New Video: JUMZ - "Pressure"

Olivia has been bugging me lately.

Just kidding.

I apologize for not coming to the Nets party BTW. I had class all day the next day. Anyway, I will say that this video is a little tough to stomach. It is real gritty, real hardcore, and real.

The song was not that bad, but the video...



New Music: Proph The Problem - "Warriors Theme"

Proph laced me with this dope song produced by The Kickdrums. Proph has been on here before, although I do not feel like finding the page, I will get to it eventually.

Since the Kickdrums are coming out with an EP soon from OnSmash, I feel that it would be great for me to drop this www.jacquesmorel.com exclusive.

You happy @DirtyDali?



New Music: The Kickdrums - "Just a Game"

Earlier on Twitter I was going crazy saying that they sent me an exclusive...well they did not. I am working on it @DirtyDali. Chill. Regardless, I was still emailed this DOPE song from The Kickdrums. They are probably fitting to be my favorite Producer group behind Syrenn at least.

Anyway, I will let The Kickdrums do most of the talking!

From their countless Mick Boogie & DJ Benzi mixtape appearances to their own SMASH the System, one can help but to wonder what else is in store for the Cleveland production duo. Most are unaware that they are artists as well, but Fitts and Tilla are ready to make their debut with the Just A Game EP. This is the title track and single from the upcoming project slated for release March 6th. The remix with a member of Slaughterhouse is on the way. (from OnSmash)



Would You Hit?: Eve Wyrwal

Who was it that said...

Show me your boobs and I will show you the blogging world.

O wait, it was me.

What a coincidence.

Again, anyone who said I have WAY to much pale on this blog, can go stuff it.




New Music: The Black Sunn - "Day Dreaming X Soul Liberation"

Before I go out into the windy weather to race with Honda's lighter than Paris Hilton, I am going to drop off this new music from Black Sunn from Baltimore. Dude is honestly alright. He is not going to get my cosign or anything (yet) but I will say that I enjoyed the two songs he sent me.

Drea...listen to them and tell me what you think. Besides your brother's boy, we need another artist to cosign...well a couple.

Here is what dude sent me, then you can check the songs underneath.

My name is The Black Sunn, I am a musician from Baltimore that is currently working towards building a solid fan base/buzz and I am interested in learning what must be done to obtain a feature in your blog.

Well that uneventful.

DOWNLOAD HERE (Daydreaming)

DOWNLOAD HERE (Soul Liberation)

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New Music: Rocett - "No Way You Can Win" Prod By Megaman

Shouts to Megaman and TheTraffiker on Twitter!

Although this may be a little too hood for this blog, I think I can show them love by posting it anyway.

It is off the new CTE: "Shield Gang 2" mixtape coming out next week.


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New Music: Quest & Nero - "Check the Rhime" 09

Um...I will be real and say that I was not to up on Nero when I listened to his Houstantlantavegas song. It was almost...difficult to listen too. Aside from that, I have not listened to him much. However, I completely changed my mind when I peeped this song.

Here are some of the comments from 2DopeBoyz comment section...

this is really fresh.

i’ve been checking for Nero, kid is nice.


Pretty crazy that a couple of teenage kids are doper than about 90% of the veterans in the game right now.

-Steve O

Yea. It is worth the download. Link and song courtesy of 2DopeBoyz.


Now I am going to go streetracing.

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New Video: Daytona and Harlems Cash Freestyle for Crack Distributors Radio

Jeez I am exhausted. Do you not hate when you wake up more tired from a nap than when you went to sleep? I hate that.

Harlems Cash and Daytona go in over at CrackDistributors Radio.

Can we get rid of that name please?

Crack is wack.
Shouts to Shake!


Interview: Hip Hop Official Sits with Wale

Today we have a pretty dope interview with D.C. native Wale. We got a chance follow Wale around the night he performed at the Key Club in Hollywood. This is on some behind the scenes, exclusive access type stuff…..It was so dope that we turned it into a 2 part interview. Here’s the first part, as we ride with him from sound check at the venue to an in-store appearance at HUF skateshop on Fairfax for the release of his new t-shirt. He talks about his love for LA and gives some insight on his upcoming album. We also learn that real gangsters roll Priuses*.

