New Mixtape: The Circuit "Where's The Love?" proudly presented by: Illroots, the Press Play Show, and Xclusives zone

Since I am currently in a spat with the people in my family, I might as well blog the shit out of my website right? Good way to release steam. Anyway, I hopped in the email today and I peeped this wonderful themed tape talking about the holiday. It is presented by X, Illroots, and Mick Boogie so we all know this should be kind of dope.

Hit the cut for the tracklist and download.

Download here


New Music: Cymarshall Law f/ Mary Lou "Luve Story"

For all you Valentine's Day fools, here's a song from Cymarshall Law about what else? LOVE
Give it a listen

download here

I love songs like this, mad smooth, something very nice to vibe to. Reminds me of slum village for some reason, love them.
The girl on the hook? Her voice is DOPE

oh lawd I'm just full of love today, you see that? "love love love"



New Video: Sav Killz "Restless"

Shouts to Ronin for the e-mail.
Here is a homemade video from the Sav Killz. Not everyone has the budget for big videos yet yanno? Make due with what you have, I respect that. The song is real though, i like. He kinda reminds me of a Donny Goines flow,mmmmm sounds like real New York.


Def Poetry: Beau Sia "Love" & Poetri" Dating myself"

Ok, so yall know its Valentine's Day (gag), yeah I'm hating.
But I thought these poems would help get yall through the day if you aren't going to be swept off your feet today. Words heal my soul, so in times like this I turn to Def Poetry. The poem above, "Love" is not what you expect. Promise.

"I just want to be in the arms of my true love in a wonderful perfect world with our two children, Helga and Lamar. Cause love has got me fucked up and dying,and i feel retarded without someone to hold me and maybe that's sentimental but whats wrong with sentimental? all I'm sayin is someone, love me"

I brought up the notion of dating myself on twitter, everyone thought I was crazy. Well I got the idea from this poem. I love Poetri. Check it out.

"...Lie to myself cause I hate to hurt myself's feelings"

Enjoy your day readers!



New Music: Adebisi - "Victory"

Adebisi has had a rocky time on this site. I have had a lot of things on the site that was from him so he hes not new to this. However I will be the first to say that I really enjoyed this song. The beat did not sound as if it was made in FruityLoops and the lyrics were as on point as some of the nicest songs to come out this weekend. Allowing me to understand this, I was able to actually get into a song with an artist that I like as a person, but not so much as an artist.

Something that I was excited to listen too.

It goes hard in the car too.

Its worth it.


New Video: The Kickdrums - "Just A Game" Trailor

Props to Shake for this. I enjoyed the Kickdrums mixtape so much that I decided to post this video. I am also currently looking for a video editor...so email me. Anyway this video was something nice and enjoyable for all to pay attention too. Check it out.

Jeez I am flying today.


New Video: Esso Performs "Dear 2009"

Listening to this just makes me angry. ESSO WHY DO YOUR SHOWS ALWAYS HAVE TO 21+? Someone needs to get me a fake ID.



Music Info: Asher Roth on "Who New"

MySpace Hip Hop Presents: Who New? Asher Roth

Just finished washing the car because it was kind of nice out. Whats my plans for tonight? Drinking. I think that is it?

Here is something I got in the email...sent with this little blurb about it...

Asher talks about being discovered on MySpace, relocating to Atlanta, his single “I Love College” and his forthcoming album Asleep In The Bread Aisle.

One idea I have about this video...is that it will work. Asher Roth can and will be accepted by the mainstream artist. Coming off as a Blink182 almost. He will be thrown in the genre of Punk...rap. His music is about getting drunk, ladies, and hanging around. Nothing to serious.

It will pop.


New Mixtape: WillyDope - The Hold Up

The homie Willy Dope sent me this mixtape after my review of his song, NYCO. He told me that there will be something for everyone on the tape. Since I give my unadulterated opinion of everything, I will surely check this out and give you something real on it.

For now, just download it HERE.


