New Video: LAUSD ll Jansport J ll U-N-I on Takeover Radio (FULL AUDIO)

Happy Saturday blogosphere. I'm home with my family today so I won't be posting much.
Got this in an e-mail.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


Interview: Tha Bizness sits down with JacquesMorel.com

So the rap game is populated with subpar producer groups and subpar rappers. The interesting thing though, is how some rappers manage to strive and go ahead of the curve constantly coming out with tracks that are changing the game. Tha Bizness, comprised of Dow Jones and Henn, continually strive to become greater and to rep the West Coast.

This is a great interview. Check it out and hit read more for some videos and what not.

Thanks Henn Dow Jones

1.Hey ! Thanks for taking part in this interview. What do you do exactly? As in, what makes you unique to rap?

Dow Jones: We are unique to music and not just to rap we have done song deals to produce for 50 cent, R Kelly, Black Eyed Peas, T Pain & now Lil Wayne... we produce and manage ourselves we also have our artist Mistah Fab who
wrote the whole Snoop Dogg "Life Of The Party" song and we have a label deal with Mistah Fab on Atlantic Records and his debut album will be out later this year.
2.You produced for Lil Wayne, although we (Jacques and I) are not fans of him. how was it working with him?

Henny: LIl Wanye has a lot more to him than people think. He is a person who holds himself up and positions himself among the greats. He has always treated us with mutual respect, and not too many people we have dealt with on
his level has done that. Its been good working with dude.

3.There isn't a big time female producer out there in hip-hop like a Kanye or Timbaland, why do you think that is?

Henny: I think it is possible for anybody to do anything in this world. Even though we operate in a very male controlled industry, I think a female could focus and be just as dope if not doper than many of these other producers in the
game if she were to focus hard enough and believe she could.

4.Would a prominent female producer threaten men, or do you think men would embrace her in the hip-hop game?

Dow Jones: Music is music and there have been female producers like coco channel and others that have been successful and made great tracks!

5.What motivates you? What gets you up in the morning and keeps you going?

Henny: The love of music wil always motivate me. The industry we are in keeps get ing crazier, but staying focused on the love of music wil keep us going day to day, year to year.

6 We all have come across obstacles that could deter success, but have you hit any roadbumps that could have stopped your progress?

Henny: We have hit many... From being totatlly robbed of all our work and equipment, to A&R's not giving us the time of day because we would sign deals underneath them, to being trapped in ugly production and management
contracts, we have seen a whole lot getting to where we are today.

7.Do you rap also? What projects have you done recently?

Dow Jones: What are you talking about??? I think u must have gotten us confused with Kanye or Timbaland Or Dj Quik... We are Tha Bizness we dont rap at least not yet!!!!!

8.What is your best achievement to date?

Henny: Being able to compete with any producers in the game without having to be under any one camp or crew!

9.What are the big plans for 2009?

Dow Jones: Finishing up Lil Waynes Young Money & Carter 4 albums & working with him and T Pain On T Wayne and also his upcoming Solo Album and see the success of our artist Mistah Fab's debut album as wel as giving the homie Drake some great material for his debut album.... Everyday is a big day and each day we strive to take everything to the next level so 2009 is still young the sky is the limit. We are trying to be on EVERY major album that is
gonna come out from rap to pop to rnb to whateva we just wanna create the new soundtrack to your life!!

10.What do you guys bring to the table that can change the monotony in Hip Hop now-a-days?

Henny: We are bringing the combination of true musicianship with true leadership back to the game. So many other hip hop producers can only do one or the other

11.What do you guys think of blogs influence in Hip Hop?

Henny: Blogs have made hip hop so disposable since its so easy to blast a new record, mixtape, song to everyone so easily. I think its good because it makes artists have to step there game up when it comes to making records that
will stick around for more than a day. Bloggers are like the new age A&R's. I think its a good thing.

12.Rep where your from !

Dow Jones: Seat le, LA, The Bay, San Diego, Portland We Rep For The West Coast & No mat er where we go we carry this west coast flag!!!

13.What is the endgame? As in, 5 years from now. where wil you be?