I am not a fan of Wale, but I figured that we had some fans that were. Jacques only tries to please...not anger. I do not know why, but, Wale's raps are just not nice for me. I just dislike them. However I LOVE that Daniel Merriweather song..."Pot of Gold"?

Yea that is my JAM.

Check for it at the hop.


New Video: Emilio Rojas, Emilio Rojas ft. Hassaan Mackey, Black Sinatra, LI, & Nikal Fieldz - 585(remix)

Shouts to my boy Emilio.

Funny thing is...a kid from the 585 wanted to kick my ass...like hardcore.

I still do not care.

Dope video. Check it out.


New Video: The Cool Kids Pennies (Decon Version)

This is an alternative to the video that I posted a few weeks back. Since I love the Cool Kids, they get a post no matter what happens. Get with it or get left behind.


Shouts to Aisha!


Would You Hit?: Porn Flowchart

I might get this post deleted by blogger for this, but, for today's Would You Hit? it is not a female.

It is not a dude either.

Sorry Drea.

Anyway, it is a porn flow-chart. This is completely out of the ordinary for this blog or any Hip Hop blog...but...it is MY blog. Anyway, I was having a good conversation with Drea about pornography anyway...so this deserves the post.


New Video: IllDoctrine - "Monkeys and Trolls"

I was sitting here thinking about this last night.

The biggest thing about it, was how NO ONE at the New York Post thought that this was racist. You and I know African Americans work There...so...how can you tell me that no one thought of this? No one thought to say...hey..that is kind of racist.


But he is right. Do not boycott the post. Why? Because they will not stop. Rupert Murdoch has WAY to much money to allow that.

Whose Rupert Murdoch?

If you do not know...google his ass now.


New Mixtape: Undisputed DJ's - 2009 is MINE

Besides how corny I think the title of this is, I am always into new music. Well none of this music is really new...but regardless I guess it works tracklist and download at the jump.

O..did I mention it is a JacquesMorel.com exclusive?





Famous feat. Richie Sosa, Rochester, Bishop Brigante, Luu Breeze & Mayhem Morearty - I'm Here Pt. II

I like the cover art. I never said I posted ALL good music. The main problem I had with this song was at the chorus it felt as if I was listening to two songs at the same time. And you know how that feels.


Anyway, moving on, I understand that I have no idea who these people are...and you do not either. Richie Sosa was posted yesterday and he is a cool dude...

However I do not like this posse cut. The beat is disappointing because it had so much potential.

Someone sounded like Rick Ross but skinny also...thats weird.

Check it out. Change my perspective.


New Video: Classified - "Anybody Listening?"

This is the video to the song that I posted a few days back. When I was in blogging heaven. I still am...just a little slower today than I expected. Regardless, the video is dope and clever from one of our favorite Canadian Emcees and his artwork (located at the jump) for his mixtape is even DOPER.

1. Self Explanatory
2. Get Out The Way
3. Choose Your Own Adventure 1
4. Up All Night
5. Quit While You're Ahead w/ Choclair, Maestro and Moka Only
6 .Inspiration
7. CYOA 2
8. Anybody Listening
9. They Call This (Hip Hop) w/ Royce 5′9″ and B.o.B
10. Oh… Canada
11. CYOA 3
12. Where Are You w/ Saukrates
13. Trouble
14. Use to Be w/ Mic Boyd
15. Breaking Up
16. One Track Mind w/ Joel Plaskett
17. CYOA 4
18. Things Are Looking Up w/ Chad Hatcher
19. Still Got it
20. Loonie w/ D-sisive, Shad, DL Incognito and Buck 65
21. CYOA 5
22. CYOA 6

Tape drops April 7th.


New Mixtape: Nickelus F - Thank You

OnSmash presented this lovely mixtape featuring Drakes mans. This was the dude rapping on tracks with Drake before he was hyped up like he is now. I really think this might be his year...but...is this the year for T.Dot? *EDIT* Nickelus F is from VA. Not T.Dot. But my question stands!! Shouts to HiHolla!


Call me ignorant, but, what other rappers are coming out of T.Dot? Seriously I want to know...I am intrigued.

Hit the hop for the download and tracklist.

That cover also has "Thank You" in like 20 different languages.




New Video: Exile and DJ Jay Practice Session

Exile ft. DJ Day Practice Session Video from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.