New Mixtape: Drake - So Far Gone (Finally)

Jeez. Who said that rappes could use colored people time when it came to uploading HIGLY anticipated mixtapes on the internet? Shoot. Fashionably late my ass.

Regardless, no discussion. New Drake.

Download and tracklist inside.

O yea we were the third bloggers to post it. HOLLA.



New Video: Asher Roth Performs "I Love College Live"

This is off Asher Roths new CD Asleep In The Bread Aisle which means that he is broke Shake!! Anyway, shouts to Shake for posting this.

I think white people who actually buy CD's..smh at us black people will like Asher. I really think so...

Also remind me to not post any more live performances...the sound sucks!


Would You Hit?: Jessica Gomes

Since I obviously clearly offended you guys with the Aubrey O'Day posts, I am coming back with another "Would You Hit?". The only sad thing about this one is she is on that attractive. Her beacons are nice. *DREA UPDATE* ...mine are better

(I call them beacons because a beacon is supposed to let people know about your position. Now keeping this in mind, women have to use these beacons to even get me to pay attention to them. How do you think I met Drea?*sad but true* Regardless, tell me if you would hit in the comment box. More pictures at the hop.)


A Word From The Desk: Today Was A Good Day

Today, at 2PM EST, was a good day. I managed to get a ton of quality posts out and to make a few connections on Twitter, Email, and Facebook that made today a great day. A few tapes dropped yesterday and today that each hold acclaim in the Undergound Internet Rap Music Genre.

Charles Hamiltons tape, Well Isn't This Awkard, came out last night and is a themed mixtape talking about a homeless man's upcoming. While staying true to the title, he has songs talking about how he managed to get the women he loved.

Drake's, So Far Gone, dropped today. With the anticipation at an all time high, Drake has managed to capture the ears of over 8k people so far(he has that many downloads). That is dope.

With that being said, I want to say something clear. 2009 is truly Drake's year. Drake has enough flair and mainstream appeal to make it to the radios of White America. Already known amongst the teenie boppers from his appearances in Degrassi, he can easily snatch up sales from this idea. He is not a gangsta rapper, nor is he a pop rapper. He just...raps.

One person I think will blow up in the coming months is Emilio Rojas and Esso. These dudes are friends of mine nevertheless I still believe in their ability to rise through the charts. With Esso proclaiming this year as E009 and Emilio on the verge of Internet stardom, it makes us understand that, we should hop on the bandwagon now.

Today was a good day. Remember that.

That is a word from the desk. See you tomorrow!


New Video: U-N-I - KREAM

U-N-I : Keys 2 the City LA : Kream Edition from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Spotted this over at IllRoots.



New Video: D.Julien Rips It Up!

D.Julien is nice! Realize some of the rappers that will be coming out of the best apple in the world! Look out for his mixtape "The Experiment" dropping Feb 18.


New Music: Donny Goines - "Where Amazing Happens" Prod By 6th Sense

Today has been a great day for dope music. Honestly...I want to say that 6th Sense may be one of the nicest producers in the underground. I was actually chatting with him on a crazy production note last night...pretty dope. Donny Goines, who has been featured many MANY times on this website, spits on a beat for the NBA AllStar weekend.

My review of the song?

Honestly, this song showcases some of Donny Goines lyrics. In a beat that perfectly fits his style, flow, and content Donny Goines elevates lyricism for dudes in the underground. With a song that has a theme like this combined with the mysiticism (I made that damn word up) of the beat, it just adds for an epic song.

I am excited for Donny.


The Remainder of Your Post Goes Here


New Music: Willy Dope FEAT Trav Dave - NYCO

WillyDope is a cool guy. (Just so you know, my computer is on the fritz right now, but I will get your write-up up!). Knows how to get his music out there. He hit me up on Twitter and I told him I'd post it. I do not like to lie.

I will say, I am not a fan of the song.

I will honestly say though I have not listened to his music. I know Drea has and she is not a fan neither which did not influence my decision at all. Coming into the song, I noticed how dope the beat was. Listening to the artists spitting on it just made me realize that they were not hype enough to spit on a beat like this.