Dow Jones: We look at life in 3 months windows so call us back in 5 yrs and well see where we are at... skys the limit and we got a lot of things up our sleeves so only time will tell!!


New Music: Asher Roth - Takeover Freestyle

So Asher was in UK with Semtex and now Semtex has been leaking the various freestyles by him. Asher Roth is an OK freestyle. He is not gonna come with some O.M.G freestyles. No matter how much I sit here and clamor for it, it is not gonna happen.


However, he can make a damn good song.



New Video: Emilio Rojas Performs at Sullivan Live

Currently my brother is watching some dumb Ben10 show and I am wondering why my battery literally just DIED on my cellphone when I was good about 10 minutes ago. not only this, it was a SLOW day yesterday.


Check out the cool sounds of Emilio as he performs "Bounce" and "Young Fresh and Fly"



New Music: Senor Kaos "Girls Rock Too"

Today has been quite the day, I'm in a good headspace now so I'm good to post.
This song\video so DOPE!
Finally a positive message (that happens to be about women) done in a way that wasn't corny and was entertaining and educational. I don't care how that sounds to you because it is the truth. The homie Senor Kaos dropped this video in my inbox and I'm so glad he did. It's empowering for women to know we can be celebrated in songs rather then be objectified.
The whole song flowed nicely and the video made it so very entertaining.
Well done!


New Mixtape: Pennant Race Presents: DJ Concept - The Courtside Coast To Coast Mixtape

Just take a look at the tracklist and tell me that it is not dope?

Not new, nor exclusive tracks, however, just the order brings back GREAT memories.

Here is what Concept sent me.

I got together with my dudes over at PENNANT RACE(www.pennantracegear.com) and created this new mixtape to drop alongside the first round of their Spring 09′ line. Their whole entire catalog is sick, especially if you are a sports fan, so definitely go check them out. Even NAS loves Pennant Race! (http://tinyurl.com/prgear) This mix is actually tailored for 2 specific tees: The Garden Courtside Tee & The Staples Courtside Tee that feature Spike Lee & Jack Nicholson (as seen on the cover). So most of these joints are about LA or NY. Some oldies, some new shit…all dope. Enjoy…&…Go Buy Shit! 9 new shirts total.

Tracklist and download inside.

Jack - A Man Makes His Own Way Intro
Notorious BIG & Frank Sinatra - Juicy New York
Emilio Rojas f. Hassaan Mackey, Black Sinatra, LI & Nikal Fieldz - 585 (Roc Y’all Remix)
Spike - You Da Man Interlude
Dr. Dre f. MC Ren, Time Bomb, King Tee, Kokane, Hitman, Xzibit, Defari, Knoc-Turn’Al - Some LA Niggaz
Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) - So Fresh
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Streets Of New York
Heltah Skeltah - Midnight Madness
Spike - Take A Chill Interlude
Self Scientific f. The New Royales - Heavy
Nas - New York State Of Mind
Jack - Do I Look Like I’m Kidding Interlude
Famoso f. Termanology, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Phantasm, Chubb Rock & Sadat X - Underground Railroad (Remix)
Defari - Lowlands Anthem
Gangstarr - JFK to LAX
Evidence - Down In New York City
Xzibit - Los Angeles Times
Dr. Dre, Kobe & TI - This Is Detox
Old Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo
Spike - Love & Hate Interlude
Murs & 9th Wonder - LA
Rakim - New York (Ya Out There)t me ) Ich Bin Hier Jawon - Get My Gun (prod by BTB)
Bubba Sparxxx – Survive



New Music: Quest- "Jealousy"

Quest has been hanging out on this blog quite a few times. The Florida native's tape is dropping on March 2nd with some good vibes expected.

Here is a new track I peeped from over at DopeRoots.

I need to get my own proofs of those pictures WITHOUT their tags on it. I am tired of this one picture I am constantly posting. Damn.

I like dudes voice. Like I always say, THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.



New Music: Epiphany - "I Get It In Freestyle"

Attention to future rappers. If you are going to send me an email, do it like this man did. Send me a picture, a ZShare link, and a download in the email if I like it.