I just lost again. That little shit. Regardless, this is a video I snatched from Eskay detailing the intense practice session these guys share. Now I remember watching this with my homeboys in Keity's room and we were all mystified at how they can remember where each sample is.

That is talent my friend.

Not that Lil Wayne nonsense.

Now my brother is laughing at me.



New Video: P.O.S Interview and Video

I peeped this artist over at Shakes domain a while ago and I meant to post it but I never got around to it. This video is dope and goes in a complete circle. Something interesting and clever for an underground artist.

If you are wondering who won between my brother and I...lets just say he is a cheap bastard that uses items and kicked my ass.


Interview at the bump

POS: MySpace Music Presents Who New? POS in LA 2/10/09


New Music: Big Sean - "Million Dollars"

Currently I am watching my brother play Super Smash Brothers and the music is clashing with my music. I am not going to have this. If I end up on the news...you know what happened. Moving on listening to what I can about this song, it is a good feel good song about getting rich. Big Sean making a million dollars.

Which I feel he can.

I think he is one of the premier members of G.O.O.D Music. Shoot me if you think I am wrong.

Now my brother just challenged me....be right back as I whoop is ass.

I will play as Sonic...(no Charles Hamilton!)


New Music: Chubb Rock & Wordsmith - Back In

Lol. Chubb Rock looks so fat in this terrible photoshop. Wordsmith sounds weird...I just cannot get into him at all. I reiterate...VOICE IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Bah. Here is what they sent me...

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith will start releasing exclusive promo tracks that are unavailable on their album "Bridging the Gap," over the next few months for the fans, bloggers, major hip hop sites and tastemakers. This will culminate with a mixtape called "A Crack in the Bridge" due to drop in June, so keep it locked as Chubb & Word seek to bridge the gap between the old school and new school era's.

O well.


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New Music: Emilio Rojas "585 (Roc Ya’ll)rmx)"(prod. by M-Phazes)

Shout to 2dp.
New music from Emilio and a slew of other Rochester artists.
I liked the song without everyone on it quite honestly but they are trying to put Rochester on the map though, I repsect that. Emilio still has the best flow on here, I dare you to tell me otherwise.



Its The Real: Look What I Found?

Hey Ma, Look What We Found! from The Real Extras on Vimeo.

First Max B, now Cam?

This should be AMAZING.



New Mixtape: Drake - So Far Gone (Chopped and Screwed)

I am currently sitting here with Andrea working on our second video...hoping it works. Regardless, I am kicking it reading the comments on our Drake post over at ATF and I see this new version of So Far Gone. Well Drea immediately asked why I had not posted it yet and I rebuked her with the ILL comeback which I cannot even say here.

The video should be dope. In the meantime, check out this Chopped and Screwed version of Drakes tape. Make sure you get your Nyquil.

Download at the hop!



New Video: Kid Cudi - "Day N Nite"

Ok. People already clearly know my dislike for Kid Cudi. However, I want to be honest and say that I like this video. I looked at the video with the hate in my blood of over 1k hating black people. I tried desperately to trash it. I tried hard to not laugh.

But I did. I laughed...and I was into this song.

But...I will say that this damn song is OLD. As in, it came out 10 months ago. Someone send me bad rap. I need to hate on something.
Shouts to OnSmash!


Would You Hit?:Vanessa Veasley

Anyone who said I never have black chicks on this blog...can go stuff it. This is a girl that I peeped for my afternoon squirt pick me up.

I enjoyed it.


You should too. More pictures at the jump. Drop a comment and tell me..."Would You Hit?"

I did not ask Drea. She is currently curling her hair for our video. See? She cares about you guys opinion.


New Music: Ankh Amen Ra - Curtis3000

Got this in an e-mail. The artwork and tracklisting are inside. so ummm go check it out lol


New Artist: A'leon of Gutta Fam "Storm is Brewing"

Ok so I've been meaning to post this for the absolute longest, I get sidetracked so much. It's like I'm studying then I get a text, or I'm blogging and then I wind up watching porn on twitter. My life.. smh
Moving right along I have a brand new artist, well brand new to the internet. A'leon has been doing his thing long before this blog was up, but he hasn't been featured anywhere other then MySpace, but you know we've all been "featured" on MySpace.
So show him some internet love yall, he deserves it.

