New Music: Emilio Rojas & DJ Noodles- Recession Proof Mixtape

Emilio Rojas is cool with the blog, he's good people.
But currently I am out the door to the gym so I can't take a full listen and tell yall what I think (like you care) so download it, take a listen and drop what you think of "Recession Proof" in the comment box.


New Music: Agallah - "Movie Star"

You know how I love to steal stuff from people right? Well I stole this from Sermon haha. I will say that this new Agallah is dope.

I was actually supposed to do some work with him...but we all saw how that turned out.


New Mixtape: Epiphany Feat Sincere - "Fake Niggaz"

It must suck to be Terrel Owens haha.

Shouts to Epiphany for being cool and waiting until the worst day of my life was over to send me this. Shouts! Anyway, he sent me something with a completely generic name but comes out alright.

Check what he said to me,

Back hitting you w/ and original track this time. It's called *"Fake
Nig**z" ft. Sincere*. Excuse the semi-generic title as the song goes hard
in the paint (as every self-promoting artist would say).


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New Video: Curt@!n$ Dopeboy C for President ep.IV: Malcolm X (Video)

Hyphenated Life Presents CurT@!n$: Dope Boy C For President Episode IV:Malcolm X from J. Poakwa The Writer on Vimeo.
I was supposed to post this earlier today but due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn't. I think I've posted every video form Curt@!n$ in this series and this is the last of them. Curt@!n$ is a smart man and he has my respect.
In this video he touches on Malcolm X, and gives his thoughts on his legacy.


New Music: Ghostface "Message from Ghostface"

Something surprisingly sensitive from Ghostface, even though he started it off "To all my women out there getting beat up"...ha
Very good look rhyming over this Glenn Lewis "Don't You Forget it" beat.
Domestic violence is never condoned. I'm not going into the Rhi Rhi Breezy situation, all I'm going to say is that shit ain't cool at all.
Here is the new version with Novel. Shouts to 2DB



New Music: Redman & Method Man "A-Yo"

Shouts to Nahright.




New Video: Brainstorm of Dyme Def - Kanye West Leak Video

Something is wrong with me today, I feel 'off', so pardon me if my posts sound retarded.

I motion for this blog to be called the "Say You Will" blog. All in favor...

Got this in a tweet courtesy of @BrainstormPrick.
I liked it, rapped over that Kanye joint as so many have done. It was dope, check it out.


New Music: Gallic Wars Presents Death Before Dishonor Hosted by Sha Money XL & Riz

**Official Tracklisting***
1) Intro - Sha Money XL
2) Red Bandana - Riz
3) Shotty On Me - Riz
4) NYC Way - Riz ft Maino
5) Stop Hustlin - Riz ft Sean Kingston
6) Put Em Up (JR Mix) - Riz
7) For My Hood - Riz
8) Gangstaz, Hustlaz - Riz ft Papoose
9) Interlude - Sha Money XL
10) Go Hard Or Go Home - Riz ft Lloyd Banks
11) Live & Die In NYC - Riz
12) Show You Bout It - Riz ft Trey Songz
13) Talk That Shit - Riz
14) That Boy - Riz
15) Hennessy & Haze - Riz
16) OT (Outtatown) - Riz
17) 187 - Riz
18) Back In The Day - Riz
19) Life As A Ridah - Riz
20) Say My Name - Riz
21) Da Bad Guy - Riz
22) Outro - Riz



New Music: Chi-King "Order"

Shout out to Alex for this.
Time to be reallllllll.
Didn't love it. I listen to so much music (especially because of this blog) and it's rare that I come across an artist that is memorable. He isn't to me. Don't get me wrong, hes ok but I need that standout factor.

Maybe that's just me.



New Music: Fred Knuxx "Thinking Out Loud"

So it's obvious there are those people in favor of tight jean\backpack rap and then there are those strongly against it. But Fred Knuxx seems to be in the middle. With this song it's more of a 'ok you wear tight pants (I'm not really feeling that) but what do you bring to the table?' And you know what? I totally agree. Rappers these days lack substance to me. Ok your rapping about guns, killing your enemies, how well you lay pipe, how many models you have... BUT WHAT ELSE?! where is your standout quality, what is your angle? Those are the rappers I am impressed with, mainstream or otherwise.

and scene.