That already get a plus even if the song is flaming trash.

This song is not...it is just a freestyle over 50's song, "I Get It In". It is a tad nice. I'll rock with it.



New Music: Brandun Deshay - Vol.Two! For The Show

I was asked to post this by @El_johnson on twitter.
I'm in class so I can't listen to it, nor did I ask if this dude is nice.
But here at Jacquesmorel.com we are practice E.O.P. (Equal Opportunity Posting.)
Give it a listen and drop whether it was worth your time or not.
Hit the hop for the download.

here is the myspace if you are interested



New Music: Ne-yo & Mary J Blige "love"

New Music from Ne-Yo & Mary J.
I'm going to be real and ofically say I am tired of the bullshit mediocre R&B music being made. I listen to R&B all the time, but I find myself more into 90's r&b then anything, and that's a shame.
This song was lame because it was so blah.


New Mixtape: The Doppelgangaz - The Ghastly Duo EP

I asked these guys if they were nice.

They said they worked with a multi-platinum producer (forgot his name) so of course they were nice.

I guess...

Here is what they sent me.

The Doppelgangaz strike from out the blue with The Ghastly Duo EP, a perfect appetizer to get the ears salivating for their debut LP 2012: The New Beginning on Darrell "Digga" Branch's Six Figga Entertainment. Matter ov Fact (emcee) & EP (emcee/producer) are the groggy pack who have been known to terrorize mics at random causing quite a stir. Be on the look out for the short man/ height man, with no hype man!



New Music: VS Stylez - "Break Away"

I cosign this artist. Now he is a little more gutta gutta than I would normally cosign, however, I will say that expect some more projects between me and duke in the near future. Regardless, VS Stylez is easily one of the nicest Emcees I have heard in a while.

And I listen to a lot of music.

This song does not showcase his lyrical capability, however, it does help showcase how versatile he is.

Peep it.



New Music: Mickey Factz - "Sensibility"

The Psuedo-Rap/Pseudo-Techno/Psuedo-Pop thing is awkward. I say awkward because it is a win or lose thing. Something that Theophilus London practices and most of GFC, it is something that can easily fail. I say this because it is not really rap in the known sense of the word.

It is a little more poppy than usual and not something that can fill a certain taste.

I feel like Mickey is teetering on the edge of this. While Theophilus would be the extreme, Mickey is the calm moderate. Mickey, from "Rapio 2 pt oh!" to "Say You Will" to this... If it does not catch on...then I do not know what is going to happen with it.

Maybe that is why he does not have a deal yet.

Shouts to Lorraine S for emailing me this.



New Video: Cam'Ron - "Get It In Ohio"

I cannot review this song. Why? Because Cam'ron is that DUDE!



New Music: Asher Roth - Song Cry Freestyle X Interview

This is an OK interview. It just fit and I did not feel like finding a picture.

Really...do not leave your Twitter open when your drunk/high friends are hanging around next to it. It never turns out well. Regardless, today I have no class and no work, so I should be coming at you live and direct for the next few hours.

Until I head into Queens.

Nevertheless, Asher Roth was chilling in London with Dj Semtex and he spat this meh freestyle. I will say that I do not really think dude can freestyle that nice. It is not his lyrics, it is mostly his flow that turns me off. However, he can make a good song.


I jacked the link from Nah Right just like most of you sorry ass bloggers out there. However I do have some exclusive/emailed stuff in the Gmail that should be pretty dope. So...get them ears wet.



New Music: Emilio Rojas & Stat Quo "Way she move"

I'm coming off of a Honey Bunches of Oats high...it was fun while it lasted *sigh*
New music from Emilio Rojas off his upcoming mixtape "Recession Proof"
The hook made the song, but that beat is smoooove. (yes, with a v)


Interview: Joe Budden sits down with Jessie Maguire

Dope interview. Shouts to my girl Jesse Maguire. She sits down for this nice interview with Joe Budden discussing various things.

Jesse...you still hate sitting in class?



New Video: TiRon Feat Ayomari - "3 Drink Minimum"

"3 Drink Minimum" from Eric Thompson on Vimeo.