Not only that, it sounded like cliche NY "party" rap.

"Your girl wants me...blah blah blah".

(that is not an actual quote).

Stuff like that I cannot vibe too.

Download it here
. Tell me what you think!


New Mixtape: Charles Hamilton - Well Isn't This Awkward

If you are wondering what the title means it talks about the theme for his mixtape. Charles Hamilton is a homeless musician that has a psychological bond with a women in a penthouse. They have never seen each other and they have not touched each other.

One day the owner of the house invites his smelly ass to play the songs. Charles has been making the songs for this lady and when he plays it for her...it is awkward. Duhhh.

Download and tracklist inside.



New Mixtape: The Terminator Mixtape

I have been meaning to post this for the longest time and I finally got around to it. FCC shot me this mixtape over Twitter and I have been lacking in posting it. Regardless, it is featuring the likes of Convinced, U-N-I and others. Here is what he said to me...

Here is the highly anticipated "The Terminator Mixtape" after all the push back dates and the leaked freestlye here is the final mix and is available in many different forms.
"2009 the year of The Terminator, I'm kickin' off the year with The Terminator Mixtape: Rise of the MC's, dropping February 6th featuring Convinced, El Prez, Chris Focus, U-N-I, H.O.P.E and so much more. I put this mix tape together for one main reason to elevate myself above the rest. I plan to "terminate" the "iPod" DJ and reintroduce real mixing techniques instead of picking songs and pushing buttons. Another reason would be for the love of music, I enjoy infecting ears with the illest on wax. It's Judgment Day February 6th 2009!

Download at the hop!



Stumbled On: Q-Tip and Statik Selektah in Tokyo

Since Statik is now cool with the blog, our 300 hits a day had to show him love by posting this. Let me just say that it is a dream for me to go to Tokyo and practically live there. I want to live three lives, one in Tokyo, New York, and Miami. LA is definitely a less cooler NYC =]. Regardless, check this video out of him rocking a sea of yellow of adoring fans for Q-Tip.

I will also say too..I'd smash the girl in the beginning.


New Video: Charles Hamilton Sits Down With DJ Skee

Charles is unique. That is the only way I can really...put it. Anyway, DJ Skee sits down with Charles and talks about the past few weeks "beefwise", the Well This Is Awkward mixtape that I have not posted yet, and some other things!

In other news, I added DJ Skee on Facebook!

That was cool.
Shouts to Nah Right!


Would You Hit?: More Aubrey Pics

As you and I know, I never fail to please and show my appreciation for the complex art of naked woman. However, due to these photoshopped MESS added with fake breasts, but divided by the fact that she is not famous anymore and DID NOT show her twat...

Just makes me cringe.

Perez emailed me
these photo's of her. Excited? Nope.

The nudie's are inside...

Just kidding...no nudies inside, but check the links at PEREZ'S for the Nudies.



New Music: Saigon & Statik Selektah "The Rules"

Statik sent this to me. He's a cool guy.
I'm lovin this beat, this will bump in my iPod no doubt.
Listen and download inside kiddies.

download here


New Music: Charles Hamilton - "Neverland"

Charles. I know you read this blog so heed my words. Throw me. On. Your. Blast. List. Thanks! Anyway, I did not see this on Looseneck yet so a little Red Flag up there. For all those who do not know, Looseneck is Charles #1 Fan!

Love you girl.

New Charles Hamilton of his new tape Well Isn't This Awkward...which is dropping tomorrow Here is my review of the song itself. Listening to the song at first made me shake due to the heavy drop of the beat. My headphones are too loud. I lowered the headphones and then continued to delve into this song.

First thing that stood out to me was how nice this beat was. Charles' production, in my opinion, is nicer than his rapping sometimes. He manages to outshine himself on his old track...that is dope.

Continuing this idea, the Chipmunk thing was dead until Charles made it work. DipSet put it to rest, Charles had a rememberance service for it. It works here.

