Listening To Shapries- It's A 6th Sense Yo!

Listening to Sharpies- "It's a 6th Sense Beat Yo!!" from Jacques Morel on Vimeo.

So that's it folks, "Listening to Sharpies" is the name and we are sticking with it,so ya know... shut up.
This is the first time we have a guest appearance on a Listening to Sharpies video... (besides my breasts I guess) not a bad way to start. 6th Sense! If you don't know who he is, at this time I will ask you to find something sharp and fall on it.

He came to the set of 'Listening to Sharpies' (cough) my living room, and as we brainstormed ideas we had great conversation. It would have made for a greattt sit down video, but that's whole nother video idea altogether.

So yall enjoy the video, leave a damn comment (its not going to kill you)

and shouts to 6th for the video editing and coming through.

-Andrea Monique



New Music: 54 Reality Show Pre-SXSW Grind Week!!!

54 Reality Show 3-09 from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo.

So people ask us, who helps with our videos?

These dope dudes do it.

Now I just wish I could head to Texas...

Crew54 @ SXSW 3-20 10 p.m. Commercial from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo.

Because they will be performing too. Grrr.


New Video: Wordspit Going In @ Platform NYC

joystickmadness from wordspit the illest on Vimeo.

Wordspit...you need to change your name. Because I have no idea who "Chris..." is in my email! Anyway, dude is dope...just needs to work on his breathe control.

"I Hit em With?"


New Video: Bun B Freestyling to "Aint I"

"You can curse...its all gewddd"


That Southern drawl.

Shouts to Shake.



New Music: Ne-Yo "Love"

ugh, Ne-Yo looks so gay sometimes. I love him, really I do but some pics are unforgivable.

So I know some people that eat up everything Ne-Yo puts out, just because well...it's Ne-Yo. But me on the other hand? NAH!
I love his work, he's made some great and very original music, but when he puts out shit like this *Love*..it hurts my feelings. It's so mediocre, bothers me.

"me love it when..." blah blah NEXT



New Music: K. Sparks "When The Smoke Clears Volume 2"

I think I have a problem with my little brothers listening to "single ladies"....

moving right along here is a mixtape for yall from K.Sparks

01 Freestyle Intro
02 Money (Prod. By Alkota)
03 Tattoo (Prod. By T-Mos)
04 Chickenhead (Skit)
05 Fuck Outta Here (Prod By. Big Drew
06 Blogology (Prod. By Dj Ophax)
07 K. Sparks & Angelous Freestyle In
08 Rewind Feat Angelous (Prod. By Kurser)
09 Dictionary (Kurser Remix)
10 Freestyle Interlude
11 Soul Child (Dj Booth)
12 Fever (Prod. By Fero Navi)
13 Chickenhead Pt. 2 (Skit)
14 50 Bars
15 Everbody Has A Series (Prod. By Kurser)
16 Music (Prod. By Presto)
17 Freestyle Interlude 2
18 My City Feat Julius Francis (Prod. By Corey Jackson)
19 Genesis (Prod. By T-Mos)
20 Another Day
21 K. Sparks & Angelous Freestyle
22 Take It There (Prod. By Dave Barz)
23 Underdogz
24 Vajayjay Juice (Skit)
25 Push Em Back (Prod. By Tom Collett
26 Freestlye Interlude 3
27 Closer (Prod. By Paul Poli



New Music: Jamie Foxx & Rosco Blame it remix

This picture of Jamie is significantly better then the picture I had up of Rosco before
(no shots?)

I am really done with this song by now, so if you still care about it listen to Rosco add his part to it..*goes back to listening to The Dream's album*


Listening to Sharpies - Joe Budden's Padded Room

JacquesMorel.com Presents : Listening to Sharpies Featuring Joe Budden's Padded Room from Jacques Morel on Vimeo.

So we finally thought of a fucking name. It was an intense process that took weeks 5 Hours of Drea shooting down my ideas and her getting it write (no pun intended...ha fucking ha) on the last try. We decided to make it "Listening To Sharpies" which will eventually become a brand.

You will see this shit in porn videos eventually *hi fives Jenavieve Jolie*.

In order to review this tape, we decided to relate it to a terrible dating cycle. As in, I loved it at first look, however, I saw how it deteriorated as time went on. Depressing. I have a review for it, it is just in my other computer so that will be up later. Leave a comment asses.