Dropped Tirons mixtape before that I have been hesitating to download because I am in class. Now that my last class is canceled I am hanging out in the commons watching everyone scurry around like flies and what not.


O yea, check out this new video via Shake.

The Remainder of Your Post Goes Here


New Video: Hyphenated Life Presents CurT@!n$: Dope Boy C For President Episode III: Black on Black Crime

Hyphenated Life Presents CurT@!n$: Dope Boy C For President Episode III:Black-on-Black Crime from J. Poakwa The Writer on Vimeo.
We have been posting Curt@!n$ videos on this blog and this is the third episode.
Do yourself some good and watch it.
He said more in 1:47 then most people do running their mouth for an hour.
It's all the truth, and people don't want to hear the truth.
Is ignorance bliss? or should we pity those who fall into ignorance?
Watch it, educate yourself just a little.


New Music: Skent Dukes & Gorilla Zoe "Steady Watchin"

My goodness I'm in a hatin ass mood today.
New music from someone names Skent Dukes.
hmm Gorilla Zoe, I've heard the name before but I don't know what it is he has done...dah well !
Yall might like it, I don't know if I did.


New Video: Rebel Starr

Ok so its video dayyyyyyyyyy.
I hate watching videos like this, can't hear shit their saying just ...noise.
But a rap man and woman duo with afro's?
Priceless lol


New Video: Outasight

Ok so I don't know what this is, nor do I feel like watching it. Jacques sent it to me so I must post it.
I'm hungry and cranky and I do NOT want to go to the damn gym.


Psh. Outasight is dope!


Stumbled on: Kid Cudi- Transformers

The first movie was DOPE. I was in the movie theaters on the edge of my seat like a child. I don't care what anyone says.
This one shows promise even though I really think they should have left things how they were but ...whatever.
Kid Cudi's song just did not belong on this trailer.
Plain and simple.


Would You Hit?: Saffi Karina

Yes...but only once. Dude...she looks crazy. And she has crazy eyes. NEVER. I REPEAT NEVER DATE A GIRL WITH CRAZY EYES.


Actually nah. I wouldn't


New Music: Bone Thugs and Harmony - "The Game Ain't Ready"

I was as surprised as anyone when I peeped this over at Shakes domain. I mean, all five members put their problems, tribulations, and crack to come back on the same track.

The only sad thing about it is...outside of Hip Hop it might go unnoticed.

I do not care though. Being a Hip Hop head I am hype as hell for this.

The song is DOPE and even is reminiscent of OLD Bone Thugs.


The Remainder of Your Post Goes Here


New Video: Famous - "Road To MTV"

Canada spends too much time on this blog.

Call me a Mounty.

Or a Moose.

Or cheap currency.

Or Free Healthcare.


New Video: Behind the Scenes of Keelay and Zaire on VIMBY w/Phonte, DMinor for Alright With Me Video Shoot

So I am sitting here eating some chicken and rice...not halal...from my school and it is pretty dope. The girl next to me is studying and I feel like smacking the paper out of her hand.


I have no idea why.

Anyway, Keelay went over and hit me up with this behind the scenes of them shooting a video for "Alright With Me" with Dminor and Phonte of Little Brother. I am a tad excited for this so this should be pretty dope.

Keep it locked. I am almost done with my food and I am bored as hell. So expect a plethora of posts filled with scantily clad women.

The Remainder of Your Post Goes Here


New Mixtape: Tiron - "Ketchup"

I have never taken the time to listen to this dude Tiron, however, the email stated that I needed to stop sleeping on dude and knuckle up and listen to him. So, I am posting his mixtape for free download. I am not going to listen to him however...

No one tells me what to listen too!




New Mixtape: VIMBY x Uponthingz Present The New Classics

I posted the stream the other day, and now here is the mixtape. Drea was almost obsessed with this thing and I have not even taken the time to listen to it.

SMH @ Me.

My Zune needs to be updated regardless anyway. Featuring a dope selection of artists...download it.

Watup Keelay?
Download and tracklist at the bump.