Hamilton's lyrics are equated nicely keeping true to the subject. Now this is not something I would listen to on a regular basis. I will say that, however, it is something that I can surely rock with for the time being. It was dope.

Download it here.



J. Wells album drops April 14th

Tracklisting and credits for J. Wells "Digital Master Vol. 2.1":

1.) So Many Faces f/Shorty, Roscoe & Flambz
2.) Street Hustle
3.) Already Famous f/Da Brat, Mister & Kurupt
4.) Big A - Interlude
5.) All My Bitches f/Snoop Dogg
6.) You Don't Love Me f/Estelle
7.) Cadillac Music
8.) We Don't Give A Fuck f/WC
9.) Gotta Have That f/Big Gipp of Goddie Mobb
10.) Ode 2 Mary Jane
11.) Not No More f/J Ro of Tha Liks
12.) Likwit Tribute
13.) Brand New f/Rah Digga
14.) Infiltration f/ Mack 10 & Stacey Adamz
15.) Epic Omega
16.) Exhale
17.) Ticket f/ Doll Phace (****Bonus Track)

(All tracks produced by J. Wells)


Would You Hit?: Aubrey O'Day Covers Playboy

Hmm. I need more editorial on this blog...wait for the redesign it should be dope. Regardless here is the picture of Aubrey O'Day in PlayBoy. Now I find myself struggling to care...
**DREA UPDATE** Honestly?... There is photoshop and then there is PHOTOSHOP. I know everything is fake in Playboy but really?smh


Here is a quote of what she said.

“You could never imagine how empowering it is to be nude in front of cameras and have people looking at you in that way and seeing you as beautiful… Nudity is a beautiful thing.”

Jesus she is an idiot.
Shotus to Music On Play for the email!

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New Music: Rhymefest "Exodus"

I love Rhymefest. I dig his wordplay and flow.
This is a new song off the upcoming mixtape.
Very worth the listen.

Download inside.

Download Here

So much passiong in this song.
I like.


Music Info: Miss Info Cam'ron interview Parts I & II

I'm late on posting this I know, I know but to be quite honest I am not the biggest fan of Cam, to say the least. I don't like his music but I like to watch his interviews, he seems like a down to earth kinda guy, I like.
LMAO @ how Cam says "Kan-Ye" (like the
Dipset cartoons ha)
The main focus of this interview came to Juelz, and his sizzurp sippin ass. smdh

Part 1 inside

Where's Camron?

In this video Miss Info discovers why Dipset broke up (?) and Cam's relationship with Dame Dash, among others.


New Music: The Circuit "Where is the Love"

New Music off the mixtape.
The Song is called "Where is the Love"
Download and review inside.

There is their myspace link -->

Download here

Ok obviously this is the "Ain't no love" Jay-Z beat. LOVE this beat.
They did it justic though.

"Yall still Oh eightin"



New Music: Cymarshall Law ft KRS-One

It's a "the governemnt is after us" song lol
When in reality we have relinquished all privacy with myspace, facebook, twitter, cell phone conversations.

Take a listen.

download here


Stumbled on: J Cole in the studio with Sycience

J. Cole Studio Session W/ Syience from theworld on Vimeo.
I LOVE stuff like this. The reason I love music is because it's such a beautiful process. Look at all the creativity and passion that goes into making a song, I think we as listeners take that for granted. Whether the song your listening to sucks or not it was hot to someone *pause for laughter*.

I love how excited they are about making music.

I need to be that excited about something...errrrr


Stumbled On: Kanye West Big Boy Interview

Kanye visits Big Boy's Neighborhood (Talks about Chris Brown,Rihanna,and Gay rumors) from qdeezy on Vimeo.
I remember an MTV interview with Kanye a long time ago and he said not to outcast the gay people in the community and everyone jumped on him for it. The gay community will never be 100% embraced in the hip hop community, period. However you feel about that is your business, but it's the truth.

As for as the Rhi Rhi-Cbreezy situation, I'm over it, seriously.



Stumbled On: AYO MA!

A YO MA! from DITCH FILMS on Vimeo.