New Music: Heltah Skeltah & DJ Revolution "Midnight Madness"

First to get this joint from Heltah Skeltah thanks for the e-mail!
Just a snippet for the fiends.
Check it outttttt

Coalmine Records is pleased to announce the lead single to the official release of Shuko's producer album, The Foundation which drops March 31st. This album is a mixed discography of new, previously released and remixed hits produced entirely by German super producer, Shuko. Hosted by the incredible rap team, Heltah Skeltah and mixed by DJ Dutchmaster, The Foundation includes guest appearances from Rakim, Papoose, Talib Kweli, Sean Price, Skyzoo, Jae Millz, Canibus,Torae, R.A. The Rugged Man and more.



New Video: Keri Hilson ... Who?

I know I haven't posted today, but I've been ... busy?
Anyhoo as I'm relaxing in my bed with my computer and the bottom half of the damn screen is having spasms (someone buy me a Mac!!) my friend Vinny (a beyonce stan) sends me this video that absolutely put me in tears. The fiery hell Keri Hilson unleashed on her own ass is pure comedy at this point.
"Who the fuck is you to diss Beyonce ... you stranger !"

*dead x100*


Interview: Charles Hamilton Sits Down With Carson Daly

Ayo Eskay!

Anyway, Charles is a nice homie of the blog. Continuing with this idea, he always is on this blog. Our 500 daily hits get him major press. You...don't even KNOW. Anyway, I have 4 midterms on Thursday so do not expect much posting out of me.

Just kidding.

Hit the hop for his live performance!


Its The Real: You Got CaPWNED

CaPWN'D from jeff on Vimeo.
I am a chronic procrastinator. I procrastinate in everything, feeding the dog, kicking the dog, feeding the mexican that does my lawn, and paying my street racing tickets. I have been putting off Googling "How to stop procrastinating". Funny right?

So Its The Real dropped another video with our friends from CNN.

No, these dudes are NOT reporting the news. THEY ARE THE NEWS. Regardless, they are as against Reggaeton as I am.

Stupid dumb ass music. *Slaps a random Hispanic*



New Music: Harlem's Cash - "Before the Nights Out"

Currently Drea and I are making a new video to Padded Room various songs that involve AWWWWWWW. And this email from Harlems Cash popped up on her email. Since she is currently making something for me to get fat on, I decided to post it. Here is what I think about it. I like the verses but dislike the chorus. Drea likes the chorus, but dislikes the verses.

Are we not perfect together?

DOWNLOAD HERE. Hit the cut for his IHipHop interview too.


Drea's Def Poetry Mondays: Tamara Blue "Thick Chicks"

Ok so I know that it isn't Monday. Shout out to Haze from NikeTalk who reminded me that I slipped and didn't post def poetry yesterday. Speaking of Nike Talk, I had an entire thread devoted to little ole me. 8 pages of me being internet raped from people telling me they wanted to "Bash my cervix in" to people saying I was "fat and ugly" and everything in between. Attention is attention I suppose.
If I had a dollar for every time I was called thick I could pay off my tuition and move to Barbados, so you can understand I feel where Tamara Blue is coming from. Granted, I am not a size 14 nor do I weigh over 150 lbs (or anywhere near that) but it's hard for a woman to be comfortable with her body, especially the thick ones. So being called thick is a compliment to me now.
"Like fuck it, just love it"


New Music: Keri Hilson, T-Pain Lil Wayne "Turnin me on RMX"

Break out the Vaseline and old dirty Reebok's ladies and gentlemen, we have a cat fight?
Ugh, normally i wouldn't waste any of my time or energy on matters like this but I am shocked at what I just heard. Did lil' Keri Hilson just come at Beyonce's neck? THE QUEENNNNN?
Keri just lost points in my book big time, especially because Beyonce won't even dignify all that noise with a response.
smh @ trying to start beef around your March 24th album release date. Leave that shit to the rappers.


New Music: XV ft. Tanya Morgan- "Somethin Better" produced by Illmind

Man I'm loving this song. Reminds me of Slum Village a bit. The second it came on I was feeling the beat. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Tanya Morgan.


New Music: A. Pinks w/ Trey Songz - Successful

Funny I should get this in an e-mail because I'm listening to the Drake tape now.
I think I am so used to hearing Drake on this that I don't love A.Pinks on it, I wish his flow was more in pocket on this song, less rapping on the top of the beat, if you know what I mean.


Would You Hit: Lana Lopez?

Ok so since Jacques pretty much offended yall with that last "Would You Hit" I decided to bring yall someone with... hair.

Lana Lopez is a lovely Mexicana (hard to come by)

More pics of Ms. Lopez at the jump

Begin maid jokes in 3..2..1...