New Music: Rollin Down The Freeway (prod. by Statik Selektah) ft. Kali, Glasses Malone, & Termanology

Song is so smooooth. Statik def. did his thing, I love his production work.
I think everyone contributed nicely to this song.
I recommend a listen.
*bops to beat*


New Music: Da Dumb Crew "London Bridge"

From what I've read in the e-mail Da Dumb Crew is a rap group of two members from Washington.
Clicked on this song because I liked Fergie's "London Bridge"

listened... didn't hear anything particularly grabbing.



New Music: Proph The Problem "It Is What It Is"

Dude gets a lot of love on this blog, and for good reason.
I don't think I've posted a song from him that I didn't like. (still got that "c'mon baby hurt me" song in my head from time to time)

I do hear the Jay-Z comparison in his voice from time to time though.

song is dope, peep it.
"Hip Hop wasn't dead, I just happened to murder it"



New Music: ROCKSTAR - 1 AM

Been twittering this man (no that is not dirty for those of you who don't know what twitter is *rolls eyes*) and he is a cool guy, even gave him a gold star, how is that for approval?

First off, I like this beat, I'm really liking the beat. Then I'm liking the flow. Then I'm liking the song.

kinda like sex, then a relationship...yeah exactly like that.



New Music: Richie Sosa "Fuck You, Pay Me"

Hot song from Richie Sosa, a song with the ever so popular mantra "Fuck you, pay me"
This song has nice bop to it, something to get you in the FUCK YOU mood.


New Video: Dujeous- "Break Bread"

DUJEOUS - "BREAK BREAD" from Dujeous LLC on Vimeo.

I love this. I loveeeeeee this!
Has that good ole family feel, and the video is just beautiful. Got grown folks to little children. That's dope.
and I did peep homegirl with the Louboutin's and yes I am jealous... grrr


New Music: Donny Goines Ft. Mistah F.A.B "Street Poetry"

New joint from Donny Goines & Mistah F.A.B.
Donny rhymed so perfectly on that first verse.

why does this song make me feel like working out...like I need to be on an elliptical or something.. idk

Enjoy this kiddiesssss



New Mixtape: Has-Lo - "Small Metal Objects"

Eveytime I get music from an artist that I have never heard before, I try my hardest to hate on it. I sit there with the fury of 1k Sandra Roses. Now listening to this, I cannot really try and not hate on it. He has a cool sound mixed with cooler lyrics. Dude is nice.

Check out his EP which is included at the hop.

Look for more of him here.

1. Small Metal Intro
2. Ain't Got It In Ya
3. Small Metal Objects
4. The Quiet Things
5. Inhuman Interlude
6. Dogma
7. The Commentary (pt.1)
8. Small Metal Outro



New Video: Emilio Rojas- In the studio

so my other little brother is next to me playing football on mute (?) yelling at the television. I'm starting to think he has tourettes... more on that later.

Emilio Rojas!.. dude has been all over the blog since his Recession Proof tape dropped.
and here is yet another video from him, quite entertaining actually.


New Music: J. Reed "Closer"

So J. Reed went over and sent me a brillantly written email combined with a picture and some credibility. If you want to get actively posted on this website, you must send me emails like that.

Unless your famous.

Because then I will bend over backwards to post your stuff.


Jeez. *Smacks dog* We smacking pets today.

Anyway, this song is a nice song describing feelings. It touched me. Nothing normally touches me like that...unless she is related to you.



New Video: KrumbSnatcha - "Feeling"

"They at your door like netflix"

I am taking chances today people! I am posting music that I am not really listening too. This, however, I took a listen too. Matt sent over this new music from KumbSnatcha (which I will say is a corny name lol!) and I am feeling the beat and how the dude eloquates his lyrics. It was not posted anywhere...

So lets just call it a JacquesMorel.com exclusive.

*Slaps Fake Blawgers*


New Video: Deadly When Exposed Performing Live

This type of music does not fit here. I know that and you know that. This girl that I am about to try and get over my house...knows that too.

Kidding. I get no vag.

Anyway, this popped up in the email and I decided to listen to it. I will admit and say that this beat is fucking sick. *slaps dog*. Dog Slapping sick.

Maybe...MAYBE there will be more of them on this blog.

You can check out their MySpace here


New Music: J-Love - Here He Is

I am taking a huge chance here. I have not listened this song at all...nor do I know who J-Love is.

Lets take a chance!




New Video: Keelay & Zaire in store @ FatBeats NY 2009

Keelay & Zaire in store @ FatBeats NY 2009 from openlinemedia on Vimeo.
This is from February I believe, freestyle session @ FatBeats NY. Featuring Evangelist, Khizman, & Emilio Rojas.

Enjoy suckuhhhs


Interview: CDR Sits Down With The Kid Daytona

You know...that "A Little Bit of Luck" guy is definitely a registered sex offender. Someone tell me that he is not.

