Dj Concept Mix: Bob Marley Birthday Celebration

I apologize for the lack of posts, Jacques is working and I've been in class all day while simultaneously dying a slow painful death. This cold is not getting any better.

But on a lighter, less morbid note, it's Bob Marley's birthday !... oh wait

In my freshmen year (semester) of college, one of my roomates was Haitain. She loved herself some weed and some Bob Marley so I had to look at his mug everyday because of the huge poster on the wall.

So here is a mix from DJ Concept sure to help you kick off a Bob Marley birthday celebration the right way Weed sold separately

Mix inside.




New Video: Blu and Exile Live @ The Mezzanine

Blu and Exile Live @ The Mezzanine (San Francisco, Ca) from Blogmedown.tv on Vimeo.

I was on my Westcoast nonsense yesterday...and today I am back on that bullshit. I have not watched the video because I am sitting in a kinda crowded computer lab and I cannot give it attention. Because I am just not in the mood. Etc. Stuff happens.

Plus Drea is sick. What ever she feels...I feel.

Not necessarily because that will be weird.


Fashawns on the inside...check that out. I shoulda put that up front.

Fashawn Live @ the Mezzanine (San Francisco, Ca) from Blogmedown.tv on Vimeo.


New Video: CurT@1N$ & Skillz Cypher

Mickey just shot me this over in the Gmail. Now I have not even seen it, but Curtains is kinda nice...and Skillz can flow on those yearly freestyles (I mean...be honest...what else is he REALLY known for? Ha!)

Excuse my lack of actual talking. I am a tad lazy right now...and plus I have this History quiz in an hour that I am SO studying for.


Stumbled On: J Cole Working on "The Warm Up"

J. Cole working on "The Warm Up" from Dreamville Records on Vimeo.

Just so you know...Exclusive J Cole on All Puns Intended. Word has it...one of those tracks hes working on is for me. Which means...this tape could be a lot larger than I honestly expected it to be. Thats insane, because I have been snubbed a lot lately.

Drea is sick...so I am carrying the weight on my work day.

Love you girl.


Dj Concept Mix: Undefined: The Manual Labor Sessions

Dj Concept is a close homie to this blog. Gracing us with dope mixes and exclusives on a regular basis, he has deserved his own tag. This is a mix he shot me over yesterday that I never got around to posting.

I am in a break between classes so I figured I'd get as much done as I could.

Sigh...and the Mac I am using right now really makes me fiend one. Ugh...

Here is what Concept had to say about the mix...

It's been a long time coming. We've been wanting to make this mixtape for a while but we we're waiting for the right time to explode. That time is now. Undefined supplied the heat, then Knox & Concept skilled the mix with a little help from Army Of The Pharoahs, Outerspace, Sabac, Shabaam Sahdeeq and more. All tracks produced by UNDEFINED for Crisis Center Productions / Manual Labor Music.

Download inside!



Stumbled on: U-N-I\ Cali Soul ft. H.O.P.E.

http://vimeo.com/3087044 from 2dopeboyz.com on Vimeo.

found this on 2DB
Jacques likes U-N-I



Music Info: Jadakiss "The last kiss" Cover & Tracklisting

Spotted this over at illroots.
I am a fan of Jada, and I have been for years.
I think he has one of the best flows out.
Despite the fact he may be "local" I still support the music he makes.

Tracklisting for his new album "The Last Kiss" inside

More Information at the hop!

1. Pain & Torture
2. Can’t Stop Me
3. Something Else featuring Young Jeezy
4. Things I’ve Been Through
5. One More Step featuring Styles P
6. Rocking With The Best featuring Pharrell
7. Time’s Hard featuring Barrington Levy
8. I Tried featuring Avery Storm
9. Cartel Gathering featuring Ghostface & Raekwon
10. Smoking Gun featuring Jazmine Sullivan
11. Seaching featuring Sheek Louch
12. Come And Get Me featuring S.I. & Sheek Louch
13. By My Side featuring Ne-Yo
14. Money And Jewelry
15. What If
16. Letter To B.I.G. featuring Faith Evans
BONUS: Death Wish featuring Lil’ Wayne

I can't wait for that track featuring Jazmine Sullivan, their voices together must be great, raspy and husky.

Everyone else is expected.


New Music: The Five One ft Andre 3000 "Love in war remix"

Woke up with the plague.
Everything hurts, yet I am still blogging.
Dedication my friends, dedication.