A'leon is apart of Gutta Fam coming out of Flushing Queens, believe me they are a force to be reckoned with. His brother Garcia Vega is a BEAST (he will be featured on this blog soon). There has been a void for Latinos in Hip Hop and I think artists like A'Leon, Garcia Vega, Joell Ortiz, Emilio Rojas are going to fill that void *smiles with excitement*

This song "Storm is brewing" was featured on a Dj Green Lantern mixtape, he has many other songs on his MYSPACE . The song is just dope though. I'm a sucker for a sample, I tell ya. I'm convinced his voice is made for rap.
or listen inside.

Drop comments in the Box and tell me what you think of A'leon


Interview: The Kid Daytona Talks Being Fly And Working With Busta Rhymes & Estelle

Since I am currently in the library staring at this book I am supposed to be studying and starting at people I am not supposed to talk to, I might as well go ahead and post this thing that the homie Daytona went and sent me.

He discussed being fly, working with Estelle, and some other things as well.

And away I go!

The Remainder of Your Post Goes Here


New Music: Asher Roth - "I Love College RMX) By J.Cardim

I will be real and say that I am taking a chance here. I have not listened to this and I am posting LIVE from English Contemporary Class. I am already pulling an A (as usual) so it does not matter as much to me. Regardless, I wanted to post this the moment I heard it on 2DB. Shouts to HAZE on the posting it in the Comments section.

It is SO worth the download...and the extra post.

Watch the video I posted HERE



New Video: Spectacula "Ready or not"

Since the mixtape was already posted, I'm posting the video.
That hook was Willy Wonka-ish, they got oopma-loompas in the studio now?
Song was alright.


New Mixtape: D.Julien - The Experiment

A few days ago, I was raving about this dude. Clearly, here, I am posting the mixtape that I previously discussed. D.Julien, according to Shake, is way to dope to sleep on.

I cosign that.

Shout outs to Julien for the email!

Download link at the hop also with the tracklist.

Trust me...it is worth it. And I am a hater too.



New Video: J Cardim Presents - "Asher Roth - I Love College RMX)

Shouts to Shake on the post.

I want to say that this is pretty dope. Seeing as I just made a post about Asher Roth yesterday, clearly I had to post this. I am looking for the CDQ version too...so J.Cardim if you are reading this...email me!


New Video: Mickey Factz "Automatic" Live Performance at Webster Hall

I've come to the conclusion twitter ruined my life. The only reason why I am on this blogging spree right now is because twitter is down.I would be so much more productive if twitter didn't distract the living hell outta me. FML. (more on that in a video coming soon!)

Moving on, props to Shake for the video.
Mickey Factz live is nothing to sneeze at boys and girls. I dug it.
I went to Webster Hall once, what a train wreck that was, went on drag night in some strange coincidence... FML X2


New Music: Keelay and Zaire w/Supastition and Dj Revolution - Wake Up Show Intro

I will be real and say, I am glad to see producers getting as much love as rappers are lately. Instead of being unknown and just..not industry, lately, in the underground, I have noticed a trend of producers coming out with more songs and what not. As in they do not even need to rap to be as famous as they are.

Producing groups like Keelay & Zaire, my boy Syrenn, Teck and Karriem, and The Kickdrums come to mind.

Regardless, getting into this song, Supastition (who I have never heard of until today), kills a magnificent beat laced by K & Z.

Look for more of them on this blog. Its worth the download...DOWNLOAD HERE


New Video: Curtains for President pt 2

Hyphenated Life Presents CurT@!n$: Dope Boy C For President Episode II:Black Folks from J. Poakwa The Writer on Vimeo.

Curtains sits here and discusses more events in black history and what not. The funny thing is, this might actually work. I mean it has already been done before by a man named Hussein, but, it could actually be a good angle to come at something like this.

Here is what Mickey sent me.

In episode 2 of "Dope For President", CurT@!n$ breaks down some lyrics
to "Black Folks", talks rappers responsibility, and why not setting an
example to kids is detrimental to the future.


