New Video: Search Upload * Video File * Quick Capture Boaz - "Can't Stop Me" Freestyle

I am 100% not in the blogging mood today. Expect very few posts out of me today.

Freestyle was ok.

..now back to Transformers ... muahahahaha


New Music: New Wu-Tang Album Coming Soon?

Yeah you heard it first... Something special is in the works. I been told The RZA is behind this & that the Wu have been recording all new material. The information on this is "sensitive", however, a "leak" song might be coming soon. Stay tuned...

In the meantime... I attached the album cover to "The RZA Presents Killa Beez: Return of The Swarm. Remember that album... shit I do like it was yesterday


New Video: StewRat mixing "Disturbia"

My boy over at Treazy's spot went over and did this DOPE mix of Disturbia. Since Stew has been a homie of mine for years (over the internets anyway) I think it deserved to be thrown up here.



New Music: Theophilus London Interview

S.A.B. Radio x Theophilus London Interview from S.A.B. Radio on Vimeo.

So I have not been able to remove this guys tape from my car. To be honest...a few girls I hang out with love it. Now...I gave it a bad review when I first listened to it...however...now...I find myself listening to it too.

I grew accustomed to it.

Tapes kinda dope.

I guess the thing that turned me off was his attitude to bad reviews that he displayed on Twitter...it was like...come on. Accept the review and keep moving on.

Then someone commented on my review and said no one reads my blog.

Thats what pissed me off.


New Music: J To The S - "A New War"

Crap...it will be a busy day. I have a ton of tapes to listen to for Listening to Sharpies...I have to write a few scripts....blah. And I have to all get it done before I go and get trashed tonight.

I like cutting it close.

Watup DJ Z?


New Music: AX - "Brave Dreams Acoustic"

Dude's flow is nice. To be honest I do favors for friends on this site. That is true. Because of that, I cannot really enjoy what gets put out most of the time. It plagues me. However, my tall as friend Gabe, dropped this dope shit off to me.

Watup Gabe?

BTW. How was Trads last night?

Also, apparently this dude was signed to Travis' label...hmmm.


New Music: Keelay And Zaire Feat Slo Mo - "Growin Up"

Watup Keelay? And thanks Zaire for hitting me with the IMO. DJ Z's is about head up in a bit...so it should be a good thing to let you guys chill with for the weekend.



New Music: D.Julien - "Horizon"

I need a latepass for posting this. Sorry. However, it is dope to see that he got about 3K downloads. That is something that I am really happy to see.

Dude is nice.



New Music: A Pinks Feat Nas - "What If"

Hmmm I just woke up and my entire family is just like...gone. Like...peaced out. That means...empty house?


Shouts to Pinks!




New Mixtape: IllRoots.com & JacquesMorel.com Present - "Fail Whale: A Tribute"

It took about 36 hours but we managed to get a tape chockfull of exclusives. Exclusives from Harlems Cash, Esso, XV, Evidence, Garcia Vega, and MORE inside at the hop.

Shouts to Waxx and Shouts to Matt Diamond for some of these tracks!!

1. XV - Vizzy In The House

2. Outasight - What They Say

3. J.Rocwell - Hustlaz Paradise

4. Esso - The Secret

5. Harlem’s Cash - For My Kids

6. Keelay & Zaire - Work (Ft. Slo Mo & AV)

7. Jon Hope - The Same
8. Shawn Chrystopher - Flyer Than

9. Nero - Spaceship

10. Granite State - One Shot’ (Ft. Evidence)

11. BrokNEnglish - Can’t Win For Losing (Ft. Internal Quest)

12. P. Casso - Mr. Hollywood [Remix] (Ft. Senor Kaos)

13. D. Julien - Proving Myself

14. Garcia Vega - Still Thuggin’



New Interview: Dj Booth.net Interviews Asher Roth

Here is the embed if anyone wants it.

Shouts to DJ Z via Check The Blog. Dope interview...I submitted questions to this thing...Listening now to see if he asked them.

Watup to Asher...dope kid right there.


New Video: 6th Sense March Rap-Up

NothergroundTV: March '09 Pt. 2 / April '09 Pt. 1 Recap from 6th Sense on Vimeo.

Lily Thai shows her love for 6th Sense beats. Mick Boogie in the studio. Mimi & The Kid Daytona making a hit. Outasight smashing SOB's opening for Ryan Leslie. Making the Coalmine SXSW mixtape w/ Donny Goines & Matt Diamond. Hitting Austin Texas. Watching Mike Maven create his "Amazing." Freestyling live w/ Mike Maven & The Goodlife w/ Homeboy Sandman, P. Casso, Mazzi, & Fresh Daily. Out on the golf course. In the lab wit 6th Sense & Wildabeast as they create Both Nice tracks. Out in Cali making classic records with Grammy Award winning engineer Warren Riker. Bacardi. Red velvet "cake." Tube/tape/echo/DUSTing vocals. Yondo. BeYondo.

