New Music: Fat Joe "Hey Joe"

Shouts to Lowkey for this.

I don't like Jose Gordo anymore. He is so lame to me, and he will never be Big Pun.
...yeah I said it, so what.

Be careful what you say in the comment box though, the big man is sensitivo.



New Music: Pac Div "OPP" (No DJ)

I know we are late on some of the stuff we are posting, we are playing catch up, give us a break.

Me like Pac Div, they bring something to the table that I like so much, can't quite put my finger on it, but idc.

They took Naughty by Nature's classic and flipped it Pacific Division style (but of course you knew that, this version just doesn't have dj drops!)

This song is dope and it's going on the iPod in 5..4..3..2..1...

"Ayo homie in the purple hat..." *Drea stop*



New Video: WordSpit Live At Public Assembly

Funny thing is, I was just talking about how dope Public Assembly is. Great place. Even though I am only 19 and I am not even allowed in the place...but that just incraeses the already CLEAR reason as to why I am the shit.

Do not deny.

Watup Word?


Would You Hit?: Chelina Manuhutu

She probably does not speak English.


She is tan as hell


She is taller than me.


She can come on the boat. What? You did not know? I am going to start a Noah's Ark of Girls. Coming to JacquesMorel.com TOMORROW. It WILL be dope. I PROMISE.


New Video: Common sits down with UAUTV

Common Sits Down w/ Substantial for UAUTV (Up And Up Television) from Up And Up Television -Truth Hall on Vimeo.
So I am in class, and I am bored to tears.
I swear my professor sounds like:
'wah wah wah wah wah'

But as I was perusing nahright, I saw Common, and without much thought, decided to post it.
Mind you I haven't listened to the interview yet, but you better believe I will go home, light some candles get 'neked' and watch.

Common > You


New Music: GLC, Kanye West & T-Pain - "Flight School"

You know what is dope? Reading Nah Right when they put some damn opinion into it. Clearly it makes it a lot easier to read. And THAT is something that I want to read constantly.


This is something Nation posted, so I am CLEARLY jacking it too. *puts on Ski Mask*

*Does not know who the whiteboy is in the picture*


New Music: Charles Hamilton - "C-Food"

C-Food is a ghetto grocery from where I am from. So the title of this song made me wonder...

Where is my wallet?


Watup Shake?


New Mixtape: The Southwest Invasion!

Currently every Hip Hop 2.0 artist and their mother is down in Texas right now rapping their asses off. SXSW Has started people and I, Jacques Morel, am not there. Move past the fact that I have not been to a rap show in about three months, I am also missing this too. The other day I dropped the intro with 6th, Donny, and Pinks. That was dope...this is surely looking to be dope.

So what can we even DO here?

Hit the hop for the fucking download.

I wish I was in Texas...only for this week though. New York >>>>



New Video: De La Soul Performing "Stakes Is High" Live

De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Live @ The Key Club) 3/12/09 from AlwaysHustle.com on Vimeo.

De La Soul is from Amityville. Amityville >>>> You.


New Music: Dj Booth Exclusive Freestyle - Jarren Benton

Jeez I woke up late. I mean I was up until 4 O'clock playing beer pong last night, but, I also came home and watched two episodes of Entourage...the greatest show on TV. Keeping that in mind, Booth shot over this freestyle from Jarren Benton who I will say that I have never listened too. Shoot me...but I clearly have not.

Meh what can you do?



New Mixtape: 2 Hungry Bros x AOK Collective - My Crew's All Thinner [Mixtape]

Ouch. We have not posted hardcore in a few days. Ugh. Not to happy about it. This is a mixtape that the Homeboy Sandman shot me over that I have yet to post. It sounds dope and that cover is classic. Hit the cut for the download.




Listening to Sharpies - 5 Reasons

Listening To Sharpies: 5 Reasons from Jacques Morel on Vimeo.
Shouts to Esso on the music. You can download the song HERE
I am too busy posting everyone ELSE'S stuff that I did not take the time to post my OWN video. Shouts to all the people that make this possible...and all the people that hate us.

We have yet to catch fire...but the key is getting REAL hot and STAYING HOT.

Dope right?


New Video: The Kid Daytona - "Fly Shit"

The funny thing is, I do not have this song in my collection. I have about 10gs of rap and I do not have that song. Depressing I know. Daytona shoot me an email with it in it please! Thanks. Moving on, this video + the song is DOPE.