New Video: Kid Cudi Freestyle

It's freaking Kid Cudi day on here... wtf
shouts to Nahright.
"chris brown a hoe"
hahaha sucks to be Cbreezy right about now.
Cudi name drops like a muh on this freestyle.
Freestyle was dope though, he got Wayne-ish for a second there.*cringes*


New Music: Kid Cudi ft Wale " Look Up in Da Stars " V-Squad Exclusive

I'm currently watching Top Chef and blogging and holding AIM conversations and texting important people, I'm just a boss baby.
Bragging aside, there have been tooooo many Kid Cudi\Drake comparisons and I don't like that. Jacques likes to say "Kid Cudi is a lesser mans Kanye", you know what world? I'm co-signing that. Not to take anything away from the man but I love me some Kanye and since Cudi is traveling down Ye's lane, he has to brave that comparison.
With that said, I love this song. Yeah, I said "love", so what?
It's smooth, love Wale's flow on it makes me turn the volume up on the song and you know what that meannnnssss.

Yeah it's like that.

and p.s. I love the tag the Varsity Squad has "Varsity Squad; we break records, ribs and hundred dollar bills"




Unrealeased Music: Drake "Friend's With Money"

Ok so I just got out the shower, to see a text from Jacques telling me there is a Drake track that was unreleased and we got the it... no time to get dressed, gotta post this!! Naked for Drake, ha
Shouts to The Trafficker for this one!
The song was produced by Tommy Gunnz for The Trafficker Management
Feeling it.


New Music: [ALL ELEMENTS LIST] Duo Live - "Give and Take" from the upcoming mixtape "WORK ETHIC" hosted by DJ J-Ronin, mixed by DJ Snips

Shouts to Ronin for the e-mail.
Me and Jacques had a conversation earlier about not sugar coating our posts, but at the same time not bashing artists either. Bare with us yall, we are just being real. Otherwise no one would read this blog, we get hate comments and positive comments.
Once again drop some comments in the box, we love the feedback.
With that said, yall know what's comming right? ha
To be honest I thought the flow was lacking, it sounded like he was rapping on top of the beat, not very in pocket, if that makes sense to ya. The song was not memorable to me.


Stumbled on: How Abe Lincoln Really died

Well readers, got many hits today. Thanks. I work on the rewards system yanno? You do something for me I do something for you. So here you go, THE funniest thing I watched today and it fell in my lap courtesy of my good friend Rocco (shouts!)
I'm all about random consistent cursing for no good reason. Shit is too funny. I'm dying, you'll die, everyone goes home happy.

Enjoy !!!



A Word From The Desk: The full information on future videos

I never dress up. Bare with me here.
As you all know, Drea and I introduced a new segment to the site called JacquesMorel.com listens... It features Drea and I critiquing various mixtapes, artists, and songs without you people hearing our voices. I sound like a child, and Drea sounds as good as she looks...we are trying to keep your keyboards clean of ...ejaculate. Shout outs to Chris Truth, HustleGrl, Sermons Domain and anyone else who posted it!

If you have not watched it, click HERE.

Also, we have upped the amount of exclusives on the site added with an increase in posts. Things have become more personal and more orientated to the reader...you guys are very important to us. Be sure to comment everytime and to interject when ever you feel you need too.

Finally, I just want to say that Kid Cudi is overrated, White people will love Asher Roth, and Charles Hamilton's production is outstanding.

This is the year of the small blog...believe me.

See you guys tomorrow....or in a few or however long it takes me to get new music.


New Music: Joell Ortiz - "Block Royal X Bout My Money"

Rap's favorite thing is to talk about money...getting money...throwing money...sex on money...having sex on money with your mama in the next room...showering girls in money.

It must be a complex life.

Ronin laced me with this cut from Joell's tape which is dropping soon. This is the first single. Joell Ortiz comes correct on this song...some dopeness here.

Lack of a review because I am exhausted. Get off mah back.



Jacquesmorel.com Listens to Drake "So Far Gone"

Jacquesmorel.com Listens to Drake "So Far Gone" from Jacques Morel on Vimeo.
OK readers, haters and all yall in between, if you haven't already noticed by now, this blog is not your typical Hip Hop Blog. Jacques started this with written rants on facebook and then video rants. Then he dove into the world of hip hop blogging. After many months and much success with this blog I came on to write for it. So a male and female hip hop blogging combination. Where do you see that? Thought so.
So we are bringing a little something extra to the table now. Instead of just writing out a review of a mixtape, we will review it on camera as well. This is the first attempt at it and it's rough, but its coming along. We have gotten some great feedback and some not so great feedback on it already. Tell us what you think in the comments.
(and sidenote if yall like this blog and want to see it thrive a bit more, drop a few comments here and there, let us know your out there. The chatbox is there too)

Hit the jump for the written Drake "So Far Gone" review.