That lucky fuck met Lily Thai. Ugh!


New Music: S.O.U.L. Purpose, KeiPH, & Senor Kaos - Trap Door REMIX Produced By Jake One

I reached out to Senor Kaos for a song for the Fail Whale mixtape (he thought I was trying to marry him lol) because I dig Kaos' music, and the track he sent didn't disappoint. Neither did this one.

I've known the homie Mazzi (S.O.U.L. Purpose) for a few years now. We've crossed paths in New York, Miami, and of course Atlanta on the regular. However in the years we've known each other, we've never had to the chance to work on any music together... Until now. Mazzi reached out too me with this joint produced by Jake One, and well... you can figure out the rest from there.



New Video: Jadakiss Interview

Xilla catches up with Jadakiss, chops it up about Mike Jones and even goes as far as to say Mims might sell more albums then him.

I think that he's right.

Do you?


New Mixtape: Harlems Cash - On My Way To Harlemwood 1.5

*Chestfake* yea!!

Hit the hop for the tracklist and download.



New Video: Esso @ Crash Mansion

The ESSO Experience x Crash Mansion (Show Intro) from stupid GENIUS on Vimeo.

It is a shame I could not come out. Weather was mad nice in LI..then I had to handle some stuff with the family and blah blah blah.

Nice day today though....

Watup Esso!


Stumbled On: Kanye West On SouthPark

South Park holds nothing sacred...which is what makes it so funny. I have not watched it...but I will.

I am currently downloading it now.


New Music: Proph Da Problem - "Lions Tigers & Bears" Freestyle

I hate the legitimate version of this song. With a passion.However Proph makes it listenable.

Brb I have to make sure the people cutting my grass do not scratch my 200HP monster...




New Mixtape: Fes Taylor -Flight 10304 (T-2 Fly)

Got this in an e-mail without a tracklist .. (sigh) and I'm not gonna go hunt for it.
Check it out though.



New Music: Watts & Preme - "730 Dips"

So when Sermon is not making fun of my dislike for Gangsta rap, he is sending me songs to throw up. To be honest...I really like this song. That chorus is stuck in my god damn head.

No really. You know what would cure that?





New Music: Wiz Khalifa - "Runnin"

For some reason this dudes buzz is huge. Dj Z went over and twitted this and I know a few of my visitors follow him..so check it out!


Shouts to DJ Z!


New Music: Young Son "Success"

My body hurts, this sucks.

you don't care.

Soooo I've been getting a lot of music and that puts a joy in my heart, then I listen to some of it and it puts a tear in my eye.

I don't know how to feel about this song.

So I'm leaving it up to the readers, what do YALL think of this song?
Drop your comment in the box below (oh yall didn't know you had the COMMENT option?!)



New Music: Trey Songz FT. Richie Sosa Brand New Remix

Here's a freestyle from Richie Sosa, on Trey Songz "Brand New"

ugh I can't pay attention to ANYTHING today... Jacques, pass the aderol.





New Music: Fly Union - "When We Are"

So Jameel over at Eighty81 dropped this in my e-mail, and I am glad he did.
Here's a group I've never heard of before but they are dope.

"Whats up this is a new track from the Columbus, OH group Fly Union. They are currently working on there EP "We In The House" with a couple of special guest features. Please Stay tuned!!!"

I don't know what it is about them that I like so much, but I can't wait to hear more music from them.

Plus they don't curse in their music, how cute is that?



New Music: Spectacula - "Full Time Job" (Prod By Pete Rock)

I get a lot of bad music. When Waxx and I twitted the contest for the last spot on our tape...I managed to get A TON of bad music. But thats cool though...keep sending me music people. Keep working on it. I did not respond to all of the emails but I tried my best. Anyway, I checked this one song (it was after the deadline) but I thought it was dope enough to be posted.

He's from Queens too.




New Music: Brenton Brown "Game Ft. Gatz B"

This post is not about Asher... so stop looking at him.
QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT TO RAPPERS: send a picture with your music, it makes life easier for the blogger (i.e. me) which in turn might give you a better review...see?

So yeah, Boogs is kind of a breath of fresh air.
No disrespect to some of the rappers sending us music, but why? smh

Boogs flow is pretty effortless, he has style on the mic.
This Charles Hamilton beat is dope.

uhhhh I have no attention span today.. oh what's that..