In any case found this on gowherehiphop.
I haven't even heard of The Five One, but I'm not hating him.
The song is called "Love in war remix"

download and review inside lovers.

download here

"What the hell are you living for?"

Haha good freakin question.

I have such a headache but I didn't mind listening to this song twice one bit.
Andre 3000 is THE MAN.
Everytime I write "Andre" i wind up writing "Andrea" haha

It's worth the download.

Kind of has that 60's "Make love not war" protesting and picketing type feel
but without the hippies and drugs and random sex with strangers



New (Well Old) Music: Notorious B.I.G Feat Jay Z - "Slam" (Unreleased)

This is in my email but since my laptop broke, I have a shoddy connection. Regardless I am going to go with the link that Mike sent me from Hip-Hop Etc. O well...


I took a listen...its dope but I am playing Call Of Duty right now...so no time.
Its a blend. I did not listen correctly when I was listening to it that one time. Its alright regardless


Back in the Day: LL Cool J "Doin It"

Well Ladies and Gentlemen it's "Humpday"
And I realize theres all this eye candy for the fellas on this blog.
But for the ladies who read, here's a treat.
LL !
No one has ever looked so damn sexy eating an apple.. mmmmm

This video is very 90's too with the shades and the big shirts haha

"Daddy slow down your flow put it on me like a G baby nice and slow. I need a roughneck nigga mandigo in the sack who aint afraid to pull my hair and spank me from the back"

This song is wild sexy. Enjoy


New Music: Jadakiss "Letter to B.I.G." Video

Letter To B.I.G.

Got this in an e-mail since I didn't post the last version of this video
I'm hearing this is the "official" video, I didn't see the first so I wouldn't know either way.



New Music: Jon Hope - "Gutter"

Where is Drea when I need her? O yea...in class. Psh. No one said she could go to school and be all educated and what not. Ahh. The morning is over which means the "Westcoastness" is over. However I will say...it was fun while it lasted. Really believe me. I had a good time.

Well, Jon Hope debuted new music on his Twitter. I follow him. He follows me. Shit happens.

The only thing that sucks is...I cannot listen to it. All I can listen to is this terrible radio and re-runs of LIVE Sportscenter. Ugh.

Download inside.


Would You Hit?: Lily Allen

I do not know who Lily Allen is. To be honest, I find myself struggling to care about who she is. I do not even know what type of music she listens too. And she is not from the West Coast.

But she does have a nice toosh.


New Video: Keelay & Zaire on Wake Up Morning Show

Since I cannot watch this video, but, I do like Keelay & Zaire, and Ronin is my homeboy...I will post it. For now though, I will ramble about how this laptop thing blows.


I will just leak some information...I have *exclusive* Skyzoo for the tape because I am cool as hell. If you have not heard of me before...now is the time to get used to it.

Shouts to Urban Rap Blog for this.


Back When I Was Young: Dr Dre - "The Day The Niggaz Took Over"

Since I am on my westcoast trip this morning, this "Back When I Was Young" was of fitting of course. I mean, I do have to head to St Johns soon to get my computer fixed...but that is something we will discuss later. Now, moving on, this song was to discuss the fateful day we call..The LA Riots; basically telling the rest of the world not to get a bunch of minorities angry. I mean...shoot that would have never happened in New York.

We would have just blown shit up.

NY > LA.


New Music: Lee Bueller - "Glory" Prod BY Exile

I am still on my Westcoast nonsense this morning. I mean, I know that Lee is not from LA, but Exile is. Which means that I am still on this run right now. Since I cannot listen to the song, I will go by what I received in the email (my email is going CRAZY right now.)

Jacques, you have to check out this dude Lee Bueller. I know you do knot know who duke is, but you have to take a chance and just listen...dude is nice. His tape drops Feb 14th I think? Check it out.

Sadly enough...I cannot listen to it. Regardless...if he said that it is dope music..then it probably is not. O well.

Let me ask Emilio Rojas about this or something. That was a terrible hint.

Download it here.


Stumbled On: Blu and Exile Performing Live

Blu - Up All Night (Live in SF 1/31/09) from AlwaysHustle.com on Vimeo.
This morning I am on my West Coast shit. This is another video sent to me by the same dude that sent me that Exile tape. This is Blu and Exile performing live in California. When I head out there I REALLY need to see him perform live. Hmm.

Since I am also on my west coast shit too... I will have to say that I united the coasts for my tape for the simple reason of how cool I am. Look for a first...I am convinced that your senses will understand.