New Video: Pepsi Mic Pass w/ Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Jay Rock, Jim Jones & Raekwon (Video)

Shouts to 2db.
I was listening to the Jada "Kiss my Ass" mixtape and came across this, since Jada is on it I felt that it was Ok to pause the mixtape for a second to listen.
LOL @ Jada rapping in the kitchen and Busta in the booth.
"Where my Pepsi at homie? thirsty"


New Music: J.Holiday "Lights go out"

Thank God for J.Holiday.
R&B music is sucking really hard right now and my life isn't the same because of it.
But when I get my hands on music like this is reassures me there is hope. I like J.Holiday, made memories to his first CD; he holds a special place in my heart.
But I think he needs to let go of that "eh" shit, it's too annoying to keep doing on every song. damn The Dream for that !
Round 2 is due out March 10th
2. It's Yours
3. Fall
4. Don't Go
5. Wrong Lover (Feat. Rick Ross)
6. Run Into My Arms
7. Sing 2 U
8. Lights Go Out
9. Make That Sound
10. Forever Ain't Enough
11. Fly
12. Homeless
13. I Tried


New Video: Emilo Sparks interviews Joell Ortiz

Cloudkicker TV: Emilio Sparks interviews Joell Ortiz from CloudKickers on Vimeo.
So Emilio Sparks was at the "Wu ooh" video shoot (where Jacques and I were supposed to be) and he interviews Joell Ortiz. *sigh*
Joell Ortiz is so seriously slept on, and it is a shame. He is a great artist, and I love the fact that he is Latino. Joell Ortiz actually saw Gutta Fam perform at his show in Manhattan last week and told them how much he was feeling them. Big things.


New Mixtape: Triple B Presents Cashtro: The Crosby Show: Super Bowl Re- Route

The homie Cashtro is a another friend of the blog. See, it is friends of the blog day. If you do not think so...FUCK you! WOO!

Anyway, I am not paying any attention sitting between two chicks right now pondering what I am exactly going to do with this tape...I guess I will just leak the damn thing.

30 tracks
30 tracks of heat.

Dude is from Ottawa. He has to keep warm SOMEHOW. Look for more Cashtro in the future. Watup Sermon?
Tracklist and download inside

1.The Crosby Show Intro 1:08 Cashtro And Dj Mes
2.Slim Joey 2:42 Cashtro
3.Marylin's Ascension 2:31 Cashtro Ft. Maxwell
4.Cosby PSA Part 1 0:23 Cashtro
5.All Star Remix Freestyle (Prod. Neptunes) 1:11 Cashtro
6.Feels Like the First Time** (Prod. Rocsteady) 2:07 Cashtro
7.Crosby Incredible 1:51 Cashtro
8.Weezy Instrumental (Prod. Cool And Dre) 4:15 Cashtro
9.The Nano Story Skit 1:22 Cashtro
10.Ipod Dope Boyz Freestyle 1:31 Cashtro
11.Real Haze Intrmission/ C.i.r.c.a Interlude 2:36 Cashtro
12.C.i.r.c.a Beatz Vs. Cashtro** (Prod. C.i.r.c.a Beatz) 3:17 Cashtro
13.Ghostly Shit** (Prod. Rythm Boyz) 1:08 Cashtro
14.Gotta Feel It** (Prod. Rythm Boyz) 3:44 Cashtro
15.Mind Games** Ft. Rezenee (Prod. Rythm Boyz) 4:32 Cashtro Ft. Rezenee
16.Cosby PSA Part 2 0:10 Cashtro
17.Friends Of the Year (Some Friends Of Vol. 2 Excl) 1:33 Cashtro Ft. C Sqeezy
18.Gettin Money Freestyle (Prod. SoundSmith) 2:51 Cashtro Ft. C Sqeezy
19.Nike Boots Re-Route 2:03 Cashtro
20.Change Ya Life Music** ( Prod. Ozzy Osland) 1:38 Cashtro
21.Skinny Nigga ToothPick** (Prod.The Dream Makers) 4:28 Cashtro
22.Day N' Night Re-Route 3:15 Cashtro
23.My BlackBerry Chick (Prod. Discotech) 3:50 Cashtro
24.Chip Bag Skit 0:59 Cashtro
25.Closer Remix (Illo Electro Mashup) 2:21 CashtroxIllo
26.Disco Sirens 3:01 Cashtro
27.The Crosby Show Outro 2:19 Cashtro
28.*Bonus Track - Im Official (Dubplate) 2:16 Cashtro
32. P.S



New Video-"Shotty On Me" - Riz * Off Gallic Wars Presents Death Before Dishonor Hosted by Sha Money XL & Riz

Whatup blogosphere.
Overslept like a muh today, but it felt good.
Moving right along
I have no idea who these people are, I'm keeping it real.
But when the first guy started his verse I thought it was Lloyd Banks (got excited) and found out it wasn't (my heart sank).