New Music: PreZZure - "UMadeMe"

PreZZure Presents "CanYaFeeliT???" Commercial #4 from PreZZure on Vimeo.

The first remix of many to come. However, Props to PreZZure. This was dope...compared to his last video...that was retarded.


New Music: Donnis - "Go Home"

Funny thing is...Did I not say that Donnis was clearly growing to be one of the nicest Emcees out of the south? Was that me?

Yes it was.

I just have trouble finding the post...


Chaise produced it...


New Music: Torae - "But Wait"

Torae is like the good mix of grittines with a mixture of a calm taste of Hip Hop. I personally do not classify him as "gangsta rap" persay...but he is not the internet rap that I love so much.

Either way dope is dope.



New Video: Kanye West On Set Of "Amazing" Video Shoot

Appreciation Shout Out From Hawaii from kwest on Vimeo.

Everyone who bought those Air Yeezys...is a downright idiot.


New Video: Eminem - "We Made You"

So Eminem comes back after four years and drops this.


What do you think about it? Leave some feedback. SHould be a dope day...I have some Donnis in the Inbox and the mixtape that I have been working on for the last two days is dropping. Dopeness.



Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Rafael Casal "Ken and Barbie 101"

Since I missed last week (I'm Sorry) I will post what I would have posted last week.
Rafael Casal was one of the first poets I remember seeing on Def Poetry. I thank him for this poem for the simple fact that as a woman, sometimes we don't know that there are men out there who want to see us without makeup, who will accept a woman with her flaws. We all fall victim to soceity's expectations. Most women feel like they have to be skinny with a face full of makeup and 5 inch heels to even get a second look from men. What I'm learning as I go along is men want a woman with some meat on her (for the most part) and prefer their lady to go light on the makeup. Once that gets through to women, maybe the upcoming generation of girls will have a fighting chance...

"Fuck Barbie and Ken they are the reason girls arms are slit they are the reason 12 year old girls think skinny is a compliment"


Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Saul Williams "Coded Language"

See if you can keep up with this poem.
Took me a few times to absorb everything he said.
Saul Williams is an AMAZING poet. His flow and delivery is better then 85% of your favorite rappers. He has a presence that draws your attention and demands your respect. He went into so many different flows in this poem, from reading off the paper to addressing the crowd directly. "Coded languages" is a poem you cant put in a category, it just explores so many different facets of life, and the world we live in now from Hip-Hop to philosophy.

So let me help yall understand this poem. Saul Williams wrote a book 'the Dead Emcee Scrolls'. This poem, Coded language refers to the 'Graffiti Writers' and their art. And how he would decipher each "writing" and make something of it.The origin of music is the African drums, which create bass and that bass is like a heartbeat. So he named all those writers, artists and historical figures to show how they "uplift the consciousness of the whole fucking world", each a heart beat in their own respect. You can not only learn from them, but feel them.

Please listen to what he is saying, please learn something. Please veer from ignorance young people.

Our music is our philosphy


New Music: Jansport J- American Gospel (Jay-Z remix album)

This dude (Jansport J) made the "We Made it '09" on the Curly Tops and Nautica Jackets tape, and I am in love with that song so you KNOW he gets a post... wooohooo

I grew up in the church. Also grew up listening to Jay-Z. So this project made perfect sense to me. I've always been amazed at the untapped samples that are prevalent in gospel music! After telling friends and showing some tracks to some friends, they became curious and wanted to hear more. What started off for my ears only is now a project available for free download.On a sidenote, I'd like to state that it is in no way my intention to offend or disrespect Gospel music with this project in any way. Rather, it is my attempt to pay homage to two genres of music that have molded my musical taste and stylings today.



New Video: Behind the Scenes of Cam'rons new video "Curve"

Cam'ron - Curve [BEHIND THE SCENES] from HipHopStan.Com on Vimeo.

Want to know when your site is not making much money? When your head banner is a "Follow Us On Twitter" banner. SELL SOME ADVERTISING.



New Music: Chip Da Ripper - "Hoop Connection"

Shouts to Hip Hop Update....So my headache went away...I guess I was just hungry...because right now I am eating the best egg sandwhich ever fucking created.

I love my bagel shop.

I also enjoy Chip Da Rippers music thoroughly. Shouts!


New Video: The Kickdrums - "When I Come Down"

The Kickdrums - When I Come Down from The Kickdrums on Vimeo.

Man...my head is knocking right now. I feel hung over...but I am not hungover...Frustrating!!