October's Very Own Drizzy Drake "So far Gone" (perfect title)

Drake is known for his quotable lines so along with the review I'll hit yall with what I think is the most quotable line in each song.

"Lust for life"
This song goes into my soundtrack for life. It puts me in a trance and it allows you to get into Drake's head. He is all about reaching the top, and he has a very real chance of getting there. Good luck Drizzy.
Most quotable line "It's funny when you commmin in first but you hope that you last"

People tried to fault Drake for the singing on the album but you can't help but get lost in the song. In this song Drake goes into the "live fast die pretty" lifestyles some females have, so far gone for real. The song is beautiful.
Most quotable line: "She live in a mindset that I could never move to, until you find yourself it will be impossible to lose you"

All these beats Drake had in the beginning invite you into a far out place. Successful was a success. Trey Songz and him do sound similar, but they work well on a song together, no doubt. They first teamed up on "Replacement Girl". The hook is OD catchy, found myself singing it like crazy after I first heard it. Drake has a knack for incorporating superficial things and deep personal parts of his life (i.e. the part about crying with his mother.) It was dope how the beat dropped and came back with Wayne, I didn't hate his part on here.
Most quotable line: "My delivery just got me buzzin like the pizzaman"

"Let's Call it off"
Couldn't get through this song at all. Turned it off midway through. NEXT.

"November 18th"
Wooooo. I fuck with this song. That chopped and screwed vibe is damn sexy. Drake's flow is laidback but lacking nothing. One of the highlights of the song came when he explained how he feels while in Houston, gave me a vivid picture, that's some imagery I could get with. I love how Drake can go from rapping to singing in one breath, some people don't love that so much though. whatever.
Most Quotable Line: "Pussy's only pussy and I get it when I need it"

"Ignant Shit"
Aight well yall know Hov destroyed this song on his album. I wasn't surprised Drizzy picked it up, considering Jay is his idol. I didn't love Wayne on it. surprise, surprise.
Most Quotable line: "I think better when I am not sober"

"Night Off"
I love this song for reasons which I cannot disclose. Lloyd and Drizzy? Never would have put them two together but you know what? It works. Some men were put off by a man duet, but I appreciated it, you don't see that much anymore. Two singers whether male or female together on a track. It's sad, there should be more of it.
Most Quotable line "Turn the lights off but keep your heels on"

"Say what's real"
Ok. We have all heard this song a long time ago. Shit is TOUGH. Great song, so perfect for everything he was saying, Kanye did his thing on the production. Bravo.
Most Quotable line: "Cause I just seen my ex girl, standing with my next girl, standing with the girl I'm fucking right now."

"Little Bit"
You really got to see the softer side of Drake on this album, and I think that's why some of the fellas don't like it. But what yall need to understand is Drake is a glamour rapper, he doesn't bust guns, sell drugs or run hoes. He is a fantastic writer and he is also creative so take the music he puts out for what it is, he's doing his thing. Lykke Li made a fan out of me with her performance on this song, she was the perfect compliment to his voice. The concept made so much sense. Say your in love and shit falls apart... smh don't I know that.
Most quotable line: "You can teach me many things but I'm scared to learn a lesson"

"Best I ever Had"
It's a feel good song. You fellas know you have a heart, and there's always that one girl that you put on a pedestal cause you feel like she's so fly in every way. Guys always say they don't like makeup on a girl, the simpler the better, one day girls will embrace that idea. I get the whole "if she looks good in some sweats she will look good at any time" concept.
Most Quotable line "When my album drop bitches will buy it for the picture and niggas will buy it too and claim they got it for they sister"

Dope song until Santo Gold opened her mouth, then it was ok... then Weezy opened his mouth and it was all over ...ugh Drake why !!
Most Quotable line: "Aint on the fence about it,I aint Mr.Feeny"

Got that West Coast vibe to it. If you like West Coast your gonna like this, especially because of Bun B. I didn't care for it much, dope hook though.
I'm so New York baby.
Most quotable line: "I just dropped two black cards I call them Malcolm X and Martin Luther"

"Sooner then Later"
Been rocking to this song for a while. I love every bit of it. Say what you want. Every girl wants that one guy to open his eyes and come back for her.
Most quotable line: "What good is all the cash if it doesn't buy time and what good is being famous, if I'm never on your mind?"