On another note...I want to bone Tiger Woods wife. Discuss. Now!


Stumbled On: Exile - "Funky Worm Chop"

Exile - Funky Worm Chop from FWMJ on Vimeo.

So my laptop broke. Which means I have to use my brothers computer. Now that is not really a problem however, his music is being played on the other login. I do not know the password for that login. So...anything I even TRY to listen too...falls flat.

Which means no music.

Which means those songs OutaSight and SKyzoo sent me...cannot be listened too.

Which means life sucks currently.


Watch this video...my boy emailed to me...said it was the dopeness. Thats what I like to hear.



Music Info: Rick Ross speaks out


haha, spotted this on my twitter feed.

Miss Info talks to Ricky Rawse

Interview inside !

hahaha ... dude called 50 a monkey like 100 times.

I think this whole thing is STUPID.

they could be using this time and energy to create better music, but 50 is just a bully.

What you think? Leave a comment! start a discussion




Shouts to @YoungClass

Fab in the studio, hes a character.

I'm convinced I would like that "Turn My Swag On" is ANYONE would have done it besides Soulja Boy ... ugh


When You Hit: Stacy Dash

This is my Second "When You Hit"
For those who didn't quite understand the first time, I'll break it down again.

Jacques and I have a section "Would You Hit?" where we bring you a lovely lady and pose the simple question, would you hit?

So this is the section one step beyond that. When you actually hit, I recommend the song to play.

Simple enough right?

Find out what song to play when you hit a girl like Ms. Stacy Dash

download here

You play Tank "Slowly".

Trust me

This is one of my favorite songs and for good reason.

Now a girl like Stacy Dash is obviously GORGEOUS.
Her eyes are beautiful and her body is perfect, skin tone works for her.

You wanna fall in love with Stacy Dash.
(Jacques does)

You do not come half-steppin with a girl like Stacy Dash, you put your all into it.
Stop acting so hard and romance a chick !!

This song is so perfect for when you finally do it (because she is not giving it up right away, everything will have to be taken.. "slowly") Patience my brother.

It has this great "Scream as loud as you want, bite me, dig your nails into my back and moan in my ear" kind of vibe.

That's the kind of sex you want with someone like Stacy Dash.

Take time to stare into her eyes, caress her body all that good stuff.

and if you've seen the
video for the song you'll see what I'm talking about

You see what I'm saying?

Enjoy your sexy time fellas, thank me later.


Music Info: Esso Interview

Esso sits down with digiwaxx.com
Jacques posted this over at flystylelife.com
Inside is the second part of the interview and a freestyle from Esso.

It's always interesting to see how rappers come into rapping. It's rare that someone starts rapping from the age of 4 and knows thats what they are gonna do with their lives.

His story is very intetersting and he tells the story well, very engaging.

Who would have known Esso graduated from Howard !

The baseball thing was expected though haha

He definately has great blog connections and that is oh so important in this day and age for upcomming rappers, as we have discussed on this blog numerous times.

Enjoy readers !

I will be interviewing soon, look out for that !!


Would You Hit?: AnnaLynn McCord

If anyone knows, I am an avid viewer of Nip Tuck. I think it is the raunchiest, smuttiest, yet nicely acted show on Television. After Rescue Me at least. Anyway, I am sitting here hanging out about to go to class and I peeped these photos of my crush AnnaLynn. Now, I know she has crazy eyes and I have spoken out against those before...but I really think she is almost one of the most gorgeous girls in Television. Really.

She cannot act for shit though.

What do you think? Would You? More pics at the hop.


Music Info: Cam'Ron on cover of XXL

(The Image is distorted as hell because I am on a Mac and I snatched it from Eskay...see the real picture HERE)
I apologize for this. Really...I do. I do not post much celebrity news...nor do I post any celebrity gossip. But, I am a huge fan of Cam'Ron. I know it seems completely off from someone who hates as much as I do, but, I like how entertaining he his. He used to be 10x nicer when he was in C.O.C (Digga actually hit me up on Twitter about that. Shouts to him!), but now this is something that can slide now.

He is clearly featured on the upcoming issue of XXL, which I do not read...at all. He sits down for his first interview in months and I thought that was pretty dope also.

He also has a new song out which can be found at the hop.

I will admit...

It sucks. Can I get a Hoorah for Hippocrasy(sp?)?


New Mixtape: 6th Sense - "Its A 6th Sense Beat Yo!"