New Music: Set2 - "I Can't Stand (To See You Cry)"

Set2 is a homie of the blog. Although I trashed his beat the first time he was on here, dude lyrically is not half bad. I have not listened to this song because St Johns Internet was falling apart and still is, however, I toughed it out and managed to bring the song to you.

On a sidenote, Drea and I are indeed working on another video. Chill out people.


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Would You Hit?: I want to Have Sex With Amber Rose

So Amber Rose has no hair. But there better be other areas where she has little or no hair. Because I would bang Amber Rose out. Change that girls life. Make her change her damn profession too.

I'd replace Drea with her.


Thats a lie.



New Music: Jus Mic - "Get My Hip-Hop On"

That was the picture I received. Sue me.
So they are playing musical chairs in the Marillac Commons right now. Is this not...retarded? I almost forgot that I was in college. Depressing. Regardless, since I have not eaten yet, I am a grumpy motherfucker with only five bucks. Time to get someone to steal something for me.

Anyway, Jus Mic recently dropped these two new songs with me and a sampler to his mixtape which is on Dat Piff currently. I have not eaten it yet, but from what I sampled myself, sounds dope.

Get My Hip Hop On

My Last Day Of School

The mixtape sampler and the tracklist are at the hop.

Download the Sampler Here

Purchase it HERE



Interview: Vimby Catches Up With CymarshalLaw

Dude spit a dope verse on the first track I leaked off our upcoming project, All Puns Intended.

You can listen to that HERE

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Music Info: Kidz In The Hall - "The In Crowd Deluxe Edition"

Kidz In The Hall's critically-acclaimed sophomore release, "The In Crowd," will be re-packaged as a Deluxe-Edition, and made available world-wide on Tuesday, March 3rd. The digital-only release will include two new tracks, entitled "Cool, Relax," featuring Jay Electronica, along with a house remix to their highly successful song "Love Hangover" with Estelle. Fans will also have an opportunity to purchase the instrumentals to "Love Hangover" and "Drivin Down The Block." As an added incentive, those who purchase the complete album, will also receive Kidz In The Hall's "Drivin Down The Block" and "Love Hangover" videos free of charge. This 19 track, two video, album bundle will still be available for only $9.99.

Kidz In The Hall have established themselves as a premier Hip Hop group. Music from "The In Crowd," has been placed in the soundtracks for EA Sports, Madden 09 ("The Blackout"), Rockstar Games, Midnight Club LA ("Drivin Down The Block") and the upcoming MTV/Activision game, Pimp My Ride 2 ("Drivin Down The Block"). Adding to this, Kidz In The Hall & Reebok have joined forces to create the 'The Classic Remix Collection,' an initiative that allowed the group to re-interpret the timeless rap record, "I Got It Made," by Special Ed. The latest version of the 1989 song will only be available for consumers that purchase the Reebok Classic Remix collection on March 10, 2009 exclusively at Foot Locker retailers.

Tracklist inside.

"The In Crowd Deluxe-Edition" Track Listing:

1) The Blackout featuring DJ GI Joe

2) Paper Trail featuring Phonte of Little Brother

3) Drivin Down The Block featuring Masta Ace

4) Lucifer's Joy Ride featuring Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes

5) Snob Hop featuring Camp Lo

6) Mr. Alladatsh*t featuring Donnis & Chip The Ripper

7) Love Hangover featuring Estelle

8) Let Your Hair Down featuring Skyzoo & Lil Eddie

9) Middle of The Map Pt 1 featuring Fooch

10) Middle of The Map Pt 2 featuring Black Milk & Guilty Simpson

11) The In Crowd featuring Tim William

12) The Pledge featuring Buckshot & Sean Price

13) Inner Me

14) Drivin Down The Block Remix featuring Pusha T of The Clipse, Bun B & The Cool Kids

15) God Bless

16) Cool, Relax featuring Jay Electronica

17) Love Hangover House Remix featuring Estelle

18) Drivin Down The Block Instrumental

19) Love Hangover Instrumental

20) Drivin Down The Block Video (Album Only)

21) Love Hangover featuring Estelle Video (Album Only)


New Music: Asher Roth - 20 Minute Freestyle

Asher Roth needed one of these. With everyone left and right putting down his freestyling capabilities, he showed off here by freestyling high as hell over many beats.