Matt Diamond always knows how to lace me with dope stuff. Here is a video of the new website, www.ayomahletmehollatyou.com. Translated in, Ayo Mah Let Me Holla At You. Going into this video, I had no idea what to expect. It had promise but could fall flat on its head sort of like sex with a very very hot girl. Yes, hot girls can be a terrible lay..

It was then one of the best videos I have seen all year.
*DREA UPDATE* I will be quoting this video non stop for a long time to come
"You are a Romantic Motherfucker"
"Has anyone ever told you to shut the fuck up?... shut the fuck up"
"I work in hell, you goin to hell with me?!" (something I'd say haha)



New Music: Capone N Noreaga Feat Busta Rhymes & Ron Brownz - "Rotate"

Capone-N-Noreaga "Rotate" ft. Busta Rhymes & Ron Browz

Peeped this in my twitter feed.
I think Ron Browz should stop making music.
But maybe that's just me.


Stumbled on: Idle Warship Live @ The Roxy (VIMBY)

Posting this for all of yall who like Talib Kweli, I don't.


Stumbled on: Strong Arm Steady: "Black History"

Strong Arm Steady feat. Chace Infinite, Planet Asia & Affion Crockett - "Black History" from tunji balogun on Vimeo.

My friend sent to this me. He who shall remain namelss =)
Black History month isn't getting much recognition this year.. suprise surprise.
My father is black and my grandfather is a civil rights activist, needless to say I was schooled in Black History, February or not.

You don't know where your going unless you know where you've been.

Watch the video, I like it.


Stumbled on: Hip Hop Round Table pt 4

Shouts to nahright.

I posted the first video out of this series and havent watched another one since. I decided to post this one because it is about the new artists which I am interested in hearing about, not just everyone complaining about hip hop.

Among the artists named is Cory Gunz, Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz.

The best quote out of the whole discussion is "The older niggas gotta stop hatin on this shit though"


more inside

What dude said was very very very true. The older artists are HATING like crazy on the younger up and comming artists. If the older generation doesn't nurture the new artists and put them on to what went on when they were growing up this will be no progress, just tension.


New Music: P.A. - Illy Bop ft. Emilio Rojas & RT

Props to 2db.
New music from P.A., Emilio Rojas, RT

download inside

download here

I love songs like this. Dope beat and dope artists.

No surprise the best flow on the song is Emilio Rojas.



Stumbled On: Drake Previews "Succesful"

Why do people not wear there seatbelts in the back seat? Am I the only one to do that? Honestly, I have been doing that for years. I do not feel like getting into some dumb car accident. Anyway, Drake previews "Successful" which honestly sounds nice right now. Something that I'd bump.

Shouts to HustleGrl for the Twit.

The Remainder of Your Post Goes Here


New Music: J.Period Feat Consequence & Kid Cudi - "Bugging Out"

*Jeez who ever photoshopped this cover needs to be shot*
I am about to head into Queens to link up with my Math homework connect and get a haircut at the same barbershop I met Consequence at. Dope eh? And to meet up with Drea who is going on break in about...5 minutes. So I have to hurry. Moving on, this is a song that I found over at NahRight. I saw Consequence Grimaced at Cudi and o.0 at J.Period.

Must be dope right?

It is. Cudi spits a nice verse too...

. Too lazy to review it. If I get my computer back, 6th Sense review going up tonight!

Did I mention it is a Tribute song to Q-Tip too? Ahhh!


New Video: Asher Roth - "I Love College"

*edit* Changed the video to the OnSmash video from 2Dopeboyz.
I will be honest when I say that my nights are JUST like this. I used to write stories for my nights, matter of fact, that is how I started blogging, and crazy stuff like this used to happen all the time. The mascots? Believable. Random girls? Believable. The fact that there is SO many BEAUTIFUL girls there?

Unbelievable. I go to sausagefests.


Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Black Ice "The Ugly Show"

So I'm in class. Still sick with the flu... such is life.
But like I said every Monday I will bring yall a video from the Def Poetry archives.
This week it's Black Ice's masterpiece "The Ugly Show".
I chose this video because of the ugliness going on in hip hop right now. When the focus is being taken off of the music 100% and now its "deeper then rap". We got "hip hop artists" argung over lambos and grown men bickering back and forth name calling and crossing the line.

Instead of focusing our attention on upcomming talent and the little bit of listenable music being put out right now we (hip hop heads, bloggers, bystanders)are being sucked into the drama like highschool kids.

Not to say hip hop beef isn't entertaining, battles like Jay-Z and Nas (name favorite old school battle here ________)had people waiting by the radio for the new diss record. But you didn't see Jay-Z in a wig on a video, or making cartoons about Nas.

Yall are grown men?

Hip hop, its time to grow up.


New Music: K Sparks - "Genesis"

I know I have heard this sample 10x before, but I cannot manage to place a finger on it. This is annoying me. Regardless, K Sparks had to lace me with some ill music for Monday as usual. It has been the same for the past few weeks and I am almost excited to listen everyweek. Since I am on a borrowed laptop (I have your reviews, write-ups on the other Laptop.) I cannot download this..better yet, I cannot burn it. This would surely go hard in the car.

The lyrics itself is something that is mediocre at times and clever at some. With this clever production it makes for a nice song.

Look forward to next week.

Download it HERE.


New Video: U-N-I & Diz Gibrian Live At The Spliff

I will be real and say that I straight jacked this video from Meka and you would have to just deal with it. Moving past that, the video is dope. And so is the other two located at the hop.


Its The Real: Mood Muzak

Mood Muzak from jeff on Vimeo.

Funny thing was last week I twitted them and asked them for a video. They had not been able to get something finished so they did not release anything. This week we managed to get a video about Valentines Day that was damn funny. Honestly though...that is the Hood DJ thing. I hate DJ Tags...but some of them are funny. Me and Dreas will be as follows...

Drea (In a sexy voice): JacquesMorel.com...tehehehe.

It will be dope.

All Puns Intended coming soon.



New Video: A Few Performances from the Grammys

Normally I do not post this crap...but Twitter is going crazy right now. So lets let it rock. First video is "Swagger Like Us" second video is Coldplay and Jay.

The Remainder of Your Post Goes Here


New Video: Lonely Island Feat T-Pain - "I'm On A Boat"

The funny thing is, this might actually be the only album I purchase this quarter. "Jizz In My Pants" was almost classic combined with how funny this song is...I am just amazed at what these boys can do next.

I'm on a boat motherfucker.

Shouts to SI Killer for posting this on the GolfMKV Forums.


New Music: Drake ft Weezy "Ignorant Shit"

Just came out of a nyquil induced coma to find a new Drake song.

shouts to nahright

download inside

Download here

I don't even know why Weezy got on this song.
Ruining shit as usual.
I liked Drake's part though.
Can't wait for the mixtape. "So far gone"


New Video: Esso and DJ Santa Perform "Young and Ignorant" Live

Dope huh? But why did you shave your head Esso?!? O well..the homie is bald and I am short and skinny.

What else is new?


New Video: Donny Goines Perfoming "I am Moving

I missed this show last week. I have missed a lot of shows recently...matter of fact, I have not been to a show in a solid 2 months. I do not live in Manhattan any more so it has gotten difficult to actually head out there and make stuff happen.

Depressing I know. Listening to this music reminds me of going to these things...bah.
O well.

Moving on, Donny is a good homie of mine and although he will not be on this tape...he will be on my other.





Music Info: Drake Showcases Some of "So Far Gone"

Funny thing is, I am actually talking with my girl, HustleGrl trying to get that new Drake song. Let us hope it works. Regardless, I am glad I checked my email...I have not blogged in a few days and now I am feeling great getting these posts out. Drea...call me when you get a chance...got some good stuff for you to yell at me at.

Back to Drake..another video at the cut and my opinion on him. GO!

2009 is the year of Drake. When my "surfer bro" white friends listen to him on a regular basis...you know it is something serious.