Expect the review for this later tonight. 6th shot me this last week and I have to say...it is some dope stuff. Look forward to a plethora of rappers hoping on this in a few days. I mean...monkey see monkey motherfucking do.

That is how rap is now a days.

Download and tracklist at the hop.

He also is throwing an event tomorrow. -----> Email me for info...



Stumbled on: Rhymefest interview

Rhymefest sits down with Loud.com, shouts to Nahright

I like this man.

Rhymefest vs. Charles Hamilton?


*Jacques Update*Nah Fuck that...Charles Hamilton


New Video: Chester French - "She Loves Everybody"

Currently I am sitting in the computer lab at school because my Philo. class was canceled. Which means that I am going to be entertaining you guys for the next hour or so...a lot of stuff went up today plus a lot of stuff is sitting in my email waiting to be posted.

Now, this is a Chester French video I just recieved literally as I was writing this (it was supposed to be a "Day In The Life" post. However, I decided to change that after I watched the video.

I do not get the hype over Chester French...I know my girl over at Looseneck loves them...but..I just cannot feel their sound. Plus this video is dumb.




What Up Readers !!

You see these faces?

They are thinking faces.

We are trying to get our new section "WWJD?" off the ground

Its a section where we take your questions and answer them.

Learn more about it inside.

More Information at the hop!

Well our beloved readers,Jacques and I are opening up the site to our readers, to have more of a realationship with yall.

We installed the chat box and you can follow us on twitter straight from the site.

But we were thinking there should be a section where we answer your questions and call it WWJD? (what would jacquesmorel.com do?)

How this works is we ask our readers to send us e-mails or direct messages on twitter about ANYTHING.

Music, relationships, life questions, tv, personal questions about ourselves, anything!

If you wish to remain anonymous we will respect that, but if you would like to be shouted out by all means, tell us !

My email is andreabrennin@gmail.com follow me on twitter

Jacques email is jacquesmorel08@gmail.com follow Jacques on twitter @Jacquesmorels

Your participation is crucial to the success of this section of the blog


Music Info: Real Talk NY Sits Down With Asher Roth

Funny thing about Asher Roth is...no matter how serious he is in this interview I still cannot take him seriously.

I had no idea he was signed too...but...he is a Freshman and you needed a semi-major deal to be a freshman. Sucks eh?

Also...saying that we need to protect the kids ears...is not the same when you are giving rules about college. Beautiful Asher.

Shouts to IllRoots


Music Info: "Drake so far gone" tracklisting

Jacques posted the cover art in December

"It's muhfuckin Drizzzzzzzzzy"

Saw this in my twitter timeline posted by
(ATF) Drake's crew

Tracklisting inside

More Information at the hop!

I am way too excited for this mixtape.

I love me some Drake.

* Lust For Life - produced by 40/40
* Houstonatlantavegas
* Successful f. Trey Songz
* Sooner Than Later
* November 18th
* Unstoppable [rmx] f. Santogold & Lil Wayne
* Little Bit f. Lykke Li
* Ignorant Shit f. Lil Wayne [another personal fave]
* A Night Off f. Lloyd - produced by 40/40
* The Best I Ever Had - produced by boi-1da
* Uptown “…they just lose to love its a tennis game baby….”
* Feels Too Good - produced by boi-1da

(mind you, this is no particular order.)


Stumbled on: "Tia's Diary-Deeper then rap"

What the fuck.

I am in awe right now, like is this how far we are going now?

more inside

More Information at the hop!

What self respecting woman does something like this?

She just made Karrine Steffans look like Mother Theresa.

50 gave her a fur and probably some dick money and a year supply of vitamin water *peep her drinkin it at the end of her segment*and she's eating out his hand. SMH

It's one thing to air out your man to your girlfriends over a glass of wine or a bottle of henny. But to the entire world, with the man that is trying to destroy his career????

No dice.

what the fuckkkk

I hope 50 can pay for homegirls protection... someone is gonna hurt that woman.

50 really went above and beyond though talking about his mother like that, no respect.

But for real, I think Rick Ross is finished, not that he had the hottest career out, but no diss record, youtube video or blog could undue the damage 50 just did.

na na na na na na na na hey hey hey ....


Back When I Was Young: A Tribe Called Quest on Arsenio Hall Show.

So I am actually glad that the Steelers won. However, I will say that I do not care about the Santonio Holmes catch in relation to the fantastic circus catch David Tyree made last year. Do not come in here an say that it that was not a fantastic catch...regardless, this is a video I had to search for.