"Bria's interlude"
Omarion? Voice sounded crazy good on here, that muffled sound works. Nice, very nice.
This song proves once again this tape is something to vibe to, smoke to, drink to, sex to.
Most quotable line: "I just want to touch you, I'm just so far away"

"The Calm"
The Calm is reminiscent of "Say whats real". It has that dark, spill your guts vibe. Some of these songs are so eery. What he said about his dad? whoa.
Most Quotable line: "Women need attention therefore women will complain, develop hatred for men and say that your the one to blame"

Exquisite. This album is art, it's creative, its beautiful. This song makes me wish I had spent more time with my keyboard, I am fascinated with the piano.

"Brand New"
Wellll ... who HASN'T heard this song, yanno? This is the song that got me interested in Drake. It's hard for me to pass it up in the iPod while it's on shuffle. So many great lines in this song, so many. I love how they tweaked it slightly. Song is so true to life.
Most quotable line: "And i hate hearing stories bout who you've been with that's when I gotta hide what I'm feeling inside so you still think I'm confident."

Overall this album gets a 8.5\10 from me. Yall can disagree all you want. It lost point for all the Weezy, and I wish he would have rapped a bit more. Other then that, I'll chalk this one up as a success. Did yall see how many downloads it has? Crazy.
Haven't downloaded the album yet? CLICK HERE


New Music: Ne-Yo "Waiting"

Jacked this from LowKey's twitter. =P
I'm on the phone with Jacques right now cooking up big things kiddies.
This song is sub-par Ne-Yo, kinda like that last album... *ducks*
Download here


New Mixtape: VIMBY and UPONTHINGZ Present : The New Classics Mixtape

So Keelay had to go over and send me this in an email. The actual stream is at the jump. I have not listened to it yet because well...I do not know. Currently I am dying my hair...expect a faceoff about it tonight.

Drea is going down.

The actual tape drops on the 25.
Tracks from Emilio...UNI...etc are at the jump. Check it!!

The New Classics


New Video: The Kid Daytona feat. Outasight - "Cheers" Live @ Webster Hall

The Kid Daytona feat. Outasight - "Cheers" Live @ Webster Hall from 6th Sense on Vimeo.

This was the event that everyone was Twittering at last night. *Smacks self*. As we all now know, I live in Long Island, so heading out to rap events is tough for me. Also, I want to shout out to Exel! I am here for you if you need anything! Anyway, 6th Sense, who will be doing a video review...sooner than you think, shot this over to me. From the looks of it, it seemed dope.

And this song...is so tough.

I would come out...but an LIRR ticket is just so expensive!


New Video: D.Julien With John Brown

Shouts to Sermon for this. Expect some work from me and D.Julien coming up in a few weeks. Also, while you are here, check out this new D.Julien from last night!


New Music: Saigon - "Spit"

Shout outs to Statik for the exclusive. So I am sitting here in my basement and I see the snow outside...then I check that it is going to snow everyday that I go upstate.

Then my girl drops out of the trip.

Then I realize, I cannot go because my mother would bug out with me driving in that snow with only me and my boy.

Then I realize, I just got exclusive Saigon in my email. All is not good, but it is right in the hood. Moving on, this song from Saigon is on the new Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned EP which is dropping soon.

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New Music: Harlems Cash Feat The Kid Daytona - "Goverment Remix"

Harlems Cash is over on Twitter saying that he promises he will not disappoint me with this song in anyway. I will be honest and say...he did the moment I heard Santogold on the beat.

Damn I dislike that girl. Let me just say before we get started, I do not hate HER. I have never met HER. I dislike her music though. Bah. Next right? Good.

Now the song itself is 63%beat (although at time it sounds like it was made on FruityLoops) and 37% lyrics. The main gripe I had with this song was the fact that the "Go Hard" thing is done. Dead. Finished. That was SO January + December. Bringing it back just makes me not want to download the thing.

But, Harlems Cash killed it. I like his voice. Aand if you read my blog you know how important I think that is.