New Music: Jasmine Sullivan feat Chaundon - "Fear" (remix)

Shouts to www.whatisthis.com
First off, I hate sharebee with a passion in my heart, it makes blogging such a hassle.. grrr *shows teeth*

Dope song though, Chaundon tied it together nicely
one of those songs you listen to when your down, only to find that it kicks you down one step lower, on some Lui Kang shit.



New Music: Jazmine Sullivan & Consequence "My Foolish Heart"

to be real readers, I'm not in the blogging mood. I am in such a BLAH mood its ridiculous... oh the perils of estrogen.
New music from Miss. Sullivan. I need to get back on my R&B grind (i know, i know Jacques) so I'm kicking it off with this, not a bad way to get back in it.
(p.s. if you have an r&b connect send that my way, thanks)

This song failed to wow me as most J.Sullivan tracks do but its ... cute.


New Music: Silent Knight Feat Cymarshall - "Represent"

This is an exclusive that I have been sitting on for WEEKS. It will be (hopefully) on the first mixtape entitled, "All Puns Intended" which is being presented by www.jacquesmorel.com.

That is 10x as dope as your average American.

The mixtape will feature exclusives from a lot of artists, production from your favorite producers favorite producers, and some other nonsense.

You excited? I am.



New Video: Rapper Big Pooh - The Comeback (Trailer)

First and foremost, LOL!@Chaundon acting as much of a fool as he does on Twitter.

Second, lol@ the dudes in this video talking about the girls as if they were meat.

Third, Lol@ this video in general.

Fourth, Delightful Bars Drops March 10!


Would You Hit?: Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson has had a lengthy time on this blog. Being undoubtedly beautiful and someone that was on my Top 10 list she never ceases to amaze me.

The question is the same.

Would you?

I would.

More pictures at the jump


New Video: Fashawn Rocking Exiles Show

Fashawn - Street Of Fresno (Live @ The Elbo Room 2/20/09) from AlwaysHustle.com on Vimeo.

I said do that shit do that shit DO IT

Fashawn is my favorite West Coast Emcee at the moment. I will go to the extent and say he is, in my opinion, nicer than Blu.

That is all my opinion.

Regardless, wait for Fashawn to blow. I know I will be there.

Thanks Bmuse!


New Music: Esso & Donny Goines "Watchin You"

Saw this in my twitter feed courtesy of @DonnyGoines
I remember seeing a video of Esso and Donny in the studio listening to this Minnie Ripperton cut, LOVE that song.
As I've said before, I'm a sucker for a sample and this is the sample you want on your song, that high note? what, Mariah Carey eat your heart out.
Esso and Donny did their thing as usual, worth the listen.


New Video: Donny Goines, A-Pinks, Homeboy Sandman & E.S.S.O. Freestyle

It does not look like I am heading to the video shoot anymore. Why? It is in Jersey. If I have to fast today, I am not in the mood to drive that journey. Moving on, am I the only one that does not care about Women's basketball?

Finally, this is a freestyle that I peeped in the email by a few of New Yorks finest. Enjoyable? Very.


New Mixtape: Lyriciss - The Day Job

I head over to Shakes domain and the first post I see is this mixtape from the dope Emcee Lyriciss. I have not listened to it yet obviously because I am listening to this OTHER thing Shake posted for "Flight School".

Tracklist and download at the hop.



New Music: World Class Wrecking Crew - "5 Rings"

Want to know something funny? Someone was arguing with me saying that Colby O'Donis was not a tanned up gay kid.

I then smacked them with the verbal hammer.

But this was all before I gave up that nonsense for Lent. If you did not know I am a devout Catholic. Boom.

Anyway, Cion went over and sent me this new WCWC song "5 Rings" which should undoubtedly be dope (I did not listen to it yet...sue me!)

In other news they have completely finished a full length album which should be dropping to a JacquesMorel.com blog near you. Am I excited? Just a little.

Finally! I wanted a good picture of them...so I basically upped the one you see there. Dope eh? Get him self a wife on the site.

Hit the jump for the full email!