"Scenario" is easily one of the best songs they have come out with. Now with this idea in mind, put it on one of the best talk shows ever?

We have greatness.


New Video: 6th Sense January 2009 Recap

I was just chitchatting with 6th Sense on Gmail and he shot me over this dope video of his entire month in 2009. Also, I just received the behind the scenes video for the Super Friends video shoot...so watch that at the hop also.

ALSO. Look out for a 6th Sense and Convinced collabo coming your way soon by exclusivity of JacquesMorel.com


Stumbled On: Lol. Martin The Louie The King Jr.

I thought it was hilarious.

Just a little.

Now that I think of it...MLK really looks like my dad.

Not cause he is black or anything....



New Mixtape: Dub MD & Illmind Presents "Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 2"

Dope tracklist...even doper cover.  Dub MD Shot me this a few hours ago and I was late in posting it.  Tracklist and download at the hop!

The official "Blaps, Rhymes & Life" mixtape series is back! Dub MD and super producer Illmind re-connect for a second time to bring you another exclusive free mixtape project, "Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. II" is a 22 track digi-zip packed full of classic illmind production. This time around the mixtape features established artists such as 50 Cent, Eminem, Scarface, Talib Kweli and Heltah Skeltah, as well as featuring a whole host of up and coming artists from the likes of Bambu, Megaciph, Above Ave and Grynch just to list a few.

01.) Mic Legacy - Larry Davis (Produced by Illmind)
02.) D-Black - Hold Up (Gangsta Shit) (Produced by Illmind)
03.) 50 Cent - Who Run It (feat. Eminem, Cashis & Lloyd Banks) (Produced by Illmind)
04.) Heltah Skeltah - So Damn Tuff (feat. Buckshot & Ruste Juxx) (Produced by Illmind)
05.) Scarface - It's Not A Game (Produced by Illmind)
06.) Thoth - MA To The West (feat. Oh No) (Produced by Illmind)
07.) Naps N Dreds - Bully! (feat. Kool G Rap) (Produced by Illmind)
08.) Diamond D - Don't Beg (Produced by Illmind)
09.) Pumpkinhead - Of The Same Air (feat. Talib Kweli) (Produced by Illmind)
10.) Fortilive - Trunk Pop Music (Produced by Illmind)
11.) Project Heights - Champion (feat. Rakaa Iriscience & Noelle Scaggs) (Produced by Illmind)
12.) Sleek - Hi New Orleans (Produced by Illmind)
13.) Che Grand - Streets (Produced by Illmind)
14.) Starrs & Murph - Damn (Produced by Illmind)
15.) Bambu - Quit (Produced by Illmind)
16.) Above Ave - Root Of All Evil (Wake Up) (Produced by Illmind)
17.) Grynch - A Dream Undeferred (Produced by Illmind)
18.) Kingdom (The Movement) (Swaggerboy, Kilo & Problem Child) - Heartache (Produced by Illmind)
19.) Naturel - Love To The World (Produced by Illmind)
20.) Blitzkrieg (Bee Lavish, Quayluds, D-Minus & Contra) - Ruling Elite (Produced by Illmind)
21.) Megaciph - War (Produced by Illmind)
22.) Mister RP - Diamonds Aren't Enough (Produced By Illmind)



Would You Hit?: Dorismar(I do not think she has a last name..but then again..who cares?)

I was cruising Flisted earlier and I peeped these photos which almost trump the pictures Drea posted last week. *DREA UPDATE, THIS CHICK IS NOT MESSING WITH NALANTI, HER HIPS ALONE PUT THIS CHICK TO SHAME**Jacques UPDATE DREA YOU MIGHT BE A LITTLE DRUNK.  THAT GIRLS HIPS WERE INSANE...BUT THIS GIRLS ASS IS JUST LIKE WOA.*She is in Hombre magazine...which I did not even know existed. However, this girl makes me want to find her...and sex her.

Not marry her or anything.

Marriage is overratteddd.

More pictures at the jump


A Word From The Desk: Is The Internet the New Streets?

I was turned on to a post from XXLMag.com discussing the new avenue of promotion for rappers today. The idea explicated in the piece discussed the prevalent idea that the Internet is the new "streets". While calling back memories from rappers such as Fabolous amongst others, it explained that rap has changed to the point where the Internet is the new way to break into the "game". However, it brought up the interesting point that the Internet fame could not translate into sales. It heralded to one known "Internet rapper" that made it big; Soulja Boy who went platinum not to long ago. Although he was "KiNg Of Da InTerNets" for sometime, his video was being regularly spun on the various television networks that we, as urban people watch.