New Music: A Pinks, 6th Sense, Donny Goines - "SXSW Invasion Intro"

What these dudes just did, made my morning a little better. 16 Homo - 16 Homo. Honestly, I have been listening to bad rap all morning. All of a sudden, NOW, my email is poppin. With bad music.


Anyway, all three link up to come with DOPE lyrics on a DOPE beat...good call.



Interview: HHO Sits Down With CurT@!N$

Jeez that name is insane. The homie CurT@!N$ sits down with HHO to talk about his new mixtape The Great Adventures of DopeBoy C which I am excited for.

What up C?


New Video: Charles Hamilton - "Loser"

Ugh. I hate hiding my tool bar, because when I hide it, it goes over the tabs I have open in Google Chrome. Yes I am using Google Chrome...Yes it is better than your favorite browser.

Don't think so?


Decipher that.

Anyway, this is the new video from Charles Hamilton's Pink Lavalamp mixtape which dropped a few months ago. Enjoy!



New Music: Epiphany- "Take 6000"

something about black and white pics makes these artists sound better ... haha

so got this e-mail, had to unplug SWV from the iPod to listen to it, and I'm not mad I did that.

Turned it on, immediately thought "aint that the fiddy beat?!" *bops*
(if I'm wrong shut up)

dudes flow is good, breath control was niceee (I tend to notice up and comers need to work on that)



New Video: Asher Roth - Blunt Riding (Performance Video)

So my fucking Xbox is broken and Twitter will not let me update no longer. What kind of nonsense is that? Honestly.

Am I angry about it?

Damn right I am. I am downright furious.

Ughhhhhh But this song sounds DOPE. Asleep In The Bread Isle 4/20!!


Drea's Def Poetry Monday's- Perre Shelton "Dandelion"

My goodness, I feel like I just wrote last week's Def Poetry post.

With these Def Poetry posts yall can get a glimpse into my head on a non music related tip. This week I chose this poem because I miss my mother. When I initially went into Youtube.com looking for def poetry I went in search for this poem, I remembered hearing it and falling in love with it when the show aired on tv (before Russell yanked it!) . Of course along the way I found other poems but when I came across this one again I was so happy. I know we clown a lot on this blog but I know I have the ability to be serious. If you take a moment to listen to this poem you might take something from it, afterall "yo mama" is everyone's weak spot.

"But my mother always grow back to soak sun and hold it in her cheeks"

"A flower as beautiful as her does not belong in a rose bush"


Would You Hit?: Katy Perry

No. I am not in the mood to discuss white girls right now.



New Music: Japanese Cartoon - "In The Jaws of The Lords Of Death X Crowd Participation"

So Lupe is saying that it is not him behind this rock band Fiasco.

Hey Lupe!

Why do you not just say its you? This rock is a tad dope. I listen to A LOT of Rock, and I think its nice. You could also have the chance to make yourself some DOPE music and a little money on the side. I mean he is already rich from kick pushing and what not, however, it allows him to venture out of the monotony we call rap.

Its better than fucking prom queen ANYWAY.
In The Jaws of the Lords of Death

Crowd Participation
Shouts to the homie Shake!


New Music: Crew54 - "Good Day" (Prod By Keelay & Zaire)

While I am in the Good Music mood, I am going to post some more feel good songs from Crew54 who mix our wonderful videos. This is produced by the homies Keelay & Zaire.

Watup Keelay?

"Fresh Air...Storms over you might have to cough"


New Music: K Sparks - "Sunday Drive"

K Sparks is here to grace us with some more cool music. This "Sunday Drive" correlates a clear observation point of view from a nice weather Sunday Drive.

That was a dope line I dropped right there.
From K Sparks -

"Wud up ya'll...this song was produced by DJ Bobby Bob...it's a feel good record with a real laid back vibe...myself and Bobby are working on a lot of new material so we'll be droppin a lot of dope joints soon for ya'll until our project is ready to be released...until then ya'll know my motto...Saving Hip Hop One Wack Rapper at a Time"



New Music: SeDew Price - "Drop Out:

I have not posted in a few days. Sorry for that, last week was a week where I needed to get to know myself.

Thats a damn lie. I got lazy.

Anyway, Sedew Price went over and emailed me this new song combined with an entire bio about him. Apparently dude is from Vegas. I had no idea rappers even CAME from Vegas. Just thought they died there...

From the slight listening of this song I will admit that it is kind of dope. However at times he sounds like Drake. More times than others.


If you like the song, hit the hop for his mixtape download...which I am peeping now.