on that little description there...for almost no reason. Ha!

I have nothing to say here...but...comment!


New Video: Panama Feat Skyzoo - "Play Your Position"

Panama feat. Skyzoo-Play Your Position Dir: Mills Miller from MillsMillerMedia on Vimeo.

I just want to thank who ever thought of putting Barbecue Sauce on Sauceless Hotwings form KFC. I am eating these things right now...and...I do not know. If I find a women that can make food like THIS...I will marry her...and we will have kids. I mean shoot. Currently I am having @AndreaMonique's baby and she told me to get the hanger.

Back to the video...I love this song and I love the vibe it gives off. Although I think that Panama's flow was almost TOO slow and just felt as if it was laboring throughout the song...but it was dope regardless. I like the vibe he is giving off of here...I think his character, rapping wise, will be a cocky one... Lets pay attention as he grows.

Skyzoo on the other hand...that verse just astonished me in his versatility. He was able to switch it up...a few different times throughout the song. With this lyricism on display on OTHER people's songs...I cannot wait for his tape to drop.

Want to know something funny? Did you know that Panama was a crackhead on the wire? Lmao!

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Interview: Joell Ortiz Speaks With Culture IV Records

This is Part I...Part II is at the hop. After watching both...it is actually a pretty dope interview. He speaks on Slaugtherhouse and how it will probably never see the light of day and his clever marketing tactics.

I have a question though....Joell Ortiz? Successor to Big Pun? You tell me...
Shouts to Culture VI for the exclusive!


Its The Real: Biggavelli Don't Play

Biggavelli Don't Play from jeff on Vimeo.
I dislike Max B and that whole "wavy movement". Do not come in here and say "wavy crocket"... because I will flip. Jeez.

O yea...the video...It made me laugh...like a few times. I think it was cool that they were filming with Max B...but I liked the fact that it was not "set up" in a sense. When I say that, I mean that it just seemed as if they were running with it the whole time. I mean shoot...

Do you think Wavy Crocket can follow a script?