The idea of this piece that I am writing is to say that the way artists make money today has changed.  Mickey Factz might never go platinum.  However, if we look in retrospect...how much emphasis is really put on an artist going platinum anymore? As we continue listening to rap being put out, less references to the feat of selling "A Millie" are being spoken over these EQ'd up hundred thousand dollar beats. Instead of focusing on selling albums...the new slew of artists have focused on endorsements from companies. Wale and Nike...Mickey Factz and Supras...Charles Hamilton and Skull headphones.

I could be wrong but...why would any of these artists wait to release an LP? They were just on the cover of one of Hip Hop's top magazines. They should have the drive to sell "A Millie"...right?


Many of the freshman have yet to capture mainstream success...Kid Cudi will likely never reach the popularity of his song "Day N Nite" (which only became popular when Jim Jones spat over it). Realistically being the "KiNg Of Da InTerNets"  does not translate into album sales, no, probably just a sale of headphones.
 Read the full XXL article here.


New Music: K Sparks Feat Tina Quallo - "Ghetto Child"

Morning people. This is a track that K Sparks shot over to me...and it makes for the 10th Monday I have posted his stuff without fail. The song is about the ghetto and what-not. Although I think it is a subject that has been tried, true, abused, and used, well...lets listen.

"For this song I linked up with my label mate Tina Quallo and Jazz sax player Bea Bell...on this record we talked about our experiences within the hood from a ghetto child perspective...Tina's talented and has a lot of dope records on the way...Cartel did the beat...real laid back jazz vibe...I'll check ya'll next week."

I will be honest...songs on the Ghetto I think are completely overdone and over used. Now, this is something that might sound insensitive...but I lived in the "ghetto" for 5 years until we moved up out of there to the 'burbs.

Keeping this in mind, I say that most of the time I pass on these tracks. However, listening to this, one thing stuck in my mind. This girl has a nice voice.

I do not know who Tina Quallo is, but I will say that her voice is something that is pretty nice.

The song itself is pretty laidback and nothing too special. Check it out.



Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: "My Best Friend (Hip Hop)"

In case you missed last Monday, I am going to post a Def Poetry video to help start out your week right.

This week it's Scriyl & Riva "My best friend (Hip Hop)"

more inside yall

More Information at the hop!

I have listened to this poem about a hundred times. It's near and dear to me.

"God's lying see hip hop is dying inside"

Scrilya has a nice flow on this poem, everything he did was perfect.

The hip hop I think they are talking about is old school hip hop
"Grand Master Flash, The Furious 5"
It's dead. R.I.P.

I used to think all of hip hop was dying a slow death, especially when soulja boy was gettin shine and the dirrty south rap was gettin more play then east coast rap.

But as I did more research I came across New York's underground rap scene (thanks in large part to this blog) and I am more then pleased. There is hope for Hip Hop.

The hope lies within the real hip hop fans, to support legitamate artists.

I'm not gonna talk this subject to death though... like beating a dead horse.

"Him and Pac in that low ride bumpin Big L watchin Ray Charles chillin with some Gold Eyes"




New Music: Wale - Warrior Freestyle

I am not a fan of Wale. I mean...I changed my opinion on what it used to be before...but now I cannot get with what he is...I don't know. This is a treat for you people because I am putting it out on the site...no need to hit read more for the listen and the download.

His flow seems rushed all the time. But not a good rushed...something that could be 10x better. I mean...his concepts are dope..but does he need to mention ACG's all the time? This is a general statement...ahh well.


Drea give them your opinion on this.

The Remainder of Your Post Goes Here


New Music: Charles Hamilton - "Pleasant Overthinking"

New Charles Hamilton is always welcomed on my blog. Shouts to Chaz C for shooting me this on the email immediately. However, I think it is from OnSmash...so I will give them credit. Full download and review at the jump.

Charles is an avid reader of this blog...so I always treat him to my completely unbiased reviews of his music. First thing that struck out to me after listening to this song about twice...is cut the singing out! I did not like the voice on the chorus, however, it was not a bad chorus.

His flow is even more laidback here and it fits with an extremely dope beat. Although I was not invited! not able to attend the video shoot yesterday, I wanted to tell him that his production surpasses his rhymes in my opinion.

He should produce more for other people. It would be pretty dope.