I am only half way through it right now and I already know I am burning this. This should be great for the morning commute tomorrow which should be full of snow. Ugh.

Shouts to IllRoots for the linkage.

*EDIT* Just posted the video of him on Semtex's show. Thanks for the email!


New Video: Punch - "Turn My Swag On"

"Turn My Swag On" was probably Soulja Boy's best song ever. I mean he tried to come with that lyrical nonsense a few weeks ago (I am not going to link to it) but it was his best song. Anyway, Punch, comes in here with his own remix of Soulja Boys song. Funny thing is, he performed with Trey Songz for Adelphi last week.

My sister was fawning over that damn show.




Would You Hit?: Halle Berry

There is a new fragrance out and Halle Berry is sponsoring it. The thing I do not understand is, she probably took no work at all to sponsor the damn thing, through them a few dollars, posed with her beautiful self, and hid her overly dark skinned baby.

She is still hot though.


New Music: Granite State Feat Reks - "Just Think" Prod By Statik Selektah

Since I am currently in the mood to jack music and what not from 2DopeBoyz, this is another song that I think I listened too last week when Drea and I kicked it with Statik.



New Music: World Class Wrecking Crew - "March Madness"

Cion! I am so mad at you for not emailing me this song.

I am almost LIVID.

I had to take it from Shake.

And he is a LOSA.



New Music: K.Sparks & Angelous - "Take It There"

That is a YouTube video of them claiming that this song is going to change my damn life.

K.Sparks...that 12 inches thing was NASTY. Ha!

Angelous really DOES sound like Jay Z.

However after listening to it, it is a nice song..but it did not change my damn life.


New Video: Rebel Starr Performance @ DonHills

So the people in the video told me, that if I do not know who Rebel Starr is, than I need to wisen up.

Well now I know who Rebel Starr is and I do not care.

I wisened the fuck up.

Download the song you witnessed in the video HERE.

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ItsTheReal: CNN Teaser

The Rosenthals' Rosenberg Flipcam Diary, Vol. 3 from The Real Extras on Vimeo.

Opinion timeeeeeeeee.

Capone is a funny dude. Nore (Not in the mood for those annoying periods right now. And the caps lock. Fuck it.)... Anyway, while taking time from arguing with Perez Hilton, they argued with ItsTheReal(yea...I added that word to my online E-dictionary for Google Chrome. Does not even come up spelt wrong! Suck it haters.) for this short little teaser of the insanity that is to come on Wednesday.


Speaking of Me and Drea....that 6thSense video is getting pushed back.

To Thursday. Ha!


New Mixtape: Mike Posner & The Braintrust - A Matter Of Time

DJ Benzi and Don Cannon link up with Mike Posner and The Braintrust to do some major work and create a seemingly (everyone is raving about it) dope mixtape. The coverart is something serious combined with the appearances by Donnis, Big Sean, and others.


A little bit.

Tracklist and download inside. Shouts to OnSmash.

1. Tick (Feat. Don Cannon)
2. Drug Dealer Girl
3. Cooler Than Me (Feat. Big Sean)
4. Hey Cupid
5. Still Not Over You (Feat. Eric Holljes)
6. Evil Woman
7. Who Knows? (Feat. Big Sean)
8. Halo
9. Smoke & Drive (Big Sean, Donnis & Jackie Chain)
10. Losing My Mind
11. A Matter Of Time
12. Tock (Feat. Don Cannon)



New Video: Mista Mista Feat. LJC - "Adjust My Tie"

Mista Mista ft LJC "Adjust My Tie" directed by Josue "SWAY" Mendez from MISTA MISTA on Vimeo.

There is currently 6 1/2 feet of snow outside. Depressing huh? Twitter homie, Mista Mista, laced us with the cool rhymes that he is clearly known for. He was part of my blogging blitz, which I have not done in a long time, and he comes back here to entice us with the dope video.


*EDIT* My boy also included his mixtape in the email. Check it HERE.


Music Info: QuEST Wins Tag Record & Jermaine Durpi SOFT Contest

Congratulations to QuEST for winning this contest. Although it might be a tad cutthroat working with JD, it should be a crazy experience and Drea and I are happy for you.

Snagged from Shake.

It was the Survival of the Freshest. Eleven cities. 660 MCs. In the end, there could only be one winner, and that MC came through representing his city, Miami, to the fullest. QuESt already took home $5,000.00, and as the overall winner he’s landed studio time and a first look deal with JD and TAG Records!