Thursday we have a show in NY:
Black Dragon / DXA / Emilio Rojas / Don Cerino / Crimson / CP/ Brokn.Englsh
Thursday, Feb 26 8:30p
at Sullivan Hall, New York, NY

Ok... we're going on @ 9 sharp, so if you wanna catch us wreck shop we NEED you there on time... It's gonna be a great show overall so come through and support.

ALSO (dun dun dun....)
We're...how many?... 23 days late on email blasting the 2nd installment of the World Class Wrecking Crew's (WCWC for future reference) Monthly posse cut *sorry folks*. So we've included the Feb. installment titled 5 rings...Check it out and let us know what you think. If you missed any of the one's prior (i.e.the one prior) you can always check 2dopeboyz.com the first Monday of every month for the new track. We've got A LOT of surprises for you in the coming months w/ these WCWC joints... hope yall like em'...

Ok... Next order of business guys...We've hired Sally Struthers
And that old guy... from those other commercials to run our charity... The Drawing Board Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to putting out Brokn.Englsh's new album. All it takes is $2000 to save these starving artists' project. Maybe even as little as a $1 from you can get these guys music to reach the masses. With this donation you will receive photos of said artists as well as weekly updates on how they're doing. Enclosed is an introductory pic of one of the B.E. members (Cion Burris i.e. the guy writing this).

Ok, but seriously folks....Brokn.Englsh has finished recording out first official full length album... it's in the process of being mixed and spiffed up for all you guys. The album is called THE DRAWING BOARD prod. entirely by DefDom. Can't wait to get this out for all to hear...

Ok folks, instead of me talking up all of your time and since it's 3:17am (which might account for mistakes that i might have made) i shall bid all of you adieu! Peace...


New Music: Wale, Bun B, Young Chris, Proph Da Problem - "Searching for an Outlet"

Before you guys get your panties in a tizzy, this is probably the submission Proph had to Young Chris' slightly overrated self. I will not say that it will win, but it was definitely interesting to listen too.

O yes, I forgot.

Look for some DOPEness coming with Wale and this blog...very very soon.

The return of DivShare?

Probably not.


New Mixtape: 810 - "Supply and Demand"

Since I am keeping it rolling here with the back-to-back posts, check out this new mixtape the dudebr0 810 went over and emailed me. 810 was featured on JacquesMorel.com the other day(actually yesterday...curse this memory), and I was excited to get some more of his stuff in the email.

Dude is nice.

I thought so at least...

Check the download and tracklist at the hop.

In the meantime...where the hell is my dog? I have to feed that little rat!



New Video: Kanye West - "Stronger" for VH1's Storytellers Airing Feb 28

I have to start the day off right...right? Check this DOPE new video out of Kanye performing "Stronger" for VH1's storytellers. I just want to say...if you have not seen Kanye perform this live...you should not be listening to Hip Hop. You should not even be on this BLAWG(NY Slang for ya). You should be buying tickets to a show or three of his.


Anyway, I included the original video at the jump for anyone who feels like being nostalgic. Scratch that. Cannot find an embed code for the video...ugh. If you got one...email me.

Gotta bang these posts out REAL quick. Why?

Going to the Raekwon video shoot today. =]



Would You Hit?: Arianny Celeste


Shes hot.

I would.

Would you?

How easy was that?


New Video:Harlem’s Cash - "The Future/Modern Day Malcolm"

Harlems Cash- The Future/Modern Day Malcolm Government Rmx from Harlems Cash on Vimeo.
Funny thing is, I met Harlems Cash the other day and Drea asked him, "Why did you not come up to me?"

He said, "Because I do not want to come up like I was hitting on you blah blah blah"

KNUCKLE UP HARLEM!! She does not bite!!


I cannot watch this video because I am surrounded by friends idiots at this table.


New Music: Reks "Play my music" prod. Dj Statik Selektah

Ok so I figured out what's better then blogging in bed. Blogging in bed right after you get out the shower in your favorite towel. =)
Enough of that we have a JACQUESMOREL.COM EXCLUSIVE.
"Play my music" by Reks produced by Dj Statik Selektah.