Anyway, The Kid Daytona, a dear homie of the blog, is dope. Look for more cameos on this website including him. Here he talks about how he linked with Cipha Sounds, Mick Boogie and others.

Should be dope!

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Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Rives "Def Poetry Jam"

So it's that time again yall.

I've been in an inspiration dry spell, it is so frustrating. But Rives always puts a thought in my head. He is such a talented poet and his poems are so effortless, something that all writers should take into consideration when they want to lay down their thoughts.

Some of the best poems I've ever heard involved the deaf (I'll post my favorite one in a couple weeks). This poem has so many elements. It's humorous, simple, imaginative, thought provoking. The part about them wanting to know the words to hip hop music put a smile on my face and a fear in my heart. Can you imagine never being able to hear music?!>> *breaks out in coldsweat*

"Can you hear me now?"


New Video: The Dream speaks on "Fancy"

SoundOff TV: The Dream from LowKey on Vimeo.
So i spotted this in Low Key's twitter.
LowKey is obsessed with the song "Fancy" off oh The Dream's new album (which is fantastic by the way) so you best believe he jumped at the chance to talk to the man himself about what his intentions are with "Fancy".

I happen to love that song as well. It's so beautiful and whimsical. I really think that that song alone set new standards for what r&b artists should be doing with their music in 2009 and beyond. You can tell it's a project rather then just a song, its over 6 minutes so you know some thought went into it.
Cop Dream's album when it drops on the 10th !! I'm over here saying it to yall like I will or something ha!


New Music: C.S. RuckeR- "Move Mommy"

So I'm sitting here (not in a towel this time wamp wamp) dog in lap, little brother next to me reading his book and I get this e-mail from this kid from New Mexico.
So I play a couple of his songs and then play "Move Mommy" and my brother says "I like that beat". I'm co-signing and posting the song now. When little kids can be excited about music, it makes me excited about music.

I like dude's flow.
and incorporating spanish into his raps, but not in the annoying way like Peedi Crack, is quite sexy.


New Music: Raekwon "Staten, We Go Hard"

so this has been sitting in my inbox for too long.
time to post it (sorry Alex)

Honestly I'm really over the whole "_____ (<-- insert where your from) we go hard" thing. I liked Jay-z on "Brooklyn We Go Hard" but Santogold made the song unbearable to listen to over and over. ugh !!
this song is ok, but does Staten
really go hard? drop me a comment.



New Video: SB.TV - P Money

MAN, have I been slacking on posting. It's Monday so you know it's back to grind time, even though I'm on vaca (sigh)

So this is not what I would normally post, considering its reggae and all, and I have no fucking idea what they are saying, but as with all reggae music, its not about the lyrics its about how dope it sounds.

and this sounds pretty dope.

oh and haters...


Would You Hit?: Lady Gaga

If you follow my Twits, or follow this blog, I have a thing for pale kinda bald looking white chicks.

I also have a thing for Lady Fucking Gaga.

Deal with it ass.


Its The Real: Teaser

March 9th Madness from The Real Extras on Vimeo.

Fucking teasers. I want to see the damn video already


New Video: 6th Sense February ReCap

NTV: Feb '09 Recap from 6th Sense on Vimeo.

I know this dropped DAYS ago, but, I had not been posting so I will drop it now. 6th is probably one of the coolest guys I have had the chance of meeting in this industry and that is dope. The video we did with him is pretty dope too.

This whole fucking post is dope too. Hey you? Your fucking dope. Hey you? Yea you...with the tits (Drea) You're fucking dope too.

Watup Shake?

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New Music: Lil Wayne & Drake - "I'm Going In"

Jeez. Wayne's voice is something serious. Something seriously annoying. Shouts to Sermon on the exclusive(for him at least.) Also, Me >>> You Serm!!

The tags are on it, so give me a few days to locate the original. When I do it will be up.

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New Music: K Sparks - "Everybody Got A Series X My City"

K Sparks has been dropping these freestyles on this blog for the past few months. I am here to gladly give you something else to enjoy. This new song, "Everybody Got a A Series" is something dope. A dope beat and a song that fits his voice perfectly.

I am rarely dissapointed with him. So stop sleeping.

No really stop sleeping. Its 12 O'Clock.

I also included a little bonus..you can find that at the jump



New Music: Adebisi -"Lions Tigers and Bears"

I just woke up. It has been a rough weekend. A very innebriated one too. The new video is dropping in a few minutes so bare with me. Adebisi went over and linked me up with this dope freestyle. He has clearly grown over the times that he has been on this blog. I like this.