Video Review: JacquesMorel.com sits down with Charles Hamilton's Well Isn't This Awkward

Jacquesmorel.com listens to Charles Hamilton "Well Isn't This Awkward" from Jacques Morel on Vimeo.

Charles Hamilton clearly has the idea of a man that has a specific path set out for him. In this video review, Drea and I sit down with his recent tape, Well Isn't That Awkward. It sure hopes to be dope.

Hit the cut for my full review. Make sure you throw the video up on your site. Thanks!

Charles Hamilton has displayed his versatility in his rhyming, production, and mixtapes. As the Hamiltization process continues, he continues with this mixtape lyrically explaining his travels as a bump in a spiritual relationship with a women in a penthouse. Eventually invited upstairs, he raps about how he may or may not get her detailing a gripping love story over 12 simple songs.

The mixtape is powerful in ways but failed to hold my attention in small, minuscule avenues. With this in mind, the journey that was Charles spoon-listened to me was a smooth one; not a lyrical masterpiece but clearly a mixtape which can be remembered. Each song had its individual flair to it clearly discussing the story in a way that only Charles could tell it. I was excited to listen to "Neverland" which had a great chorus to offset Charles' sub par singing capabilities. Getting into "You Too" really discussed the backdrop to some of Charles songs. Being a very expressive, touching, and gripping song portraying a tough life as a child. It also culminates towards the end with "In Case I Actually Get Her" and the vice versa.

The tape's beats, in my opinion, clearly exceed his rapping. However, I will say some times I felt turned off by the beats. That is a personal taste problem though.

I will say that the tape is worth the download for any rap fan.

Definitely for the rapping, but at least for the Journey.




BCTV: YEAR OF 9TH (9TH WONDER, PAC DIV AND E. JONES) from Broccolicity TV on Vimeo.
I think this was sent to me yesterday was Vimeo was out to lunch .
Regardless, enjoy.
I like Pac Div's music, get up on it.


New Music: Trapaholics & T.I. "Gone Till November"

I'm not going to listen to it, but you can.
Hit the hop for tracklisting.

01 Road to Redemption (Intro)
02 Party Ain’t A Party
03 Just Think f. Nas
04 Where I’m From
05 Goin Way Back
06 Do It To It
07 Boo f. 8Ball & MJG
08 Feelin You
09 Better Than This
10 Mind on My Money
11 Champ is Here f. Akon
12 Hero f. Akon
13 Turnin Me On
14 Daydreamin
15 Just Like Me
16 If I f. Justin Timberlake
17 Propane
18 Ain’t I (rmx)
19 Swagga Like Us (Live) f. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne
20 Gone Till November (Outro)


New Music: CL Smooth & Skyzoo "Big Poppa"

I'm in heaven today.
Love this, I really do. This song is one of my favorite BIG songs and they did it justice without a doubt. I'm on an old school spree today and all this old school influenced music keeps falling in my lap.
Their flows just complimented the song so nicely. Give it a listen.
"1 What your interests are, who you beez with, what numbers to dial, whats your twitter profile?" ... @AndreaMonique ;)


New Music: Keelay and Zaire Album Sampler Mixed by Dj Mere

I am so in love with all the music I am getting today!
I feel like there is nothing to trash, yall might think I'm getting soft... ha
But for real this mix is so beautifully put together, I couldn't ask for anything more.
The soulful R&B beginning to the hip hop, just great. If you listen to it, your in for a ride.


New Music: 810 "PayDay"

Got this in an e-mail. New artist from Baltimore named 810.
The song "PayDay" has that feel good bop to it, can't even front I was jamming to it. His flow is interesting to listen to, a fast to slow rap that had my attention.
Worth the listen.
Let me know what you think in the comment box


Nee Music: Kane Mayfield "Freedom Fighter"

Okkk, thats quite the picture eh?
Got this in an email along with a whole buncha other artists but I'm a busy bee so I just listened to the first one for now.
Kane Mayfield Ladies and Gentlemen. I was digging this song, it has that revolutionary vibe. I've heard plenty of songs like this one but the end is different, I like how they incorporated parts of speeches into the song. Check it out.